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  1. Thank you, Philip. That's very welcome information for my quiver.
  2. I realize that most of our problems are the opposite, but I would love to hear some thoughts and comments on the mic being too close to the subject. I generally operate on the basic principle of 'camera perspective' informing my decision. But Robert had an intriguing comment (thank you RPSharman) in another thread, stating: "with some of the mics we use today, the frame line might be too close". On an episodic I did recently, there were several ECUs (faces only), where I had the MKH50 at the frame line for some intimate lines. I was half crazed from cicadas, and was glad to get the damn thing in there like that. I thought the signal was amazing. I could practically hear the presence of blood pulsing through jugulars, etc. Could I have had the 50 too close? How close is too close? Subjective subject, I know.
  3. 10-4 on JB's and soundpod's comments. I have a pat line or two to feed the camera department. It goes a little like this: Me: (standing with my hand on the C-stand knob and joint) "Could you guys help me (or my boomie) out with a frame line? I'm gonna drop the boom into the frame, and you guys can help me out to the edge." Camera op (standing at the monitor): "BOOM'S IN THE SHOT!", (everyone looks at me). Me: "Yep, I know. Your first AC is helping me out to the edge. In the audio department, we live on the edge. If we're not living on the edge, we're not doing our job." Everyone: (laughter, friendly approving remarks) I'll also surreptitiously check monitors, or I'll have one at my cart, when I'm working behind a cart. I'll watch for boom shadows or lens changes. It's an art form for sure. cbsixty, I feel for you. Sucks to work with that sort of ego. I've been pretty lucky.
  4. One of my fav Eno tunes of all time. Great album, too! Heard one from Another Green World, a few days back on the radio ~ something quite rare in the vast cultural wasteland of Floriduh.
  5. Interesting. I didn't know that Cedar would work on files with problems, if that's what I am to understand. I imagine this is a fairly costly service, (but that's always relative to each different perspective, too). Sucks to just hallucinate camera noise, when there are so many other better things to hallucinate. : \
  6. Parroting the DNS-2 comment. I bet it would do wonderfully; perhaps a rental of the device could be the answer? With a Panavision budget, that might be within reason. 10-4 on conleec's comment, regarding heavily emotional dialog.
  7. Sorry guys, that was probably because of me. I meta-tagged a suggestive line of humor in five or so tags there once. : (
  8. I could see that. But it was only funny (to me) because the Soundman character was so blown out of proportion..like to the point of caricature. I can honestly say that I've not seen one near as bad as Mr. Murphy is.
  9. That upbeat sort of resolution 'feel-good' music at the end, with his totally negative comment made me crack up.
  10. Cool that you work with Ray Day. He's from my school, which was modeled after the SFAI program. I found him interviewed here. He turns up in the first five minutes.
  11. You're right, it sure sounds crazy (but folks consider me crazy, anyway). I have the room for a 6x6 post and a ten lb. sledgehammer in my van, if this showed any promise (would a 4x4 post do the same thing?). I've had it up to here, and would put a PA on the task if it did. My (sick and twisted) answer was a bottle rocket gun and a few bundles of Black Cats for the trees in question. But it felt, somehow...wrong. To the neighbors, anoles, and the birds, that is. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/arts-culture/the-best-way-to-handle-the-coming-cicada-invasion-heat-up-the-deep-fryer-19372006/?no-ist
  12. I wonder how many threads here are devoted to this issue by now? This surely indicates the scope of the problem. I've read and read, and I don't think I've found them all. After a particularly hairy day, I went home and made a whole list of items (from these posts). I then devoted a complete Tundra case to 'things that quiet lavs', and began to fill it up with stuff from these threads. I still get days where I just can't win. Hang in there Tong0615.
  13. Yes it really is, Nick. Very nice.
  14. Exhuming my contract thread, for an update, and a question. I've integrated a newly written simple contract into my workflow. Most sign it, no problems. Checks come faster now. Respect to all who had input. Before one job started, I had a verbiage 'back and forth' with a rather large 'lawyered up' company, regarding one of the clauses. This was the clause that Marc Wielage brought up in post #11 here, regarding 'paying them any losses they incur'. Their verbiage suggested that I pay for, and I paraphrase: 'everything if something went wrong". I was able to limit that to (not paraphrased) : 'no liability for any amount exceeding any compensation paid under this agreement'. Fair enough. Capped. They were happy with that. My new question is for those who use contracts for every job. Those jobs where the call comes in literally the day before: You get a call, agree on some basic terms, day rate, standard stuff, etc...on the phone. That evening, you send a contract right away. The next day, their office collects their email, begins to look it over, while you're hitting the record button, out on location. At the end of the day, you turn in files. You've not had a chance to even look at your email for a signed contract. By then, the job is literally done before a contract is signed. It makes me nervous to turn in files before a contract is even agreed upon. How do you handle this?
  15. It's time we raise our tankards, and give a rousing toast to the intrepid SM58. As of this month (according to Shure Bros.), the mic is now fifty years old. They're celebrating with a silver one, for some reason. But I believe the big 50 is supposed to be gold. Maybe when it reaches 58, we'll be getting our gold ones. http://www.shure.com/americas/news-events/press-releases/shure-celebrates-50th-anniversary-of-iconic-sm58-microphone PS: I've seen some of them that look well over fifty.
  16. Haha, true. I got told not to bother with audio, because no one makes any sound there. But the area 'presence' was top gear.
  17. Yeah..being in "the pit" means something a little different here.
  18. Poly. I've never been asked for anything else, for some reason. Matter of fact, I've never been asked for poly, either. Welcome Pius, to the group.
  19. Right. 811. My head was swimming in serial numbers. Dyslexics of the world untie!
  20. It's been a long (fascinating) read. So if I understand correctly: The serial number on the SN seemed to stagnate at 118 for a while (the SN un-screenprinted years), but with the addendum of the space and two digit numbers that might indicate the serial number of that particular [covert] SN? EG: 118 29, or maybe 118 41 and so on. After that, Nagra resumed consecutively numbering each product from 119, using serial numbers that continuously rose into the five digit realm, and so on? If so..essentially, there were only 118 of these SN's made, 118 118 being the final un-screenprinted unit?
  21. That sucks. I feel that. I did a film two years back with a crowd who espouses mumbling so much...that it became a new genre. Yikes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mumblecore
  22. I'm loving this investigation. Keep it up JBond! We're reading.
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