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  1. Allen Green

    David Letterman new show

    Boom it from below the shot is an alt.
  2. Allen Green

    Review: Betso SBOX-1N

    I love mine. you can set it up to power up as soon as it sees TC thru the Lemo. Even better :-)
  3. John, I go to China often with the NBA. YES this years China Games 2015-16 were in Shenzhen (via Hong Kong) and Shanghai and yes we were detained, confiscated and after 2 1/2 days we got in with the gear -three crews and about 30 cases. The other cities no problem we have Carnets and when entering Beijing or Shanghai the customs officers just stare at the Carnet for a while and after calling several other people and checking serial #'s we get to pass but it always takes hours! Jack, the Carnet is the bond is what I understand. the 6 times I've traveled with NBA Entertainment we've always just had the Carnet, passport and visas. Now when traveling with the team charters..... its like you never came into the country. Of the 6 times over for the NBA China Games we flew twice with one of the teams. Had our Carnet stamped in the USA but no one ever stamped it in China. The US Customs told us as long as we didn't get the in stamp and didn't get the out stamp we were OK. If we would have gotten stamped going in and not going out then issue. This years big shoot was Jordan, Ming round table discussion in Shanghai. Pucker factor was high-lol My advice is work with the Carnet issuing company to gather as much intel. Have passport and Visas in order and never challenge them (it's their turf) and prepare to wait.......... forever (it seems like). Good luck
  4. Me and my son (21 yrs old) caught the 70mm Special Roadshow showing of Quentin Tarantino's "The Hateful Eight" last night. It was beautiful work. And Tarantino bloody of course. After the 3+ hr screening we were talking this may be the only time to have this type of film experience (Program book and intermission and no trailers) in his lifetime (hopefully not). Made it even better when I read Mark Ulano say they did no ADR! Again thanks for repping the Sound Guy Mark, in the best way!!!
  5. Allen Green

    RIP - Haskell Wexler

    My condolences to you and your family. He may be gone in body but with memories our friends and love ones stay with us all our lives. Hope you're having a great memory of your dad today.
  6. Allen Green

    New Production Sound Cart concept

    looks great Matt. will be watching for it. Street price yet?
  7. Allen Green

    Betso SBOX-1N, working well.

    Now I have one and after two weeks of daily use- love it. Allen
  8. Allen Green

    Soundbag Dashboards

    Simon, got the 664C for a show I'm working on, and after 2 weeks...... Love it! Thanks well done!!!
  9. Allen Green

    batts for SMQV, UCR

    +1 on Lithiums. Peace of mind is worth the $$. Also as afew said bill them as expendables!
  10. Allen Green

    8 Channels of Wireless with Stick Mics $499

    I can't afford to buy cheap wireless. Say what you want but I haven't gotten the quality out of a Senn G2/3 or Sony UTX or any of those cheaper wireless than I have out of my Lectrosonic 411a's with SMQV transmitter!! I wouldn't have the client's I have now using those cheaper wireless. Because if you fail you don't get hired again. Sure if you do corporate videos and the like you may be able to use cheaper $500 wires. But I'm judging a book by performance not it's cover. There is no magic bullet when it comes to wireless. Sure like I said if you want to do video work, church or live stage stuff you can do it just fine. But to do high end work you need the BEST you can get- yes it cost about $3000 per ch for great wireless. Not putting down $500 wireless there is a place for it. Just keep in mind it will NOT out perform a $3000 unit from Lectrosonics or Zaxcom. If so Top Chef, Friday Night Tykes, The Apprentice, and every other show you want to name would use them. It's Apples and Oranges. Just my two cents :-)
  11. Allen Green

    Ear buds for location audio?

    I got a custom set of in-ear monitors from Alien Ears (in Clearwater FL) http://www.alienears.com/ . As a musician I also use them in my church gig- most all big contemporary churches that use bands now seem to use an in ear monitoring system (in my experience). This is why I got a pair. And for work I can use them in a loud environment and protect my hearing and get great audio! I do a lot of NBAE and this year at the NBA Finals I noticed a difference with less ear fatigue. Still occasionally use the 7506's in interview situations. But my best buy last year was the in ear monitors. The only thing is no one else can use them (custom fit to your ears) so if a client wants to hear a playback and you're not set up with play back such as a video village set up, you need to keep a set of can's close by. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Allen Green

    Show me your bag

    Started my 3rd season of "Friday Night Tykes". New bag with Soundbag Dashboard and Audio Root BDS. So far I love it!!
  13. Allen Green

    Betso SBOX-1N, working well.

    I have a Denecke and worked with a Betso on a show in Penn. a multi-camera football show (Friday Night Tykes) we would hang them on the cameras that would go 'off speed' at times. I was impressed with it and it's on my list to buy. I really like the size and display. You don't have to carry around a jammed slate to check cameras anymore. Thanks Allen
  14. Allen Green

    Wisycom or lectrosonics

    I would say it's location dependent. Meaning if you're in the UK or Europe then probably most mixers are using Audio Ltd or Wisycoms because of service and price. I find Lectrosonics or Zax being the wire of choice in the US -most mixers I run across on the road will have them. Service on my Lectro's is great you send them to NM and can get them back in a week or less. And they (Lectrosonics) are road warriors The only knock I have against the new L's are you have to pull them out of the bag to change the freqs. My 411 rec'vrs I can scan in the bag easily and see everything without pulling the unit out of the bag. I usually keep the trans on 100mw. just my 2 cents.
  15. Allen Green

    Wiring basketball players in game/training

    I do work a lot with NBA Entertainment and we use the Quantum Q5X transmitters. On players we use the Q5x trans in a neoprene sleeve that fits in a pocket sewn in the under-arm area of the Jersey- now Adidas has these pockets in all NBA and WNBA jerseys. We use lots of moleskin to hold down the cable and a Countryman B6 (the mic and battery are built into the trans) are connected to the collar with a small coat hook (Black brass Dritz brand coat hooks and eyes) crimped on the head of the mic. All wrapped in moleskin. Jersey's are pre-rigged one for first half and one for second half, game day we don't handle the player at all. After half time and then after the game take the rig out of the jerseys never having to bother the player. When the mic heads are rigged with the small coat hook you can't notice the head sticking out of the collar. The transmitters are very thin and light- when we have them rigged up it's hard for the player to notice its there. We turn them on and off remotely. For practice we use the same transmitters in neoprene VersaFlex waist belt with custom pouch for the Q5X. Then we clip the mic on the collar and use moleskin between the jersey and skin tuck and tape the wire into the belt. Good luck, Just my 2 cents.