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  1. Hydra will support 16 channels. From a user of both products, I would say the SD products are more intuitive than the Cantar units. When both systems are tricked out the price differential is not as great. Each system has some pluses and minuses. You have to decide what works best in your production world. I went with the Mini several years ago and mostly like it. Sometimes the menus are frustrating if you haven't used a particular function in a long time. For me one of the big pluses was the Transvideo screen, unlike the SD screens this one is viewable in any lighting conditions. Along with the larger screen viewing the different menus is easier on my old eyes. I do like the Hydra system as your wireless receivers can be out of sight, still allows easy control of the parameters. Yes, extra cables and weight for the Hydra. For a cart based system not a deal breaker, though Dante enabled receivers would be I think even better than the Hydra system. Manuel, I agree with Constantin, try both, and see what works for you. We really are very fortunate in todays world to have some very good choices in gear selection. When I started out, it was a Nagra and a couple of Vega wireless systems. David
  2. Nice setup Scott and really neat schematic.
  3. Rob, thanks for the info, I do like the fact all of the various signals can be combined into one ethernet cable.
  4. Sonosax M2D2, a bit pricey, but oh so sweet sounding.
  5. Rob, Dante I understand enough to be dangerous, completed Dante Level 1 course. I am curious does one ethernet cable cover the Dante, Wireless Designer and video (NDI)? Or are three different cables required? Tnx David
  6. If you have access to a friendly audio dealer, perhaps they have the toaster and would check the Invisity for you. Otherwise you can take a Comtek and simply adjust the frequency until you hit on the correct one.
  7. Years ago, DPA gave me some of the 4060 housings. My skill set was not that great and usual repairs resulted in one in three attempts to repair were successful.
  8. And all the sweaty bodies that have used them.
  9. The two I just bought are Inspired Energy batteries, just with another vendor label on the outside. Case and serial numbers matched up with IE.
  10. Yep, I would say they have been toking the Kali Tragus, know by many names, prickly Russian thistle, being one one of them
  11. John I like the Cos11 for noisy locations, seems to hear less of the background noise. To my ear the DPA lavs cut very well with the Schoeps mics. I would not consider the DPA lavs to be more robust, unless you buy 4660 series. My experience has been the DPA lavs fail right at the point where the cable enters the housing. Also if you are using ones with the microdot connector, that too is a weak spot.
  12. Just bought some IE 98w batteries that have a third party label on them for 90usd each. Also use RRC plus the Aaton batteries that came with the recorder. Two plus years now and no issues. I use the Aaton charger and bought an RRC charger from Mouser.
  13. Well I am one of the lazy ones. Back when I had Segways, I would sometimes use one to access the location in downtown Nashville. Events like the CMA awards where parking and access were difficult. I would ride it up and down the red carpet early while crews would being setting up and at the end of the night.
  14. Liking that rig Neil. The Amazon ordered cleats are definitely less expensive than what Aaton sells. The 8020 or similar is a nice way to go. Makes it easy to modify the rig. Going the route I chose does lock me in. David
  15. When performance matters LDF-5. About .9db per 100' of loss at most wireless frequencies. Not light, doesn't roll very well, but will impress the client. Have several rolls in the garage.
  16. A used Cooper CS104, has some of the best preamps going. I kick myself for selling what I had years ago. Probably used in the 700-1000usd range, so more than the SD302. Really nice to have. My .02
  17. FB I have found to be a great time waster for me. JW is usually the most clear and concise way to discuss production sound, the latest gear, wonderful DIY, and the buy and sell is first rate. my .02 worth
  18. I believe DPA makes some horse lavaliers!!
  19. Version four in action. A shoot just before Christmas for HomeChef.
  20. under $400 per unit -survives drops sometimes - all day (14 hours) battery and ideally multi day at least a long day - better audio than a comtek -some basic info on the receiver like an RF meter -wide tuning range most times the 216mhz range is clear -high power transmitter options -headphone Jack that works with standard stereo headphones And that's why many of us still use Comteks.
  21. Neil I just sent a photo to Pierre. I didn't know what to call it either. I do think the microphone clip idea might work. Just remember the underside of the Mini is not uniform, hence the left and right shapes of the clips. They appear to be made from stainless steel and are perhaps 2-3mm thick. I do trust the 3/8" mounting screw, but the clips keep the Mini in place. Just my 2 cents
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