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Show me your bag

Mark Vesterskov

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i ordered this as it had the highest attenuation and looks as though it might still allow a little bit of airflow if i wrapped it around my sta150. it does make the sta150 run warm but it never stopped the last time i did this and it did cut out a lot of rf.


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Grant, I realised u are carrying the same petrol PEGz-1 as mine, one of the older versions that only has a strap that is adjustable with one D-ring but is always in the position where the bag is unbalanced.. How do u manage to get it balanced with the harness? Mine always ends up sliding all the way to the back of the bag, making the whole bag unbalanced.

At first it was a problem, now I've just learnt to deal with it. Somehow it seems to work ok for me with a mix of tightening the harness and the belt..

I have thought about taking the bag to someone to sew it in the "sweet spot" but I'm soon ditching the SQN4S for a SQN mini so fixing's not a priority.

Not really an answer sorry..

BTW: My SQN is for sale, sensible offers accepted.



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Wow, this thread makes me kind of ashamed of my bag.


Here's my bag. Still upgrading pieces as I go, which adds weight. I think I'll probably ditch the 744t/552 combo soon in favour of a Nomad, because it obviously would provide me with a lot of awesome options.


1. My Sennheiser G3 pouches. I didn't really have a lot of money when I started out, so I had to make do with these puppies. When I got my Lectros I relegated one of the Senns to the other side of the bag, where it serves as my mono camera hop. Works fine for what it is. There are rare occasions where I have both Senns in to use all five channels on the 552.

2. A lot of crap goes in here. All the wireless mics, extra Li-Ion NP-1, cables, and other misc things. In the pouch in front of that I put transmitters when they're not in use.

3. This is where my SRa will go when I get it eventually. Serves as a nice nook for my double sided tape, 5-pin Lemo -> 1/4" cable, pens, and pen light.

4. My Comtek and Senn wireless output pouch. Senn is fed by the 552's mono mic output, and the Comtek is fed by one of the XLR main outs. Thinking of getting the cabling to send the tape output to it though.

And yeah, that's that! Like I said, I think I'll eventually ditch this setup and get a Nomad with a bunch of SRa receivers, kind of like the other guys in this thread. This bag is ~25 lbs, which isn't the greatest when you mostly work indies. >18 hour days are the worst, even if you do work out to keep your back healthy.

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This is mine in 2 versions. Doco work with 744T and simple version for ordinary work.

I use QRX 100 and 1 or 2 Audio Ltd for reception, I use Sennheiser G3 for scratch track and monitoring IFB.

I use an Hawk woods NPU 4S for powering the RX and the TX.( http://www.hawkwoods...=np-70&asi2=mr4 )

I modified the power adaptor. I split the cup for the NP1 and the part with the 2 switches. The cup for the NP1 is located in the back pouch of the petrol bag. The switches part is located on the left of the bag. One switch for the receivers, one for the transmitters.

Very useful and easy.



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Hi Olphi. just wondering with you using the NPU shoe with the zaxcom qrx, do you have the issue that if you have ifb enabled and you switch the unit off using the on/off button on the qrx, it wont power up with the regulate output? and that the regulator circuitry throw out a bit of rf? i see a bit on my block 24 units.

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Here's my two bags, one for eng, the other for double system. I have 5 411a's, one 211 with two 400's, one 400a, one 200c, one smqv and one smq. Both are powered by bds's with np-1's in the front pouch. Use both Porta Brace and Petrol bags. Didn't really like the Petrol bag until I had the harness strap stitched in place to stay in the middle. Now the bag stays upright instead of rolling away from me. I swing K-Tek poles with a coiled boom cable and have an old vdb pole as back-up. Use Comtek 216's for Timecode and video village. Have a Zaxcom for my camera hop.


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I wasn't sure if this was appropriate here or the "Images" group but since this topic showed up, felt compelled to post this one from a gig last year. Apologies if it is somewhat off topic.

I have to commend you all by having that much stuff in your bags. Reduction of weight is usually my goal with my bags but doesn't always happen.



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Great photos of some impressive setups you guys have

PEG2 with my 552, 3 411's. The small fishing tackle box holds 5 Lavs.

Tooth brush holders are for Lectro antenna's

I like having the battery close by for a quick change if needed.

In the battery compartment in the door I have a couple of plastic boxes

that hold the Lav power supplies and some XLR to TA5F cables.

Front pockets just some other cables and adapters

And I still use the old style porta-brace fanny pack to hold mole skin/tape/undercovers/hush Lav's....

I keep my transmitters in those snap on side pocket things, but they make me nervous had one pop off once with out me noticing and almost lost a transmitter.


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popular topic, lots of great photos, and setup's which I notice are widely varied, demonstrating the personal and subjective nature of setting up one's bag!

Certainly lots of Nomads successfully wandering out there in the wild...

" yep its some rf absorbing fabric - 2 layers stapled to the divider "

noting wrong with that... it should be standard equipment, and bag-makers could should offer it as an option!

" especially if Sound Devices put a 552 style recording in the mixpre-D and put the headphone output to the side... "

I trust you are not holding your breath!

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