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Modifications on a Peli iM2750

John Ronnerblad

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I have of course been inspired by Mr. Pascal here. And the boom/antenna holder itself have been discussed before but maybe not in this way.

I don't know where the mods will stop but here is the first:

Toolflex is the company that makes these products.

I cut the aluminum rail and mounted them on the side of the case. There are 4 versions of them. 15-20mm, 20-30mm, 25-35mm and 30-40mm.

The good thing is that they can easily slide off, in case of flight or other transports.







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Today I found these Raaco cases that fit the 2750 very good. There about 1-1,5cm left on each side. So my plan is to mount angled aluminum bars for the cases to slide on.

I don't know if I'm going to mount them directly to the case or some kind of frame.

Any of you guys have any tips?




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What if you use drawer slides, the extending ones? I am planning to do that. Also figuring it out how to attach it. There are some very strong contact cements these days, if it will go for 2 years before re gluing them it will be ok I think. If it works you don't give up the waterproof capabilities of the case

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Nice! Where'd you find them? Clas Ohlson?

Unfortunately not. But more serious carpenter stores have them. Not super expensive, but still a pretty high price for a plastic box. But if I would have bought custom made aluminum or plastic drawers, I would imaging those even more expensive. The nice thing about them are that they have a lockable lid. So I really don't need slider, more like something for them to lay on when in vertical position. The boxes weight between 3-4kg with gear in them, so I think angled aluminum bars would do the trick.

It's just a question of how:)

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The size of the quick fists mounting surface are 21mm wide and the Toolflex is 20mm. I cut the Toolflex, so almost only the base were left, drilled a little too small hole to match the quick fists. Since quick fists are made of rubber and Toolflex plastic I just pushed it into the plastic base. Then I pushed one of the plastic pins from the Toolflex mount through the hole and cut it from the back. So without screwing or cluing it won't move a mm. Then I noticed that the mount where kind of loose in the aluminum rail, so I took a couple of drops of epoxy on the plastic base/rail to make it just a little bit tighter. suqe9e4y.jpg

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ahh genius. thanks for the detailed instructions John.


are you planning to do the wheels upgrade that Pascal has done?


i would like to to do that on my 2750 but am a bit nervous about drilling the holes to fit the wheel spike and how to secure it afterwards.

any possible tips there? :-)

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Yes, I will at least change the inline wheels. Instead of the front wheels, my plan is to change that handle (closest to the ground) into a "fixed metal thing", so it will be leveled.

No tips yet. I have to think a bit before... I don't really want to drill too much either. I think it's possible to have a thinner wheel spike that fits into the standard hole, and make it thicker where the new wheel would be. If it breaks, I can easily change the spike to a thicker and try again:)

Regarding to secure them, I think there are different ways to do it. But I haven't yet decided.

I think I will fix the interior before the wheels. Because when the wheels are done the case can't lay on it's back anymore (at least not leveled)


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its my turn to show off now. ;-)  (see photos!!)


thanks to Pascal and John and the fact that i have a road movie starting next week on which we have to be very light and mobile i have done myself a Peli iM2750 case.


there was no way i could afford Pascal’s custom made drawers so i used standard 40x30cm Euroboxes with latching lids. they fit perfectly into the case and are light.


i used aluminium brackets and glued them is using UHU extreme double sided tape. the tape is supposed to hold 0,8 kilos per cm. so the amount i used should hold a box weighing 70 kilos on each shelf!!! of course i dont yet know how well it will hold but each box weighs around 3-4 kilos so it should be ok.

i did a small test and tried to pry the bracket off after gluing but no go. so i am keeping my fingers crossed.


i also didnt drill and expand the hole for the wheel’s spike as Pascal has done. i used a fitting 8mm steel spike which feels like it will hold for ever. i also used different tires to fit the 8mm spike.


i made a wooden work top so i can attach cable holders etc. it adds about 1-2 kilos of weight but its worth it. i just have to figure out a headphone holder to attach to it.


i am happy. the whole things including the case cost about 380 euros. but i have lost count of the manhours involved in thinking and building the thing.


i hope it holds out for a few years.


thanks again to Pascal and John for the inspiration.



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Nice!! I have been thinking about a "shelf" as well. I did also keep the 8mm hole and put a centreless steel axle in there. I can't imaging it will ever break. I wasn't pleased with my interior carpenter boxes, so I will probably do something custom made.

And instead of having swivel wheels at the front, I moved the handle to keep it leveled. This project will be trial and error, rethink, redo until I'm satisfied.


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