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Modifications on a Peli iM2750

John Ronnerblad

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I wish I could figure out how to get my workbench to the level of neatness and organisation that is being displayed by the posters of the modified peli cases here.

Inspirational stuff guys - really impressive.

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These are awesome.


I truly believe that if people would build these, they would sell. I would certainly be interested in one with proper drawers & compartments for storage. Half of my battle with gear these days is the 'cases within a case' dilemma.


Something like this would be a great platform to mix from a bag on, has much larger wheels than any standard pelican type case, holds a boom pole or two and would for me at least, eliminate many smaller cases within the larger case for most of my projects. It is a very efficient and yet mobile setup with space for a sound mixer to mix from. I can't tell you how many projects in NYC I mix from an office chair, desk or something taken from someone's kitchen. If one of these could be designed to open while the bag was already set up on top of it that would be amazing. I do a lot of multi-camera setups where once the bag is resting on its platform it is a major pain to move, so I can never use my cases as a rest for the bag. To be able to leave the bag fully set up and open the front of the case to get thing X, Y or Z would just be amazing. 


To make something like this and keep it as lightweight as possible, while still offering these types of features would indeed be hard, but remember that anything within the main case doesn't have to be too strong. That's what the exterior case is for. Hmmm. My wheels are turning now.


Well done everyone. Well done.

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I too was inspired by Pascal and others that have created small mobile follow carts out of cases.



Due not being able to easily source similar wheels to what other have used and the shoot I required this cart for, was often on rough terrain and beaches, I decided to go with 12.5 inch pram wheels. These particular wheels are from a Phil and Teds pram. They have a quick release axle. Total cost of wheels was $1 on ebay. Kept the wheels, junked the pram.




The quick release wheels and the folding foot allow me to store the cart more conveniently in my car. Space is a premium as I have a small SUV. I am yet to find a desirable way to lock the folding foot in place as it can collapse on itself. I ran out of time and haven't used the cart since.




Due to the larger size tyres I had to cut back some of the external side support on the case. I don't feel this hurts the cases structural quality. I was suprised that it is actually glued on.




The hub for the quick release axle was made from a piece of aluminium pipe glued into a 19mm steel tube. The inside tube is about 5mm shorter so as the axle will lock into place. Now a 19mm drill bit is rather expensive, around $60. So I used a 19mm counter sink bit that cost about $15. It was a little more work, but did the job required. 


I wish to make the boom holders easily removable but tool flex track is overly expensive here. An alternative will show itself, just have to keep looking out for it. I haven't fitted out the interior in a form I am happy with yet. That is another challenge that has gotten the better of me a couple of times. At the moment it is just tubs sourced from Office Works. I am sure when another job comes up that I require this cart I will arise to the challenge.


Some of the other Depts were impressed at the movability of this cart in the terrians we were in. On of the grips has already stolen some ideas. Looking forward to see what he dreams up.


Cheers Nate.



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In regards Alexs' question of could you open the case with your bag on top, the answer is a definite YES. Personally I leave the top and bottom latch open so as to only need to open the side latches for quicker access. With a bag resting on top, the top latch could possibly be in the way. Have considered removing the top and bottom latch, and I'm of the conclusion it is in the right direction to proceed, but ironically I am nervous of modifying the case. 


Ah it is the mental hours we put in debating how to achieve the designs of how we want the equipment to work best for us, within a budget, resources and skill set that is the biggest challenge. Damn I have devised a few concept designs just typing this. Only wish my design to development sills were stronger.

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Today I found these Raaco cases that fit the 2750 very good. There about 1-1,5cm left on each side. So my plan is to mount angled aluminum bars for the cases to slide on.

I don't know if I'm going to mount them directly to the case or some kind of frame.

Any of you guys have any tips?




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That´s awesome! Could you detail briefly your miking kit case? 

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Has anyone checked out Pelican's "mobility" models? 1610M, 1560M, etc. They have slightly beefier wheels and look like they might accommodate lid opening when in an upright position. Possibly have some design elements worth borrowing for our DIY efforts.

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Thanks for this heads-up. I did not know about these models until I read this post. Worth checking out and they look very beefy for sure.

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That´s awesome! Could you detail briefly your miking kit case?

I've made a lot of changes since that photo where taken.

First I realized that the Raaco cases wasn't sturdy enough. The locks got stuck etc.

And when the 2750 internals are finished it will allow even less equipment in it (because of the aluminum frame and drawers).

So I have all wireless stuff in another storm case (IM2300, I think). This case can then be stored/transported on the top (shelf) of the 2750. For me it's important to be able to take the all things wireless to go to actors/wardrobe etc. without bring the big 2750.


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Have seen the mobility kit for the 1620 waiting for a price tag from the reseller, wheels could be too small though since i do alot of outdoor stuff on gravel roads, dirt, gras & lava!

Hej John!

Stuff looks really good!

Wondering about those dividers in your wireless case, the black ones, where did you find those?




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