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Lectrosonics L Series Videos


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Once we have FCC approval, which should be soon, we can announce pricing. In rough terms, though, the LMb will be a little more than an LMa, and the LT will be a little less than a UM400a. The LR - not totally sure yet, but somewhere in the range of the UCR401. Again - very rough outline.

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Derek, it's unlikely we'll put pre-coordinated frequency groups into these systems. That concept has gone out of favor in the past few years because such groups don't take into account any other pre-existing sources, like TV transmissions or other RF channels. We reccommend instead to use software like Frequency Finder, IAS, RF Guru, etc. to incorporate outside sources into a good coordinated list.


Philip, a 2-channel Digital Hybrid unit this size is currently not possible, but perhaps eventually. The component sizes and current draw of the more complex chips (DSPs, etc.) would have to come down first.


Jason, an SR descendant with 3 block tuning range and tracking filters is definitely something we are talking about, once the LR is completed and on the market. Hopefully this would answer Philip's needs, too, as it would not be much bigger than an LR, but is a different form factor, with a wide range of accessories, mounting & powering options, etc.


Jordan - didn't watch the videos yet? :) I do cover that question in there - yes, the L Series is 100% compatible with the SM Series, SR Series, 411s, Venues, etc. Same Digital Hybrid Wireless platform, same audio performance. The L Series just tunes across a wider frequency range (3 blocks).

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Hi Will,


The LMb and LT are still with the certifcation lab - we have run into a couple of minor snags, since our goal is US and EU certification for both transmitters during this process. It is a tall order... but we are ever closer.


The LR receiver is being prepared for certification testing, which should be a much shorter process since it is a receiver.


In other words - I don't know for certain :mellow: but "soon". We have parts for production so moving from approvals to units available for sale should be fairly quick.

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