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Plug for Pete Verrando

Philip Perkins

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Hey, Philip, if you use all 5 of them together do you get 240 volts?

I have way more than 5!  If I add in all the old ASC MP12T, Coherent Communications 12T and other 12T PSUs and accs I have I prob could dim the lights in my town!  Watch for the upcoming 12T Garage Sale!


Thank you for the kind words, Philip and John. Yes, I can modify an 815T for  48V. I have done a few Sennheisers unofficially , but am working on the  website (416Tupgrade.com) and looking to launch the service at the end of August. 

-Pete Verrando

Hey let us know when you crank up the 416 service--I have a candidate for you!  Lotsa 12T 416s out there….


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