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Philip Perkins

Elon's Falcon Heavy Tesla launch

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A moment of hopeful prayer for my man Elon Musk, who today is going to try to pull off one of the best publicity stunts in history.  As you may know, he plans to launch his new “heavy” rocket, 2nd in power only to the Saturn 5 in a test config today.  Its payload: Elon’s red Tesla sports car--like a car that he had been driving.  It’s rigged to play “Space Oddity” on a loop, and escape earth’s orbit for that of Mars.  Where it will orbit for about a billion years.  Finally, a space shot that interests me....

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10 hours ago, Philip Perkins said:

By now it's dead...Tesla battery was only good for 12 hrs....


If only Elon knew of a solar-panel company... Or maybe he just wanted the dummy to go all Major Tom?


Also, this is cute:


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On 2/7/2018 at 8:49 AM, The Immoral Mr Teas said:

I'm interested to hear more about the space playback speaker system they eventually went with. Lots of news reports but no tech detail so far ..

Unfortunately, a traditional sound system does not work very well in a vacuum. You may be able to feel the bass in the vehicle though.

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Nice one Mirror! But what makes you think she was dead? In space no one can hear her scream, nor her banging on the trunk ... but if they could, hey I've developed this great new Space Speaker system to drown her out with a loop of Space Oddity!

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Been following this man and his various enterprises since the MS and MX started seeing some press.


Eventually bought a modest few shares of TSLA and not long after that, Tesla started their CPO program and I netted a low-mileage practically fully-loaded 2014 MS. Had saved for 10 years to buy a house but that chunk of cash wasn't enough even at 50% of purchase price to allow my little company to mortgage the thing so after a look at what I presumed to be my future and the order v. chaos struggle I bet on chaos and got the S.


The Musk fellow is one of the most hysterical fellows ever made a joke on top of the visionary thing.


Guy knows how to roll out a product.


Best marketing stunt of the century perhaps the millenium.


A brilliant player and winner if he doesn't get assassinated first. 


Guess that makes me a gambler.


He's the kind of captain I'd sing going down with the ship for.


This fella's got an in-depth take on the man: https://waitbutwhy.com/2015/05/elon-musk-the-worlds-raddest-man.html


I cried both launch and landings and LOL'd at his press conference quote that included that he was, ".....trippin' balls," about the whole thing. Right up my alley.


The Boring Company

[NOT] Flame Throwers



Wonder if anyone would pay a small finders fee to jump to the head of the line for a MΞ in their specifications. My email to configure and pay just arrived.








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