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"Sound Speeds" vlog


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Got a Fujifilm X-A5!


Used to have a Fujifilm X-F1 (twice!) and a Fujifilm X-Q1 some years ago as my small pocketable cameras. 


But otherwise Fuji hasn't really been on my radar due to a lack of any mirrorless cameras with great video (although Fuji is well known for their great cinema lenses!). However all that has changed with the Fujifilm X-H1 / Fujifilm X-T3 / Fujifilm X-T30! 


Unfortunately the Fujifilm X-A3 is not one of those, but those other Fuji cameras did get my thinking about the Fujifilm X Mount family of mirrorless cameras.... and checking out what deals there are on eBay. 


Some of them are surprisingly very very cheap!  


Waited patiently for a fantastic deal to pop up, and when I saw this Fujifilm X-A3 available for only US$115 I just couldn't say no to it! Then I got a  25mm f1.8 lens for it for only US$34




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Had two back to back shoots yesterday! Busy busy (had to turn down three other jobs for that day as well).

Meant I needed to put together a 2nd bag for the people who were covering me on the 1st shoot while I went to do my 2nd shoot of the day. 




And then today, I felt quite short.... twice! haha
(I'm actually 6' 3" / 190cm tall)

Used an applebox and a small step ladder. 




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Nice love the Australian accent and your beard to :) gone watch some more !

ai some of the spots for ADR are terrible... well im sure why im not in the game anymore. but im pretty sure i would say NO WAY. we are better of recording it outside or something. unless you want the same acoustic as the room it was recorded in (non US way mostly) then the spot  might work :) especially if you also got it insane dry to make a mix

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I'm David Peterson! :-) 

But I picked "IronFilm" as the name for my "company" back in my film school days (or just after? I forget) as it seemed logical at the time because I am/was a very passionate Ironman Triathlete! (I still cycle a lot and lot, mega amounts)


Putting up yet more videos from the Pro Audio Showcase 2019 Trade Expo! And many more to come.

(sorry about the bad audio quality....  was a very very noisy location! And in hindsight I went way way overboard with the DNS-2 NR, you live and learn! Never had used Cedar in such an awful location before, now I know to not be so heavy handed with it in this particular circumstance)


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