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New IFB headphones from Halter Technical

Jeff Wexler

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Halter Technical has introduced new IFB headphones ---- these looks really good, comfortable and durable. 

Check out the video Doc Justice has put up:



Halter Technical is proud to introduce the Scene Monitor, a premium comfort headphone!  Please visit www.haltertechnical.com to learn more about the product and where to buy!

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While I happen to think that the Field Monitor single-earbud headset sounds great (and the technical specs on it back it up), I realize that "good sound" is up to the listener.  I hope you'll take the time to visit any of the usual suspects and demo the new Scene Monitor on an IFB receiver.  I'm confident that you'll be happy with what you hear!

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I want to speak candidly about the Scene Monitor, which should hopefully answer most of the questions people may have about it.


We've been hearing for several years about how there hasn't been that one perfect "comtek headphone" for sale on the market.  Even though there are thousands upon thousands of headphones for sale, there wasn't one that check all of the boxes that a Production Sound Mixer needs for an IFB headphone.  This is the exact reason why I started Halter Technical; to make something better when the options available just aren't good enough.


And so, we went down the list.  One single cable rather than two coming from each speaker...a straight, 3ft cable so that tall people can still clip an IFB to their waist, but not so long that a coiled mess gets caught on a director's chair...a lightweight headband that won't fatigue the wearer...speakers that twist flat for easy storage and transport...an absolutely gorgeous logo...


From there, it as all about how I can add value to this headphone.  First, I had to choose between including the leather earpads or the silicond earpads.  There were good reasons for either one, so I was thrilled to be able to include BOTH in the package.  So now, you can choose which set of earpads is right for you or your client, and you have a backup set on you from the start.  Secondly, I worked out how to sell them in packs of ten to the customer for an even bigger discount.  You saw the price.  I think $15 for a single Scene Monitor is a great price.  $125 for a 10-Pack is an awesome price.  The hope here is that you'll have a 10-Pack ordered with your expendables, and if you just need one or two you can buy them individually at a great price.


I'm very biased, but I love everything about Scene Monitor.  I hope you all will too!



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