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Announcing the SPDR two channel bag/field recorder

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The SPDR is Lectrosonics’ response to customer demand for a small, lightweight dual channel recorder for use on virtual reality sound captures or as a backup recorder for bag systems in the field. The SPDR allows capture of the full stereo audio of an extreme sport participant, in-car scenes, plant mics, or in situations where a wireless system isn’t practical. When used in conjunction with a small mixer and the SRC receiver, the SPDR makes for a lightweight interview setup that provides full redundancy - all fitting into a small fanny pack. For compatibility with a wider range of memory cards while retaining high reliability, the SPDR features a deep write buffer.


The SPDR records to a Micro SDHC memory card in Broadcast Wave Format (.WAV with iXML metadata) and 24 bit depth, at sample rates of either 48 kHz or 96 kHz. The unit can accept inputs from analog line level and AES digital sources, or from lav microphones wired for standard Lectrosonics 5-pin “servo bias” inputs. The SPDR can be jammed with time code via an industry-standard 5-pin Lemo connector, and features a highly accurate, temperature compensated (TCXO) time base crystal. The clock is accurate to less than 1ppm.


The SPDR (Spider) runs on either internal AA batteries (over 20 hours on lithiums) or from external power via a built in battery eliminator.   The record button features a small dimple for tactile feedback when starting recordings without removing form the bag.  A unique set of dweedle tones can permit remote control via the audio chain.


We are shipping units now and have units available on the shelf.  Several dealers have units in hand. The machined aluminum housing is in the same extrusion as the LMb and slightly longer (0.65") at 3.9" high.   It can take the a wire or clip style belt clip.




You asked for it!  You got it!  



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On 12/4/2018 at 9:59 PM, David Lawrence said:

Does anyone have any likes / dislikes to report for the SPDR?  How easy is it to adjust the gain for analog recording?


I’ve been meaning to contact the mothership about this and have been forgetting, but the memory card door is an abomination. Hard to get it back in, and about the second or third time I opened it it just broke off. On top of that, the power connector rubber plug isn’t “captive” and I immediately lost it. 


I’ve been having an issue with feeding it AES from my 633 that I haven’t quite got to the bottom of, need more time to research it. In short, I can somehow clip the digital inputs. I don’t know how that’s even possible. It may be an error with the way AES works on the 633, it may be my unit needs need a clean reset or a trip home, or it could be some other strange issue. Unsure yet, been too busy to dig deep.


Other than that, it’s wonderful. Great sound quality, incredibly useful as a bag backup recorder. Aside from the above issues, the only thing I’m truly missing is auto roll when it sees a TC signal. Would be great to not just have gigantic clips for a whole shoot day. 

Oh and the battery life is astounding! A vast improvement over the AAA-powered PDR (and I understand why...)

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