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Sync mixed audio back to video


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Hey Guys,


I feel like I might be missing something key in my workflow here, so just wondering if anyone could help signpost me in the right direction...


How do I ensure the mixed audio masters I create, are 100% synced when the video team import it back into their video software? Do you guys add a tone or something at the start?


Apologies if this is a silly question, I'd like everything to be synced exactly for them.



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1 hour ago, Conor said:

Reference audio track.



I'm wondering how you would sync on a tone?

Probably not the workflow most would want these days but presumably the tone would start and/or finish at some point on the time line, like a reference audio track (and bloop slate).

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The 2-pop 😃 That is a very nice new film lingo to me, thanks!


We do 10 sec before first frame in France most of the time. I always provide one before first picture AND one after last one, on each track provided.

Oh and we call it simply "un bip".


Also when doing sound editing, if things smell funny during talk with picture editor (eg. he/she does not know how to do an AAF or OMF export on that software...") I ask for a "bip" at start and end of each sound track (obviously along with the bar frame in pic file).

It can happen that the AAF import looks fine at first glance but some tracks got out of sync... So a double 2-pop bip ensure you see immediately if there is a sync problem somewhere.


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