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Sync mixed audio back to video


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Hey Guys,


I feel like I might be missing something key in my workflow here, so just wondering if anyone could help signpost me in the right direction...


How do I ensure the mixed audio masters I create, are 100% synced when the video team import it back into their video software? Do you guys add a tone or something at the start?


Apologies if this is a silly question, I'd like everything to be synced exactly for them.



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1 hour ago, Conor said:

Reference audio track.



I'm wondering how you would sync on a tone?

Probably not the workflow most would want these days but presumably the tone would start and/or finish at some point on the time line, like a reference audio track (and bloop slate).

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On 9/28/2021 at 8:58 PM, Philip Perkins said:

A 2-pop is a requirement for this.  TC on a digital file is any rate and value you want it to be, but the 2-pop is fixed.  Be a friend to the people downstream from you and put a 2 pop on every track @ 00:59:58:00. 


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