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  1. Depending on the complexity of the gig for me ... one or two talking heads, I'll quickly take a seat. Lot's of activity on set, I'll stand. When I'm mixing for live broadcast music production , I'll be standing . Thanks for asking Philip
  2. Dan, I'll be glad to have a beer with you ... Mike
  3. Thanks Mirror, I'll give that a shot today.
  4. Do any 01V users know if the bus output 1 - 8 via analog output card can be switched to pre fader? Thanks. Mike
  5. +1 for the Honda Element, Al. I have an SC which is a blast to drive. Mike
  6. Great to hear . Thanks Whitney. Mike
  7. Hey Al, that link didn't work for me.... I worked with Kenny when I was a baby engineer ( Sound Stage Studios ) and also styled my playing like his including the grunting . Mike
  8. Would this polarity standard for the COS-11's apply to Sanken's CS shotgun's? Mike
  9. "Anyway this has actually been a great thread to read; If this thread were a movie what would the title be? A Sennheiser Named Desire... The Bride of Sennheiser ... Honey I Shrunk The 416… Ocean's 416..... It's a Wonderful 416... It's Not a Wonderful 416... 2416: A Fake Odyssey..." LOL !!! Great David.
  10. RPSharman "Considering placement and costume differences, the mic would have to off considerably for post to complain. That ought to be obvious to your ears, especially if you A/B your mics from time to time." +1 mike
  11. Zack, Thanks for the advise ... Whitney, Thanks for the second comment. mike
  12. Would anyone know anything about this guy .... I'm replacing 3 , Np1's soon. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Repair-Re-Cell-your-IDX-NP-L7s-Battery-pack-Install-all-internal-New-Cells-/391044866412?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item5b0c17216c Thanks. Mike
  13. Yes! Speakerphone .... Thanks for the replies.
  14. I've been searching for a software company that had a product with the name, amp or phone in it. At the time it was a mac based / protools program Effects editor. Anyone have a clue ? Thanks. Mike
  15. I too did one last night ... CCM music 40 years of it. Did backstage interviews and took show feeds to the stream, a lite 4 hour show for me. I charge the same production day rate and any equipment / parts and pieces I bring to the event. mike
  16. Hey Al, I walked into a studio on 8th Ave. in Nashville to help a contractor install some sound treatment. Saw a beautiful 16 track Scully in play. Studio was heavy into analog tape. Mike
  17. Steve, I've used the upright cart with skb cases .... the need to attach to the "ladder" is I think , important. Too much flex in the cart function , steering, tipping back etc. Still think the ratchet straps are the better way .... mike
  18. Thanks Jeff. Yes Crew, it does sound that way (no pun), but one more. The Jawbone Jambox in the piano trick. mike
  19. Early in the read I was thinking ... what do you mean muted? with the lid up , down? " Closed " ok. pianos sound like crap closed, would not sound like the sample ... my 2 cent's For monitor speaker placement I'd suggest flying overhead off axis the shotgun. mike
  20. Steve, what cart are you using and what size rack are you looking at ? Mike
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