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  1. I once lost 3 Trams over a month long period from "talent" removing them themselves....and as the Excess on my policy was $500/Item... I couldn't claim them...and the various producers weren't interested...and so thus ended my affiliation with those producers and Trams right there...just not strong enough...and now I'm using DPA's, I've never had a break. BVS
  2. I worked with one of these cameras during the week....HD images, waterproof separate housing that allows sound to be recorded on board and underwater.It has a few good attachments like a suction pad and can be head mounted...great for the action stuff where you wouldn't place your good mics...check out some of the videos done so far... GoPro HD Cameras - Wearable HD Cameras for Sports, Activities, & HD Video Production BVS
  3. Thats great advice Jan... We have had sound mixer get-togethers here over the years,even a weekend and had them come from out of town...one the best things we have collectively done that we all enjoyed and learnt from. In doing a series you quickly learn what works for each costume...nothing quite like it for focussing the mind. My favorite shops are hardware and drugstores. I'm always on the hunt for a new idea...here's one you might like to experiment with...the cotton covered pipe cleaners that my Grandfather used to use...soft but malleable...will hold a lav and can be shaped to keep it away from the surfaces surrounding it..good for aprons on cooking shows.. We mixers must seem strange to the rest of the family...."ah I see where they have planted that" comments watching TV....or "hang on I just want to go back and see that bit"......funny...my long suffering wife is so use to it... BVS
  4. Thank you Richard for the pics of your rig...excellent.. How about some of our other members post photos their favorite rigs as Richard and I have. BVS
  5. There are many factors that contribute to inaudible dialog that have been stated so far...one of the ones I used to come across as a rerecording mixer was.... the lines were inaudible but because everyone on post production had heard it so many times before it had snuck through..my comment on this is,most audiences will only ever hear this once and in combination with fx and music....what sounded just ok in a dialog premix won't hack it in a mix, so gets missed...and if the quality of the performance is not audible because the director like the mumbled nature of it,then thats what you get. I used to make notes as I went through a double head screening of dialog that wasn't clear...most dialog editors would do it as a matter of course anyway,and arrange adr for the scene...... There's lots to discuss on this subject...but for me, later...its Sunday here and have a shoot on this afternoon. BVS
  6. BVS

    DPA Mics

    Arno...there are many ways......here is my one... http://www.jwsound.net/SMF/index.php?topic=1679.0 Its a DPA 4071....being mixed on the exterior with a Schoeps CMIT 5U. I used this in the cab of a truck the other day....3 talent having a yelling match inside it... they get out still arguing. The SM trx was set at 21 on the audio scale....my (educated) guess for the scene. I had the mic and trx rigged from start to finish in 30secs.......sounded perfect... This works in so many situations. BVS
  7. This is how it should work....nicely done Robert. BVS
  8. I live in a city that has high winds that would frighten most sound mixers but you have to learn to deal with it. The high wind/windjammer combo works fine with the CMIT 5U with the 5db boost at 10k engaged. Make sure there are no places where the wind can get through the windjammer and most importantly,check the distance from the end of the rycote to the tip of the mic. Many just assume that it will be ok if its in the windshield but do some tests to find the optimum point for wind and more importantly,clarity. My tests have shown that the best is a little less than 2 inches inside the dome at the end. Trust your ears to give you the exact point, as always. BVS
  9. My techniques for this come from doing a few over the years...keep the faders down 10db below normal dialog level on all the faders of those who are not speaking...then it is only a small push up to hear their words and even if you miss a little you still have something...and the main thing is to watch the body language of those who are NOT talking because they will give you the clue who is going to speak next...also groups tend to fall into a hierarchy,often someone is the main speaker or person in charge...you can tell who everyone respects by asking a question,as in a permission for something and watch who they all turn to to give the answer. So often the main person in the group will be the spokesperson or the one perceived by the group to have authority. BVS.
  10. I've just checked my CMC5 41 and it runs 12 volts and 48 volts....and the sound output is lower and noisier on the 12 volts... BVS
  11. I'd be checking my battery condition mostly....the Schoeps CMC5 41 will run down from 48 volts to 12 volts...and depending on your powering with the 552 it may be draining enough juice to mean you have to increase your gain....have a listen for the tell-tale noise increase in the mic if it gets lower voltage. BVS.
  12. I have heard of a few plastic surrounds being made here that cover the window with room for the lens of the camera to poke through..seals around the window frame of the car...a heavy material is the only thing touching the lens similar to an autocue set up. BVS
  13. Try a hair rig if you can...closer to the sound source.....hair is quite a good windshield too...if they have any....and head turns are no problem...nor any clothing issues. BVS
  14. Monitor as a mono mix Bernie... My 2 cents worth... BVS
  15. Just record nice clean dialog peaking up to -10dbfs and the post production will do the rest. BVS
  16. Try a Dr Scholls Toe Guard about $10...don't laugh it works...hold it on with an "O" ring...you can have any color you like as long as its tan. [img alt=index.php.jpg]http://jwsound.net/SMF/webkit-fake-url://EF8A7456-AFD9-4D6D-87D4-985E634D861B/index.php.jpg http://jwsound.net/SMF/index.php?topic=860.msg5512#msg5512
  17. In case you haven't seen this Jan..... BVS
  18. He's the union rep.....an English term...usually on the floor of a factory....
  19. Bernie, It takes a lot to get the neoprene apart without tearing it... I don't use it outside the clothes except on the inside wall of a jacket... I place it inside the shirt with the sticky stuff attaching to the shirt. The smooth side can then move against the skin. The thing that is good about the rig is you can drop the connector down the shirt and press the sticky to the shirt...and its all done in seconds....works in a lot of situations and you can add another layer of the sticky for the next rig. BVS
  20. FYI to those who are interested http://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/film/3784585/Rare-movie-gems-found-in-Kiwi-vaults
  21. Thanks Derek....yes that would be the best place but we got what we needed. I did see one of our medical students fold the round of the stethoscope into the base of the ear piece junction...but it didn't look natural...none wear them like that.
  22. I'm with you Jeff...Apple to the core..... BVS
  23. I did some filming in a real life situation last week in an operating theatre....wired up the student doctor with my favorite rig http://www.jwsound.net/SMF/index.php?topic=1679.0 and had it placed just to the side of the V in the neck top...worked fine as expected...then she got into her sterile scrubs outfit while we filmed it...which I couldn't touch....fortunately she didn't move too much so got some great close up dialog between her as the assistant and the surgeon...DPA 4071 with bass cut on the 302 because they were wearing masks and it tilted the dialog curve to be more intelligible. She was at his side throughout the operation, so the DPA had them both... BVS
  24. Hi Jan, Get some fridge (refridgerator) magnets and whip the little round suckers off them.. Now gaffer tape the inside magnet to the back of the costume so the magnet is hard against it... With a magnet stuck to the round of the stethoscope so as to meet up with the one underneath, you can then have the actor pull the scope if they need to do a heart check without the whole thing be solidly stuck there. BVS
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