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  1. Could the steel wire itself be used as an antenna?
  2. No worries. Maybe the same mixer can do both jobs. Anyone interested can contact myafricanlove.com directly. I'm just passing the word.
  3. An acquaintance has asked me to go to Kenya to work on a reality project. I can't go so I didn't inquire into rates or anything else. He recently put out a general call for a Sound Mixer so it looks like he's still searching. Here's the link to his project. http://www.myafricanlove.com
  4. Looks more like a karaoke cart than a sound cart.
  5. But you can use it for your sound reel.
  6. The other day I was looking to get a haircut. I don't worry too much about how my hair looks so expensive haircuts are never on the radar. I happened upon a coupon hanging on a bulletin board for a $6 haircut at a new barber shop. I went in and got exactly what I paid for… a $6 haircut. But that was perfectly fine. That's all I wanted and that's what I got. If I were to be producing a show and needed a hair stylist there's a pretty good chance I wouldn't hire this barber. I would hire a stylist with the experience and equipment to do the job right. I would also be willing to pay the appropriate amount for that experience and equipment. Although the next time I need a $12 haircut (regular price), I'll probably go to this guy. This thread came to mind as I was sitting in that barber's chair. It seems that the service offered by the OP is a $6 haircut. If all you really want is a buzz cut, why go to a stylist?
  7. I spoke with the producer again and I apparently misunderstood what he originally told me. It turns out it was NOT on the camera. So it makes sense that changing out the SD card has prevented a recurrence.
  8. This seems like a good firmware update for those nifty multi-track recorders to have a setting that is capable of sending a periodic bloop or SVEN saying "scratch track" into the scratch track output while preserving the files on the recorder. This should prevent them from using the scratch track in the final.
  9. http://www.prosafetysupplies.com/product/CASH10B/3M-Peltor-Optime-105-Series-Ear-Muffs-NRR-28-Behind-the-Neck.html?meta=GAW&metacpg=CASH10B&gclid=CNXZorSroLUCFQ2znQodJkYAdQ I took the drivers from a damaged pair of 7506s and am in the process of installing them in these industrial ear muffs.
  10. <p>I think I would ask for travel money instead of having them buy your ticket. &nbsp;Then pocket the money and use the buddy pass. &nbsp;If you are bumped you have the cash to help buy a ticket. &nbsp;</p>
  11. Same here. I thought it was a radio hit and it might have been. I thought I could hear voices in the noise so it may have been nearby police or military radio traffic. It happened 3 times that day in different locations in the same town. It was an interview and I had the boom on one channel and a wireless lav on the other. The hit was on both channels and it was on the card and on the mix out to camera. I've changed cards and it hasn't happened since.
  12. I wonder if the drug used to restore hair cells was Rogain.
  13. I can't help it. I keep reading this topic. The horse has been thoroughly beaten and I can't not read this topic.
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