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  1. This is one naked viché resistor volume control for the OM1. I worked on the OM1 2014/2015. Please PM any questions. I miss this work.
  2. I ended up cutting off a bit more than half of the curly cord. It really helped clean up my bag not having 5 feet of headphone cable dangling from me. I think the 3.5mm female jack on the ear cup is cool, but I wouldn't use it. I don't see any advantage, other than being able to use any aux cable as your headphone input.
  3. But of course! It's in the white ceramic dish on the right, just the tip is showing. The tiny gold spring is also in this dish. @John Blankenship I forgot to mention this tiny gold wire. It's literally a little semi-bent L gold metal wire.
  4. Underside of the gold donut/contact side down in third picture. I promise they are there, just can't see em. I didn't touch them. I occasionally use MG zero residue contact cleaner for these contacts. It was my pleasure meeting you in Vegas at Firefly.
  5. You can see the dirt buildup on the assembled capsule, then it is cleaned in the disassembled picture. Microphones are like camera lenses; best kept clean. My family counts on me, I am not going to let them down. No chance. Pilots don't fake it till they make it, they fake it until they crash and burn. Please PM me for details. Glad to help.
  6. I did a batch of 2 or 3 of them. There was improved clarity and detail.
  7. Sounds like a sweet gig. my only idea is using a M/S rig for fly by's. There's more than one way to skin a cat! (Jag) I like your idea of the Zoom/sm58 in the engine bay.
  8. +1 2 block 19 and 2 on block 20. Versatility. Don't reblock unless necessary.
  9. This was my understanding. Thank you for clarifying. I know legal advice is not cheap or easy to hear. You know who else was big into this kinda legalese and contract negotiation, George Lucas. We all know how that turned out for him. IIRC he only took rights for merchandising from Star Wars. Lucas basically got rich off of action figures and lunch boxes.
  10. This is Nelson Stoll's cart on the set of a major motion picture. It truly is a thing of beauty. JonG- You got a very high quality piece of equipment. I am jealous/excited, I hope a good opportunity finds you. It's good to hear that the Neve console went to a good home. I myself have never heard anything quite like it. I would have purchased that mix console if I had the budget. P.S. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase one of the Waves L2 rack units! This is awesome.
  11. What is the Firmware version # on the unit? Did you ever switch to INT power? ( did the unit have 5x AA batts) Have you tested all cables and connections with a meter? Sorry to hear this happened to you. Thanks for sharing.
  12. Hey, No apologies necessary. 95 views and nobody has stopped to help you out!!!! ——>MENU——>INPUT——>PFL MODE——>PRE, ( NOT FOLLOW ISO) This defeats the purpose of ISO tracks in my mind. Whatever works though is OK. Hope that helps!
  13. +1 I keep a 2012 MacMini around for an eventual Johnny 5 mix cart build. This is useful information.
  14. I think as a rule of thumb, I am not going to engage users without names and working territories. MIRROR-Are you not putting your name out, or working territory for good reason? ( information privacy, intellectual property rights concerns, just shy, etc…?) I originally began an account under a Pseudonym, but I didn't want to eventually be that 40 year old guy referred to as "insert catchy screen name here". Going back on thread— Please let me know if anyone checks out the bluetooth listening solution!
  15. Are you speaking from experience or speculating. Low latency? "NO LIP SYNC DELAY - APTX Low Latency technology guarantee you enjoy TV wirelessly with practically no audio delay. To benefit the lag free experience, please use it with a Low Latency supported Bluetooth device. (i.e. purchase another New Saturn Pro; OR transmitter: Avantree Priva iii, Leaf, Oasis, receiver: Avantree Clipper Pro, Audition Pro, Torpedo Plus)" —Admittedly this is a low quality setup; it will have issues, just trying to provide something for someone not looking to invest too much cash. This is a $27 solution...
  16. I like the SD664 over the SD633/SD688. It has never failed on me, bought used on eBay, gets compliments often. If you need more than cl-6 provides, step up to a 16 track mix cart with a MIDAS M32C and record to HD via BoomRecorder. At a certain level, the portable mixer is not enough equipment. It is impressive how well SD makes their entire line of Preamps; both digital and analog. In addition to their undeniable fidelity, they are crammed into tiny packages. I suppose we all tend to compare audio recording to the highest standards set by recording engineers that we are educated of and familiar with. I think there should be two separate discussions that this topic splits into. 1— Current acceptable productions standards for audio recording equipment. 2— The Holy grail, and the pursuit of; the ultimate recording. It's like surfing, sure there are new cutting edge short board shapes and designs, but long boards always rule.
  17. If you have cell service, just use the producers/director and your cell phone. You would have to get a line in TRRS cable to feed your TX cellphone, then just use 3.5mm trs iPod plug for the RX cell phone. If you wanted to add listeners, just add them to the call, and have them mute there mics on their cells phones. LOL, in theory you could have unlimited Comteks/ cellphones. I like the feed to split headphones idea you had, and applaud you ingenuity. The cellphone concept is some simple semi lazy practice that reminds me of something my old boss would try to pull on a client. It should work though, if you need to get something done, but I wouldn't recommend getting used to the idea. If you provide sub level, production tends to assume, in general you want to go the opposite direction ( when possible). I understand your isolated location provides challenges, perhaps instead of cellphone service, look into bluetooth radio transmitter for the car stereo( most units use FM to transmit signal, I know iPod Nano can receive FM radio). That system should allow you to broadcast short distances from your mixer to a bluetooth speaker then with the 5 3.5mm trs outputs somewhere away from you. ( giving you wireless capability, also looking better in the clients eyes) The only problem you have to resolve is how to get small portable FM radio's. Cheap handheld FM radios are cheaper than Comteks. People always overlook FM radio. If you just need them to be able to "hear" and quality is a moot point, should be ok. Remember, the glass isn't half full, or half empty it is half capacity. Best of luck, it's a never ending process.
  18. This is true. The person who pushed record is the owner, unless waived in contract. Same thing with pictures on a phone, the person who took the picture is the owner, thats why your 40 page agreements to social media are auto sign, so you auto waive your rights. Don't even get me started on watermarking audio files. "Some releases on Whitelabel.net use watermarking technology to embed a log ID into the audio data of tracks that you download. The log ID is transparently interspersed into the high quality audio portion of .wl.mp3 files and has no audible influence on the sound quality of the files. The log ID can be extracted from the audio data and can be used to tell us who downloaded the track. This provides us with a mechanism to determine if someone has leaked a Track onto file sharing networks or is using some other means to distribute the track in a way that violates the Whitelabel.net User Agreement. Every download of a watermarked track contains a unique log ID. The log ID is simply a number - it contains no personally identifying information. If a 3rd party were able to extract the watermarked log ID from a Whitelabel.net track it would simply reveal a number and is, in itself, meaningless without access to Whitelabel.net download logs. Only Serato and record labels who release watermarked tracks have the ability to determine who downloaded a track via the watermarking technology and Whitelabel.net download logs." My thoughts exactly. I can't tell you how many times I have heard low res digital artifacts is finished projects and on TV. Two Idea's I have are concepts that AVID ProTools uses a ILOK USB dongle to unlock their plug-ins, and RANE Serato SL3 uses their hardware as the only interface that will allow play of their downloaded Whitelabel MP3's otherwise without the hardware interface they play at 32kbps. "Whitelabel.net uses a custom file format: Whitelabel MP3s (file extension .wl.mp3). These files will play as a low quality preview in any MP3 player, and a high quality version within Serato DJ, Scratch Live and ITCH software. The Whitelabel.net format files are specially prepared for use in Serato DJ, Scratch Live and ITCH - they have had their overviews built, they are tagged with song and artist info, BPM, and album art where possible. Audio quality is equivalent to a 320kbps MP3 when played in Serato DJ, Scratch Live and ITCH software.
  19. I originally borrowed them from a co worker and had the initial concerns, ( no LCD, no batts, no dipswitchs) He assured me they run as long as they are charged. I also understand battery technology has improved significantly over the past few years. I am not concerned with the internal batt wearing down, but will keep it in mind and test the units periodically for battery length. I have not yet connected them using the ACN. So far I use them as stand alone units, jammed via Lemo on my SD664 (wouldn't work well long term, but temp is OK). Speaking of investments, I plan on acquiring an Ambient Lockit Slate for ACN Master. I just can't stand it how PA's will but my $1.5k slate on the floor, but they wouldn't dream of putting their $500 iPhone on the floor ( sometimes I ask them). My favorite question is "how long do I have to hold this for". ALENK-I hear you; 5 years goes quick. RYANPEDS- Thank you for sparing me the headache of finding that out on my own. I had a thought that was the case; Lemo brand was expensive and there were cheap knockoffs. I will make class A authentic connectors, and class B economy connectors.
  20. This has always been my worst fear, but I have never experienced anything negative. If someone backed me up how you are describing I would be grateful. It is a risk but at the end of the day, your not being greedy, your being a leader. I like the idea of a basic services contract being signed by production in addition to the email discussion, but if you end up getting stiffed; small claims court in CA is your recourse. I advise best to stay away from situations where non payment is even remotely possible. You guys have some great stories. Holding the 1/4" tape reels for the grip is my favorite, way to backup your crew.
  21. I got a pair on 4-1-18. I was able to talk production into their necessity and the advantages provided in post. I basically described what was involved in making the sound and video sync up, I didn't get into GenLok as the shots did not exceed 5mins, no 3D, indie film, etc. If I were new sound guy looking for an inexpensive reliable timecode solution the NanoLockit is a solid investment. I am going to make some adapter cables for the cables that come with the Nanolockits( 5pinLemo——>Male 3.5mm TRS). Female 3.5mm TRS——>BNC Female 3.5mm TRS——>5pinLemo Female 3.5mm TRS<—— 5pinLemo These seem legit, Rean 3.5mm TRS FEMALE Who knows where to get cheap authentic 5pin Lemo connectors?
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