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    DIY Enthusiasts Beware !

    This is why I won't buy anymore Apple computers without DVD/CD drives. They're forcing everyone to download/buy software instead of owning a physical copy of it.
  2. Michael Miramontes

    Mike's Car Building Thread

    Thanks Tyler!
  3. Michael Miramontes

    Water restrictions California

    I brought this up to a friend of mine and he had an interesting point. In his words, " It's not so much the cattle that are the issue, it's all the water being used for the corn that is fed to the cattle. If they were allowed to be free range then the water problem wouldn't be so much a problem. However, the cattle would be lean and taste like deer, which most people would have a hard time getting use to."
  4. Michael Miramontes

    Very Scary Stuff!

    Call me a pessimist but I can think of all the bad ways this new gene technology can be used, especially by pharmaceutical companies. This is the technology that's just been used to genetically modify a human embryo. http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/technology/this-is-the-technology-thats-just-been-used-to-genetically-modify-a-human-embryo/ar-AAbwzyA?ocid=mailsignout
  5. Michael Miramontes

    Very Scary Stuff!

    At that point it would be too late. This "therapy" is done before the child is born. Thankfully I have two healthy kids. Boy and Girl. I'm done. Unless of course I slip one out on accident. =P I rather let nature take it's course instead of keep F'n with it. I don't think we're ready for this tech yet.
  6. Michael Miramontes

    Very Scary Stuff!

    Hey Steven, Reading your post is what led me to find the one I started this thread with. Yep, the end seems to be getting closer and closer. In fact, here's another one. We're talking extinction if this one erupts. I wonder if the drought and climate change may be the recipe needed to make this one erupt. I guess it can't be too bad though since I always said if it was my time I would like to go out with a bang! http://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/titanic-blob-of-magma-found-beneath-yellowstone-supervolcano/ar-AAbC84u?ocid=mailsignout
  7. Michael Miramontes

    Illegal Signs

    coming from someone who calls himself Mirror I'd say he's pretty normal. haha I do agree he is kinda "out there" though....at least his video is anyways. Must have been on the reefer.
  8. Michael Miramontes

    Mike's Car Building Thread

    Awesome. Post some pics when it's done.
  9. Michael Miramontes

    Modern Problem Solving

  10. Michael Miramontes

    Mike's Car Building Thread

    Viola!!! All done! Next step is laying down a coat of etching primer over the bare metal so I can get started on the bodywork.
  11. Michael Miramontes

    Mike's Car Building Thread

    Today was super exciting. I went to the sandblaster/powdercoater to crack the whip and get my car done. Here are some pics. Here's what she looks like after being fully blasted. My cousin Jose is seen here blowing all the excess sand off. Here the fellas are putting the first base of powdercoat primer on the undercarriage. I also asked that they cover the inside, trunk, and engine compartment. No sense leaving all the hard to reach parts for later. The great thing about powder coating is that it saves time and money. If I was to paint this the conventional way I would have to lay down some primer, then sand every hard to reach spot so that the surface is ready for the final paint. Who has time for all that? Sheesh! Once the primer is applied the car gets put into a huge oven to bake at 400 degrees for 20 minutes or until golden brown. The car was taken out of the oven and allowed to cool for a bit. Then the final color is added. For this one I decided to go with semi-gloss black.
  12. Michael Miramontes

    Rechargeable Batteries for TX

    why? specifics please. I'm still using powerex but I'm starting to get tired of their performance. Plus, I probably should have labeled my batteries with the date I put them in service because now I can't tell which one's are the older batteries. How much longer use are you getting out of the Pan. Pro's?
  13. Michael Miramontes

    Remote roll for Nomad 8 & 12 without using serial port.

    I want one! Better start cranking these out before the vendors do. Just saying.
  14. Michael Miramontes

    ERX TCD timecode stability

    care to share the link to your test? I'm feeling lazy to look for it. =)
  15. Michael Miramontes

    JW's New Career

    Jeff, does this mean you can start covering me for bag mixing jobs? What a relief. =)
  16. Michael Miramontes

    ticking noise Nomad 12

    Is it happening when phantom power is on? I just sent mine in for the same type of sound that happens when phantom power is on. Apparently it's a known issue and would require sending the unit in for repair.
  17. Michael Miramontes

    NAB pix

    that was funny.
  18. Michael Miramontes

    NAB 2015 New Stuff

    Correct, I would call it a suitcase with a sound bag bungee'd to it. =) Looks like I'm going to have to build my own.
  19. Michael Miramontes

    NAB 2015 New Stuff

    any new sound carts?
  20. Michael Miramontes

    RAMPS/JWS NAB Party: Are you coming?

    Anyone driving home Wednesday? I need to hitch a ride back. I may have to fly in to Vegas on Tuesday since I took a job without realizing it was that day. =(
  21. Michael Miramontes

    NAB social activities updates

    Anyone driving back to Los Angeles on Wednesday?? I took a job last week without realizing it was the same day as the NAB party/dinner. So, I'm hoping to jump on a plane right after we wrap and make it in time for the event. Only issue is getting home. Haha.. I'd be willing to chip in for gas and drive back if you don't want to drive anymore.
  22. Michael Miramontes


    I like hearing these stories from back in ya'lls day. Although, I did think this thread was going to be about hot Katy Perry pics. =)
  23. Michael Miramontes

    Chargers for aa's

    A few people here, including myself, use this one. http://www.batteryjunction.com/titanium-md-1600l.html
  24. Michael Miramontes


    I think you're better off sticking with JW. I'm not a fan of FB but only have one for business. Seems like a lot more BS on FB sound discussions then on JW. People take a bit more time to think before they speak on this site then on FB. Just my .02 but I'm biased. FB is the devil. HAHA
  25. Michael Miramontes

    Happy Birhday Crew!

    Happy B-Day!