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    Oxidation on SMQV housing

    There's a post on this in the Lectrosonics Facebook page
  2. Jonathan Michael Lau

    NYC accountant recommendations

    While I've never met her, Nancy is a CPA who has done the Gotham q&a on taxes the last few years. You can meet her in person at this years event in February. http://akmcpa.com/about-akmcpa/nancy-l-adams/ Sent from my LG-US996 using Tapatalk
  3. Jonathan Michael Lau

    The T-mobile certified letter and a Part 74 license?

    Will you be back within 30 days? You could put a hold on mail with usps if you really wanted to. Also, the mail is sent directly from T-Mobile. I can't see the FCC terminating a license based on a third-party not being able to deliver some mail - certified mail which you have no legal obligation to accept - to an otherwise valid mailing address. I'd be more worried about not responding to an actual FCC request, but I'm not an expert so this is really just my opinion.
  4. Jonathan Michael Lau

    Lectrosonics SNA 600 Antenna

    http://www.lectrosonics.com/Support/component/com_fsf/Itemid,714/tag,Wireless, SNA-600, block, 470,antenna/view,faq/
  5. Jonathan Michael Lau

    Noisy R1a?

    I was surprised at first too, but a system over a decade old is going to be noisy. That's why im begrudgingly with sennheiser iem's. But after listening to the pristine Lectro duet iems, it's obvious they have the means to upgrade their ifbs. Maybe it's simply a matter of a lack of consumer motivation?
  6. Jonathan Michael Lau

    My MKH 50 stopped working. Sent to Sennheiser USA....

    I had a mic sent in at the end of last winter, not expedited. They received it in connecticut on the 8th and sent it back out on the 25th by ups ground.
  7. Jonathan Michael Lau

    Rycote lyre indestructable?

    Learned years ago to always carry a backup set of lyres. When you set your boom down, make sure it never tips over.
  8. Jonathan Michael Lau

    Getting AA's out of a SD 302

    $1700 hammers are always fun!
  9. Jonathan Michael Lau

    Getting AA's out of a SD 302

    While this may seem brute, i've taken a few 302's, flipped the opening to the ground, and literally just banged them with a quick, hard downward smack into a solid object like a table ledge and they would always pop right out with the right force and angle. I mean, the units are frickin solid themselves so the batteries just end up becoming a loose projectile. worst case, if doing so does damage something inside, i bet it'd cost less to have SD or yourself repair some loose solder points than to replace your battery tube.
  10. Jonathan Michael Lau

    Lectro SRc field reports?

    in terms of passband filters i've read: LR/SRC - 15-20mhz SRB - 25-26mhz 401 - 30mhz 411 - 11 mhz
  11. Jonathan Michael Lau

    Mkh 8060

    imo it's simply not made for film work. it sounds fantastic in all other respects - especially music/interviews - and has excellent low self noise, but the low frequency pickup is unbearable and any low pass filters at any hz to accommodate handling make it sound ridiculously duller than it should. not to mention the need for much, much heavier wind protection (heavier than stock windscreen or a rigged schoeps teardrop, further killing your freqs). rycote lyres (hard and soft shore) with 416, cs3e, cs2, mkh50, 60, 641, cmit5u and 3 different boompoles. i've never had to tippy toe as much as i did with my 8050. if you can make it work, then good for you. but a simple google search reaffirms this as a widespread gripe of many users
  12. Jonathan Michael Lau

    Mkh 8060

    Avoid the 8050. On a boom, it's an absolute nightmare with handling noise. Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  13. Jonathan Michael Lau

    Abetek Button-down Mounts now shipping

    Same as Peter, i've also been using some with my cos11s with great success for button situations. Definitely picking up more soon. Thanks Abe!
  14. Jonathan Michael Lau

    Breaking In, How? (Greenie Question)

    and what has been the response when it was asked previously? It was probably the same. I agree with everything Norén said, but i think you should absolutely avoid ever hitting someone with the boom. Getting in as close as possible, sure. but that can be learned with caution and practice. I've never hit someone while trying to get within inches of their head. Always remember safety first. And I'd caution against using analog mixers for new production sound mixers or one man bands. Yes, I understand why it was the norm for decades and why it's always suggested, but the modern requirements for a shoot (and especially for small, cheaper gigs) will always prefer to have ISO tracks on decent gear over a mixed signal with great preamps on fewer tracks. But this is another topic. Contacting professionals in the area is a great idea. Even if to shadow them for a few days, it makes you contacts and gets you experience. And you definitely want to know as many of your fellow mixers/sound people in your market as you'll be working with them in the future. So yes, move to where there's more opportunities for work. Great advice has always been to shut up and listen. People dont want to be bombarded with questions about things that can be easily looked up. Ask only when you feel you can't find the answer on your own. That's when you'll truly gain the most from a mentor, but going back to Norén's point I really agree on - build your social skills. You wont work unless people like to work with you.
  15. Jonathan Michael Lau

    SMQV purchase from eBay

    +1 for the above. The thing that matters is if it matches any pictures, if it you asked questions on the condition not listed before bidding/buying (for your protection), and if it actually fully works. if it's from a rental house, there may well be engraving and unseen damage, which doesn't necessarily affect performance. I'd make sure the lectro product serial is still intact as you always want to check if you're getting stolen items.
  16. Jonathan Michael Lau

    A first for me, I don't know if I was right

    I don't understand why turnaround is ever an issue that producers don't consider. And I can't see why they would be in any state of surprise when the issue is brought up. It's always been my observation that the department heads need to be active in advocating for crew conditions if things get bad. I was once on a shoot where th e producer posted a Mandy ad because he thought the crew would walk the next day! It doesn't hurt for department heads to speak up, but production should really be more attentative to these things if they know we're hitting OT and doing long travel/turnaround. And lets be real, their PA's are often getting the brunt of it too so there's no excuse for them "not to know" Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
  17. Jonathan Michael Lau

    K-Tek taking pre-orders for the new Harness!

    As it is, with my porta brace 4-point harness, i always attach the bottom two clips to the top two when i take off the bag to prevent the points from dangling everywhere. When I tried the ktek harness, I also did immediately what Carlos did and it resolves the weight balance and securing issue. But I'd imagine you'd want to anyway since the attachment wings on any harness with more than 2 points would just flap everywhere when you walk. I also typically keep my harness on when not bagged so that was the second thing I tested.
  18. Jonathan Michael Lau

    UM200C Damage

    did water or actor sweat seep into the unit? i had a really sweaty summer and at one point had to blow dry the contacts from what was discovered, pooling sweat in the ta5.
  19. Jonathan Michael Lau

    Have a little complaint

    This just in http://www.iatselocal52.org/Announcements.aspx
  20. Jonathan Michael Lau

    notes from a shoot this past weekend

    pilot tone? http://en-us.sennheiser.com/cl-1 cable or equivalent adaptor, coupled with the amp allows use with regular stereo headphones
  21. Jonathan Michael Lau

    Zoom H6 Rig

    Love the rig, especially the gaff loops! Grips love to make those to hold tape. I'd try throwing it through the strap loops beneath the screen next time. female xlr jacks will wear out and loosen if you move a lot ;]
  22. Jonathan Michael Lau

    Bumble Bee invisible lav

  23. Jonathan Michael Lau

    Microphone Shootout, Sound Person Hangout in NYC?

    Did we say pizza or
  24. Jonathan Michael Lau

    Microphone Shootout, Sound Person Hangout in NYC?

    I can donate an 8050 if the day is amicable
  25. Jonathan Michael Lau

    Set Philosophy: Being pulled between departments

    ​I understand and respect where you're coming from. However, I don't use the term "favor" as in something that one department would be indebted to another for. In the context of which I refer to it, asking camera to make a change that is unnecessary wouldn't be a reasonable accommodation. It wouldn't be the difference between bad sound, and that's why it would be a "favor." As such, there's a limit to how many favors people will cater to before it hinders their job as well, or at least annoys them and negatively affects your relationship to work well together with them. Just to be clear, I dont think we disagree about the fundamentals.