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Found 24 results

  1. Is there a portable transmitter, that would work in a location sound bag, for Sennheiser IEM? Doesn't have to be stereo, though that wouldn't be bad. I'm guessing the Senn IEM's do not work with G3 transmitters, but have not had the gear to try. Thanks
  2. From Tumbleweeds to Reality! https://www.lectrosonics.com/lectrosonics-introduces-the-next-generation-ifbr1b-miniature-ifb-receiver-and-chsifbr1b-companion-dock-charging-system.html
  3. Hi Guys, Does anyone have any experience with using the Phonak Roger in a situation with multiple talent on discreet channels? I have 6 talent that production wants to talk to independently on a live internet broadcast with earwigs. I plan to use some Phonak Invistys, but don't think I can get more than 4 to work reliably in the same location, at least that is the best I have done with the Invisitys in the past. Rather than trying to load up the 216 band, I am looking at supplementing with the Rogers, and it would be nice if I could access more than one discreet channel in the 2.4ghz
  4. Wondering if these would be any good for a IFB / reference track for camera. Cheap as chips. Obviously won't be as good as usual suspects (Lectro, Comtek, Senn) Anyone? http://www.thomann.de/ie/the_tbone_tour_guidetg_16_r.htm http://www.thomann.de/ie/the_tbone_tour_guide_16_t.htm http://www.thomann.de/ie/the_tbone_tour_guide_tg_c2.htm
  5. I'm getting ready to buy my first Zaxcom wireless units, and can't seem to quite get my head around all of the options. I use a Nomad 10 for my mixer, so I have Zaxnet control from there. Is there any advantage to getting a QRX235 with the QIFB if I'm already using a Nomad or should I be looking more at the QRX200? Does having the QIFB option allow for auto scanning and assigning channels like the RX-12 will when connected to a Nomad, or is it just for manual remote control?
  6. Hey y'all! Wanted to share something that I came up with (I'm sure I'm not the first to do this) this week. I'm a mixer in Idaho, and generally I don't really get requests for IFB/listen in etc, but every now and then it'll come up that a client would like to listen in on a scene or shot. Now, seeing how rare these requests are, and that not having it has never lost me work, I've never felt the need to drop $1-2k on a full IFB set (Comtek and the like). So instead I decided to do what you see below. Coming out of my 633, is an XLRF to 3.5mm. Then I have a Female to Female 3.5mm barrel con
  7. I've owned and used Lectrosonics R1a receivers in years past and currently own and use Comtek PR-216 receivers, but its time for a change in that the Comteks just aren't performing as reliably as needed. The signal needs to be consistently clean and clear as the client's opinion of my work is influenced by what they hear over IFB. R1a receivers are rock solid and sound fine, but I want to get away from using 9v with a battery life of 8 hours per alkaline. The several days a Comtek will go between battery changes is exceptional, but the 10mw M-216 Option P7 transmitter and plastic c
  8. Hey Sound Peeps! There is a host of affordable [cheap] chinese radios that reach up to 520 MHz. I was wondering if anyone had experience transmitting in the 420 Block and using these as comtek substitutes. At $15-25 dollars a piece, it's hard to not consider handing them out to crew instead of comteks or lectro ifb's. The only consideration is if the narrow fm receiver works well enough with a wide fm transmitter to make it acceptably intelligible. This is what I'm thinking about: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/6pcs-Mini-Walkie-Talkie-Retevis-RT22-Long-Range-UHF-400-480MHz-16CH-C
  9. I had an interesting issue crop up a few days ago. I have two Comtek feeds: one for my crew and one for Production (which includes Director & Scripty, as well as agency types in VV.) Transmitters are two BST-25 216. So I was working on a commercial shoot in a home. My cart ended up in a corner in the kitchen, and I installed my two Mini-Mite antennas upside down so as not to hit the ceiling. Everything was tested, no problems found. At some point, a four-foot Kino fixture with four bulbs was put next to the car, vertically. It was connected to a Variac dimmer, at what I woul
  10. I have a project coming up where talent will need in ear monitoring with an earwig. I know that different discussions on this topic have been discussed before, but I'm not finding my answer. Can I use a Phonak with a Lectrosonics R1a using some kind of neck loop? I'm thinking that the R1a will give me a better range than the Comtek. Have any of you used an earwig in this way before? Or is there another way to get good range with the Phonak? Any advice would be much appreciated!
  11. Seeing if anyone has had this issue with the Lectrosonics UM400a BLK 26 in IFB mode. The issue encountered is, after about 10 min of good strong audio sending to multiple R1a units on set. The audio just fades away, comes back and then fade away. Here are all the things tried and observed to solve the issue. When I send it back to Lectrosonics how should I describe it? So I don't get a message back "We can't find anything wrong." because it looks and acts fine at first, but it seems to take a few minutes for it to happen. Thanks Observations: 1. Still solid green power light on UM400a 2
  12. Hey Guys, Curious what people are using for your boom operators to listen on. Comtek? Lectro IFB? Zaxcom IFB? Hard wired? (duplex cable?) Boom box? Or maybe listen off the signal pre-recorder with a SD MM1?
  13. I'm investing in a Comtek system to compliment my (rather extensive and elaborate) ERX2 IFB config. I've read the all the literature I can find. Looking for practical guidance on the difference performance in terms of range and fidelity of the following: M216 (10 mw) M216-P7 (10 mw) (will these either of these two cut if for cart use with the right antenna configuration? I'd like to go this route if realistic. I heard a M216 raised on the mast works quite well for some.) BST75 (100 mw) Thanks in advance. - Patrick
  14. We are adding a case for the Zaxcom ERX's to our line up. We are expecting to be shipping these in the beginning of August and we expect the retail price to be less than $15 US. We are also looking for feed back on the design of the case since we are still making minor changes to it. Here are photos of the prototype.
  15. As suggested by Jim, here is a single thread suitable for updating information and discussing current issues and activities that affect the radio spectrum we use in our work, particularly for our wireless systems. As Jim suggested I "moderate" this thread, please feel free to post information here, and I'll advise if there are any concerns... OK ??
  16. Hi I've been researching quiet a lot on wireless video solutions and found out that the Teradek Cube 155 might be the best solution there is at the moment for boom op. reality, documentary ect. It seems that the latency that there is, happens in the receiver (the iOS device). My question is: with the so much faster processors and wi-fi parts in the latest models, compared to the earlier, iPhone 4, iPad1 ect, Does anybody know the latency when the Cube is used as a stand alone device with a direct connection to the latest i-devices? And is it possible to use it with audio, as IFB? or
  17. I am looking to get a Zaxcom ERX2TCD soon to send audio and timecode to camera (most often a RED Epic) but I am having a difficult time understanding what type of cable I will need in order to send both signals to the camera. I have a Nomad 6 and will be using the onboard Zaxnet for IFB transmission. But for the ERX onboard the camera, I am wondering if I need just a basic 1/8" cable from the ERX to the mic input on the Epic or a 1/8" from the ERX to an 1/8" and 4 pin lemo split cable or some other configuration. Also wondering if this would eliminate the need to buy/make a traditional BNC to
  18. Fine people of the forums, I was curious to know if any one out there in low budget land or else where has come upon a more affordable solution to providing headphones to Director an/or scripty than the standard comtek or zaxcomm IFB? I recently came across something that I thought I'd share and see who is with me on this one... I'm currently running Sennheiser RS160 wireless headphones. $150 on eBay then $100 per extra set of cans. Check 'em out here: http://en-us.sennheiser.com/wireless-headphones-digital-stereo-rs-160 Basically, you send a stereo feed to a 1/8" TRS mini-
  19. Hi everyone Here in the UK, we use for some wireless headphones and receivers a frequency between 864-865Mhz as it is free of licence. As this frequency falls in the rage of wide-band antennas, i was wondering if i could plug my ifb transmitter to the antenna out on my venue receiver and use my 2 shark fin antennas with it at the same time as using the venue? Will it work or will it make some interference from one system to the other? Thanks
  20. I'm trying to control the gain of a trx900LT from my Nomad. Not seeing anything in the manual that I might be doing wrong... Nomad and TRX are set to 2404, group 1. Nomad IFB mode is TX. The TRX is displaying "Rx" flag, also, "Jam" and "jammed", but the timecode is not what I see on Nomad (which is set to display and output generated TC). Any ideas what I could check for?
  21. for an upcoming gig i need 3 what do you use and why do you like/dislike it ? thanks for any opinion
  22. Hey guys, I was talking to this production coordinator I'm doing 2nd unit with and he mentioned that the production wanted me to switch to zaxcom wireless. There reasoning is so they can run off and still have good tracks. I've used the whole zax system before (fusion, IFB, & wireless) and it worked for the most part. I wanted to know if I used my 744 instead of a zaxcom recorder would the zaxcom IFB still send the commands to record and stop recording to the zaxcom transceivers? Has anyone tried this? Keenan
  23. I discovered a great feature of the 788t when I was testing an ifb today. I have one of my outputs for my utility PL routed to x2 mix with all inputs including mine set on postfade. I was playing back the L mix track and not hearing anything in the ifb. I realized that if I want video village to only hear the live mix, and nor hear the playback, all I need to do is re-route the output going to the comtek xmitter to an output (like x1) . This is very useful if you have to review your tracks regularly. Just FYI
  24. I want to upgrade g3 to LMa R1a combo. I have difficult time finding info on 3.5 to TA5 cable. I would have contacted Lectro and/or Sound Devices, but believe this is a question to an end user.
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