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  1. Greetings Legends of Sound, Does anyone have any real world experience of the Sony digital radio mic system? I'm interested in the portable dual rx and belt pack tx's - I hate the old Sony systems but have been told the new stuff is impressive. Any one used it in anger? ? Range? Battery life? Remote control ? Sound quality?? Rf stability...?
  2. jackdrobin

    Lav tape

    Hi all, I'm new here, but I've gone the distance...I will be posting regular soon! Promise! I've just purchased new everything (everything!....being delivered end of July 2013), after 10 years outta the game...but I'm wondering? What lav tape are you all using. I just bought some, and it sucks...loses its stickiness after 10 minutes. I frankly forget what I used 10 years ago.....probably gaffer, FFS! I should add, I'm not on the road yet, just field testing! It's a soft medical tape, that sadly, sounds fantastic ie. using nothing but the tape I hear little clothing and a lotta voice. Obviously I can't have the talent lose their lavs, and I can't use gaffa, cos it shows. I remember! What tape SOUNDS great, HIDES well, STICKS like a limpet, and gets the job done without too much mucking around....obviously I'm talking ideal conditions. I understand things get progressively complicated from the ideal starting point! Is there a new tape in the last 10 years that ticks these boxes? Clearly I'm talking hidden lavs! Cheers boyz!
  3. Hi all I would like to improve my skills in using RF wireless transmitters.and receivers. Do you have reliable books, websites, online courses or tutorials to advise me ? Yann *** Yann CAINJO Sound recordist Paris, France
  4. Hey guys, looking at this 4 channel receiver for use in cart and bag. The price point is the same as buying 2 SRC’s but it has way more functionality than SRC’s. Anyone tested it? I would be using it with existing smv’s and smqv’s I would also loop thru antennas with existing venue on the cart. thoughts?
  5. Hi all, this is Christian from BSRF. It seems the AS-122 has a small dude called AS-62! And he's ready to rock despite his small form factor. Now it comes with a dual step RF peak on each input. More informations on our website: www.bs-rf.com Or contact us at contact@bs-rf.com. Sincerely,
  6. I have just bought a Audio Limited a10 system with 4 x tx and 2 rx. So far I am really happy with the sound and build quality but I am having range problems. The range when used on a talent is too short. I am using wips and I am working from a small bag. I would like to improve the range that I currently have with wips without using too much space and weight in my bag. So I am wondering what people suggest for antenna distro and antennas for two a10 recievers in a bag. I would like the option to expand to one more reciver so I am looking for 3+3 or more sma outputs. I have looked into PSC and Audio wireless... are they any good? Any smaller / cheaper alternatives that are any good? I am thinking i should buy two antenna setups... one for when I am running around with my bag and need them to be attached to the bag... and one when I am in "cart mode" and can have antennas on stands. Would betso bowtie be the best alternative for bag use? How much improvement vs wips would you guess i would get with just omni bowties on two a10 recivers? Is there a antenna distrubution that fits the bowtie ? ( small with no powersuply? ) As far as active antennas ... is wysicom active the best for this setup? or are there other brands that are "cheaper" that works "as good" ? Thanks ¨
  7. I am having a hard time deciding between buying 4 channels of wisycom (mcr54) and and 4 channels of audio limited (2 A10-RX ) It boils down to how much better is the sound quility on audio limited vs wisycom. Has anyone used them side by side for a while? Has anyone done a AB test? Are the wisycom users all happy with the soundquality? ( I am not in a position to test them both myself ) I also understand the range is better on wisycom. I understand the latest firmwares on audio ltd has helped but is anyone regretting buying the a10s because of limited range? Are there rumours of wisycom coming out with a new transmitter? audio limited with a smaller transmitters? Is betso bowtie a good solution for bag antenna for both systems? And if so what is the solution to split the antenna signal if I go the audio limited route ?
  8. Hi all, for people wanting to avoid long coaxial cable the radio over fiber technology can be considered. The AFR-250S is small as a AS-122, got a 1.3" OLED display to monitor RF power, optical power. More informations on our website! https://www.bs-rf.com/en/products/fiber-optic-rf-offset/reception/ You can drop a mail to get more informations. Christian.
  9. http://www.zaxcom.com/cameralink
  10. Greetings everyone, I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy during these difficult times, now on to my topic. I’m hoping to be working on a 10-day feature in May or June, which will help alleviate a few bills and possibly, upgrade my wireless. Though Chicago, as well as the rest of the country is mostly using Lectrosonics, I’m considering doing something different. I’m looking into possibly getting the MCR 42 S/S2 and MTP40S units from Wisycom. Though I don’t have neither a Sound Devices 6, 7, nor 8 series, I wanted to know if anyone is using these with a Zoom F8. Is the fact that the Zoom F8/F8n not having AES a factor? Keep in mind, I will be upgrading my audio recorder when the time comes, but want to start with the wireless first. I appreciate your comments and hope that we can put this pandemic behind us once this 30-day quarantine is over. Thanks again!
  11. Hi, I recently got a new Lectrosonics M2R/M2T combo to use as in-ear monitors. I noticed a great deal of noise artifacts while using the system...It was being fed a stereo mix from a digital mixer... After scanning for optimal RF signal strength, following the signal chain, troubleshooting any phase/power issues, I decided to swap the digital mixer out for an analog one, and the noise appeared to go away. Once the mixer was put back into the system, the noise came back... Has anyone else ever experienced this? I've attached a sample of the sound, recorded directly from the output of the M2R...It sounds like a sort of audible quantization noise...its most obvious around 2:09 in the attached clip. Any thoughts/insight would be most welcome! B Lectro_Test_Record_Digital.wav
  12. Sony has done a small re-vamp of their UWP wireless system at NAB. The main emphasis seems to be on about a 20% size reduction. There is a new (smaller) smart hotshoe adaptor for the receiver, and one option seems to be the ability to flip a switch on it and decide whether it outputs analogue audio or digital audio through the hotsoe. They will be doing an update to their Z280 camera (which has two such "smart" hotshoes), and I would assume that will enable the digital throughput aspect. The update will also allow camerapeople to see signal strength and receiver info in their viewfinder. Another really nice feature is that the scan-the-band and sync feature is enabled by a dedicated button, rather than having to dig through the menus. No word so far if they are coming out with a new two channel receiver. Here's a video that shows some alternate views that the currently released press photos don't:
  13. Hey! Who is using this product? https://ktekpro.com/product/ksqd1-k-tek-squid-universal-mount/ Has everyone tested it with their favourite transmitters? I see a Zaxcom in the photos, but what about Lectro HMA, Sennheiser SKP, etc? Insert photos if you have them. I haven't gone wireless on the boom yet but this seems like a great solution to keep the weight (and the controls) at the operator's end of the pole rather than the microphone end. Is it better and/or more versatile more than the sidekick transmitter module by K-tek? cheers Adam
  14. Hey everyone! Wanted to get some opinions on servo vs standard lectrosonics wiring, which has always been a little grey for me. I realize that if I get servo, I wont be able to use the lav on an older style lectro transmitter. On a cos 11, the servo used three wires, opposed to the standard wiring which uses 2? I could have this backwards... Anyway, a word from the field is what I am looking for, is there a noticeable noise floor and overload buffer difference between the two? Thanks! Jbob
  15. Hey Everyone, just wanted to let you know that I successfully combined a Zaxcom and WisyCom Sytem together in one Antennatree. I used the Antenna output of the PSC SixPack to feed the MicPlexer2 and from there on went to 2 digital Dual Channel Zaxcom Recievers and one WisyCom analog Dual Channel Reciever. I wasn´t shure if that System would work or if I would get in trouble especially with the WisyCom Reciever beeing fed by the MicPlexer2. But so far everything seems to work fine without any RF loss. cheerz Urs
  16. I am running two Lectro SMV's at 100mW and they are draining batteries. I'm getting an hour or less out of a single AA lithium battery. This is getting expensive and getting worse. The units are probably 5/6 years old and that paste on the threads has long gone. Any ideas as to what is happening? I worked with someone else's gear recently and they were having the same issue. I'm also getting audio (not frequency) dropouts on the SRb receiver. Is it related? Thoughts? Solutions?
  17. https://www.wired.com/story/ultrasonic-signals-wild-west-of-wireless-tech/ I've been thinking about ultrasound a lot lately. Thanks to information on the forum, I've found out that some companders on analog wireless devices may choke out the signal you actually want when dealing with ultrasound due to HF boosts in the system. The noise from an induction stove or an ultrasound motion detector are known examples. Apparently ultrasound is becoming more commonly used in IoT-devices for wake-up signals and inter-device communication in household stuff, so I'm quite curious about the future as well as the present state of things. How many ultrasound related problems actually come up these days? What types of common sources are there, and how could they be dealt with?
  18. Hi Guys, what are the legal wireless frequencies in France please?
  19. I'm about to jump onto the DPA bandwagon. This going into my first wireless kit (only two at first), been renting before and used the 4061s. I'm debating with between buying the Slims and 60s. Which ones see more action or are better all arounders for mostly narrative work for you guys? And also if it's the 60s, the 60 or 61?
  20. Shout out to the astounding (and huge) production sound team who achieved an amazing feat on Justin Timberlake's new music video for "Say Something"! This marvel was filmed in one take, and on the first try, featuring a live performance with a 60 person choir and about 20 other various musicians (among a 200 person crew), facilitated by top-notch production sound. I'm curious if anyone on the 6+ person sound team is on this forum and would be interested in talking about all the coordination required to pull this off, especially the wrangling of all the wireless gear, which apparently required a dedicated 3 person RF team to manage. Great job to everyone who contributed to this work of art! It even got me to like JT's music a little bit (:
  21. Hey Guys, what do I need to utilise Shark Fin Antennas from my bag/cart? I run 3 Micron Explorers and want to increase the range. I've seen passive and active antennas and also distribution units. I need a simple straightforward solution please. P.
  22. Hey Guys, I'm considering an upgrade of my wireless kit. I started with Sennheiser G3s and now run 3 Micron Explorers which have limiters. I use the G3s for headphone sends and wireless hops. I like the look of the Lectrosonics systems but they are soooooo expensive. What would I gain by upgrading? I work on a variety of shoots including Film, TV and corporate. Would love all your thoughts.
  23. Mark Edward Lewis has a location sound class where he talks about using a mic stand or c-stand to act like a large antenna for a TX to extend it's range. He started off by mentioning how placing a key fob to your head extends the range of the clicker to your car. Through some googling this appears to be a real thing that does work. Some articles say any jug of water would do the same thing because of dielectric properties of water, although i'm not sure I want to keep water too close to my equipment. I know there are plenty of shark fin style antennas that can connect to your radios, but can anyone comment on the indie c-stand application for radios without removable antennas? Does the physics work? I don't see much use for it on the TX for narrative stuff, but would this also apply to placing RX from the cart on the c-stand? I get how height helps with transmission range, but I'm wondering more about the possible amplifying benefits of any tall metal pole if I place the RX or TX close to the center or bottom of a c-stand. Thanks for the help!
  24. Hi guys, Returned home from a shoot the other night and realized that the rubber/vinyl 'tip' of one of my Sony UWP-D transmitters (UTX-b03) was missing. (see pics) The internal wire of the antenna is exposed, however repeated tests have shown there doesn't seem to be any detrimental effect at all (yet) - on range or audio quality. Can I just add any tip/cover to the antenna or do I have to replace the entire antenna? Hope you can help - thanks in advance!
  25. What's the average percentage for your lavs that you don't get clothes rustle/noise, drop outs or hits, etc on your lavs? I'd say about 40-50% of the time I lav someone it's clean without any really bad rustle. Sometimes I have no issues at all when I get the placement just right with cotton shirts, other times I'd assume it's completely useless. I do narrative work where I have to hid the mics almost 90% if I can't hide it in plain sight.
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