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SONY "digital" wireless

Jeff Wexler

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I may have use for a low cost wireless solution like these SONY UWP units. These are the same ones that use some digital technology but are essentially analog wireless. When first on the market they were refereed to as Digital Hybrid but I think Lectrosonics has the lock on that one. I don't for a minute think these are comparable to my Zaxcom pure digital wireless or the Lectro units (or even most probably the budget offerings from Sennhesier like the G3 or is it G4 units).


My main question is, they are in the 600 mhz range and I have not been keeping up on what is potentially going on in that range --- those who know more about this, is 600 mhz going to be a problem anytime soon?



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Jeff - 


I believe Block 26 is the one currently under possible attack -


665-691 mhz.     Block 26 has been good for me here in Atlanta, with two of my setups. 


If they go after 25 and under - well, as Daffy Duck says it "This Means WAR !! "


If it does get "taken", It will take awhile for that to take place and be in effect... you might well get your specialty need covered and still have plenty of time to liquidate.   



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The 600mhz auction has been pushed back to 2016 which may be delayed even more. After the auction there will be a fcc vetting process which will take a while. So the best guess is 600 will still be usable for at least 5 years but probably a bit longer.

While it is looking like 600mhz will be auctioned it is - i beleive - still unknown if all will go or if we will have pieces of 600 that we will still be able to operate it. At this point it is looking like the latter.

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A couple of years ago, I found myself along with a colleague, at a roof-top garden in Manhattan, NYC. 


He said these Sonys were "great" and he "never had a problem with them, and got surprisingly good range"... "sometimes even better than Lectros!".


I argued that anything will work fine in ideal conditions.


Fast forward a couple hours - out of his 8 units, I think he got decent signal on 2 or 3, with the receivers placed 5 feet behind the panelists.


My Lectros did not even flinch.


Meanwhile, I know he is still happily using these around the LA area. So, as they say YMMV.

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Putting 5 txs within 5 feet of 5 rxs is a recipe for disaster, or at least frustration.



JP: " Putting 5 txs within 5 feet of 5 rxs is a recipe for... "

major intermod issues...


Well, ::)  I may have exaggerated a bit in order to drive my point across (as in: " he was running around at 100 mph").

But I am not exaggerating when I say that there was a lot of RFI from other sources right there (5th Avenue rooftop facing the ESB).

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They're ok but are no match for Lectrosonics.  I've used them all across Europe, in Canada, Turkey and Argentina.  For the most part they've held up very well, but the range is easily less than half that of the SRb.  Also, I never figured out how to simply move up and down through the band - it comes programmed with a load of presets.  I prefer selecting frequencies via the former method.

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Considering picking up a set to try as a boom PL / monitor since the receiver has a headphone output.


VS G3..


50mW (via plug-on) vs 30mw +Sony (maybe... since power isn't the metric, but range and quality)

1 channel vs 2 of IEM G3 +Sennheiser

volume knob vs buttons for headphone level +Sennheiser

small form factor for transmitter +Sony

$350 + $50 (case) vs $500 (no case) per receiver +Sony

$350 (with case) vs $650 per transmitter +Sony


$800 (+ extra body pack tx) vs $1000 for system +Sony


So at the end of the day a safe experiment since if I don't like the unit for wireless PL use, it's nice to have on hand for the occasional budget scratch use for DSLR or specifically, Sony Handycam and Alpha cameras with the nifty digital shoe I mentioned earlier (and for the Sony camera I'll personally own as I'm upgrading from my existing camera soon).

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  • 1 month later...

I tested UWP-D today with an FS7 and the MI Shoe.


Well, advantages are the ability to power the transmitter via USB and the receiver via MI Shoe, good range and stability ... but that was it. I was a little disappointed from the system: Relatively high noise floor, some audible compander working. Keychain test not better than any analogue system. Reproduction of low frequencies very boring.


I had it connected to a 633 via X3 which worked very well.


Perhaps OK as a camera hop and very nice as a monitor system.


Well, you just get what you pay for.

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