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Philip Perkins

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A shot over the console for a concert at the UC Berkeley Art Museum last night. Ellen Fullman again, this time with a 75' long string instrument ("bowed" by her fingers as she walks along the strings). The other players included Fred Frith (for you old Henry Cow fans). The multiharmonics really took off in the all-concrete, extremely irregularly-shaped space. Mr. Jesse and I flew mics off of balconies 75 feet above the players and stuck PZMs in odd nooks and crannies, in addition to micing up all the instruments. This was a challenge since no one except the bassist was playing what might be called a "normal" instrument. Video was an infinite number of DSLRs, smaller still/photo cams, card cams and phones--I lost track at about 10 of them. We got to walk away at the end of the night w/o wrapping (YAY!) and come back early this morning for some serious recording with no one else there.

phil p


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