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Good one, Jason. Molson's "I Am Canadian" campaign was a great one. Turns out the Canadian actor hired was living in LA at the time...

As far as the weatherman clip goes, this definitely never aired on a network. With 6 spelling mistakes in the bottom ticker in 12 seconds, and sound from a camera mic, I'm guessing community station or cheap demo.

But it's still funny.

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I'm trying to get my cart rigged so I can play back random sfx and soundbites - and this one just might be appropriate for those times....or maybe not.

Maybe this song would be along the same lines...

I've listened to this song a half dozen times and I laugh every time. [Definitely rated R.] And this guy can sing.

--Marc W.

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If there is a Hall of Fame for WTF, then i think this would make it.

Hi Richard, just to spare the blushes of Cat Deeley (the presenter in that clip) it was a spoof of X-Factor etc on a british comedy xmas special by Peter Kay.

And let's be honest -- that Batman Dead End short was better in terms of voice acting, story structure, plot credibility and characterisation than the Dark Knight Rises.

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