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Zaxcom Aria


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What are peoples thoughts on the new control surface?


I think it looks amazing and is a great successor to the mix 8. I do hope that the trim pots can be fully routable as faders or zaxnet trims tho, that way you can have 16 faders in a super tiny control surface. I have gotten used to mixing 12 tracks from the bag with my nomad 12 + fp8 combo so mixing with rotary faders is not a problem for me. I love how flexible and simple the fp8 is so I hope that carries on into the Aria. Either way I am very intrigued. Love the rugged design and maintenance free faders, also the zax hub integration and nomad compatibility. Great job zaxcom! 


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Looks great! Think the only issue I have seen people have so far is the price point which was not set in stone, but a notch higher than any competitor.


On my control surface I have coloured caps that I move around as needed, it looks as that might be hard to achieve here. Maybe there could be some thin layer coloured rubber or something to adress that?


Am I missing something? The sealed faders reminds me of cantar where swapping fader caps seems easy.

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