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Apps used for sound


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I'll be teaching a seminar for Local 480 members looking to  get into the Sound Department 

Do you have suggestions for Apps that might be good to have for new Utilities?

I have LectroRM, Wingman, FreqFinder 

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Its not as important now that the payroll compaies have online timecards but new utilities should know about timecard buddy. I stll use it occasionally. Also they should keep a simple mp3 player on their phones for those "just get the utility to do the playback" days.

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Appart from the brand related app (wingman & SD-remote for Sound Devices gear ; Wisycom, Lectrosonics and most pro wireless brands have now their own app to control some features of the transmitters and/or receivers ; Tentacle synch BT for their Time code boxes, etc...) I am also using an app to scan UHF band frequencies and coordinate the freq called TX Advance. It unfortunately runs only in Android machines, but I bought a second hand tablet and i am very happy with it, especially for scanning on locations during reccies without having to bring the actual RX/TX gear. 

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