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  1. I still use a 788T also but I definitely don't have those skills. That's really great!
  2. I'm sorry that such a small market is divisive instead of supportive, but I guess I kind of understand. I'm also in a relatively busy but small market. I hope it gets bigger and better and you get more sweet features.
  3. Maybe this won't make any sense, but someone invent "coily cable coax" so it can all be contained in the antenna mast, like in a boom pole. ...and I LOVED Paint Your Wagon, not sure how many times I stayed up to watch it on late night TV as a kid.
  4. Hi, I just saw this and wanted to say hello. Im in North Carolina but grew up in Norman. My parents are still there so I go back a lot. How's work in OK?
  5. JonG keep us posted on your results with the new 6 pack. I also just bought one but I haven't decided what blocks to put in it or what antennas to use. I have been quite frustrated this week with wireless. I was shooting this week at a house where there was RF noise through all of my block 21 and 24 and most of my block 22. Sharkfins as opposed to dipoles helped on the block 22 (21 and 22 in a venue) but the others were unusable. I am about to buy 3 new SR somethings for the 6 pack and don't want to make choices that will continue to be frustrating. I am not very knowledgeable when it comes to antenna distribution and characteristics and am trying to learn more.
  6. I saw this on one of the sound Facebook groups.
  7. I will put in the female two cents: I'm sure it isn't intentionally sexist and I would certainly (and have not) let air conditioning keep me from working in the studio, but I do believe that many women do feel temperature differently than men. That said, I have worked in some production settings that were kept so cold that even the thought of going to work in them made me depressed.
  8. Well, I'm not even a man and that was worth my three minutes.
  9. IronFilm, no waterproof transmitters. We were cabled at the pool and I believe used a regular transmitter up high in a condom in the river.
  10. Every feature I do we say we will bring the 70 out once. So far it's usually been over water. The last couple of time were over a swimming pool and once with the boom operator standing in the middle of a river.
  11. I figure I ought to add to the collective wiring knowledge by reporting back on how the day went. I talked to the costume designer first thing this morning with AD backup and had no luck getting an undershirt so i tried a black coban wrap under the tight dark blue t shirt: One wrap around then a cos 11 in an overcover covered with one more wrap with just the end sticking out. We had 30 mile an hour winds on a walk and talk next to the water and the wire sounded great, didn't show, and the hairy very active (and cold) talent was happy not to worry about tape coming loose. We will do it again tomorrow on the beach.
  12. You are right of course. She has not been a team player so far, it might be time to involve someone higher up.
  13. I am fighting the exteriors with hairy chest and thin t shirt fight. No undershirts are allowed according to the costume designer. It seems that all the men in this show were cast based on how much hair they had on their chests. For most of them I have been able to put a big piece of moleskin in the "I do pushups" spot and stick a cos-11 in an overcover on that, but for some reason the moleskin won't stick for long on one main actor. I've tried using an alcohol swab or using topstick on the moleskin. It has been really windy so I need the overcover which has been keeping me from trying a b6 in the neckline. I have a piece of coban that I thought I might try like a mic bra tomorrow but I'm afraid it will show. I am pretty sure I am aware of most of the suggestions already posted here, but thought I might ask anyway, or at least whine a little. Specifically I am wondering if anyone has used coban with success under a tight t shirt and also what might be a better tiny wind screen for a b6 at the collar?
  14. I was the utility on the movie Gifted with the very young and talented McKenna Grace. All in all we did a great job on that one, but there is one scene near the end where she turns around and there is the square shape of the transmitter under her tight tiny shirt. I think I gasped out loud in the theater! When we shot that scene I remember seeing it on the first take and going in and taking the wire completely off her before take 2. The point being that we have no control of what they use once it's committed to picture.
  15. Way to go JWSound members. I am happy to see so much constructive input here.
  16. So, my new used lectro transmitters arrived and I found myself looking for answers to a few questions in the Lectrosonics Wireless FAQ. I notice these are numbered and appear to have been accumulating for many years now. I'm still looking for the answer to my question, but in the process I found this: #053 - WIRELESS - Things are really slow on the set. What has Lectro done to keep me amused and sane? The UCR201, UCR211 and UCR411A (but not the UCR411 -- no room for the code) are equipped with a Pong game. To activate, hold down the UP button while powering on.The Venue has the Whack-A-Mic game. To activate that, hold down button 1 while powering on.The R400 doesn't have a game yet but we are thinking Asteroids, because all it requires is a rotation control and a fire button. Stay tuned.
  17. Maybe I'm too non-confrontational, but that was really uncomfortable to watch. I had to force myself to watch it to the end!
  18. Well. Sounds like a fantastic time was had by all... I'm just glad you lived. With all that troubleshooting, the next one can't help but be better. It was good to meet you in person and put a face to the poetry.
  19. Almost 47 and still 3rding. ..although I've started collecting gear for the eventual day when I no longer want to carry the eZ-up.
  20. Pete, I met you in Savannah a couple of years ago. I am so so very sorry to hear about your wife Robin. You and your family are in my thoughts.
  21. Hi All, The original poster - several years ago - asked if anyone was using Neumann KM-D series mics on location. I was wondering 1)if anyone is now? and 2)If anyone has found a variety of long length 110 ohm duplex cable that will work with AES 42? I realize that some people are working with Super CMITs using wireless digital transmitters, but was specifically wondering if anyone is cabling their digital mics? PS I have been searching the internet on this topic for the last few days and have also called PSC to see if they had any duplex cable insight. -Elanor
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