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Ready to get back to it.

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I'll hop on board... NYC-based, available for boom, utility, and ENG/EPK mixing. Member of IA Local 52.

Wishing us all a happy and busy 2012. Let's all have a year packed with fulfilling work! (...and devoid of deadbeat producers.)

+1 to that.

Local 52 here, looking to do anything sound-wise in the tri-state area.

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Hey, I'll jump on the +1 bandwagon...

Based in Savannah, able to be local in NYC, South Florida, and well familiar with just about everywhere in between. Bag or cart based, and happy to be a cable monkey for anyone else on here at a moment's notice.

IA 320, maybe someday 52.

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MIght as well jump in, too! North Carolina based, not too far from Charlotte, and I can be local in DC or NYC. Bag/ENG work solo, or would love to be A2 or second boom on a larger production. All I have booked so far this year are a few day shoots and a short for the first week of April.

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Is this the 'I'm available' thread?

Phoenix, AZ - area based. Mixer, A2 or Boom Op, available for commercial, TV, ENG, short film, or would also love to assist or boom on a feature. Experience in broadcast TV, interview, and commercials. Willing to travel - easy jaunt to L.A. or Vegas, or further for longer shoots.

Thanks! :-)

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Located in Orlando as well Jaymz. PM me. Couldn't tell who you are in your profile picture. I thought I knew all the sound guys in town. I am friends and have worked with at least once with Jeff Cannon, Jethro Senger, Carl Carden, Jeff Blynder, Scott Clements (Burn Notice), and a few more that escape my brain right now. I am always looking for ENG work so any of you out there ever have the need to pass on work would be a great thanks. Have gear. I'd like to travel as well but I have found that many productions don't want to pay. Maybe somebody here can enlightened me. How do you guys get to travel? I'd love to do work outside of Florida once and a while. However, maybe it's wrong for me to want to work in other cities because It may look like I am trying to take work from other sound mixers. I've been doing this for 15 years now and I'd like a chance to see work outside Florida without having to pay through the nose to travel or having to move from my home in Orlando.

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