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  1. Congrats Cujo!! I knew the day was coming soon!! #blessings Nicole
  2. Tascam DR-40 I own two and love them. They sound good with a 302 in front or without. Nicole
  3. I have emailed Bill I am hoping to get my license as well. Nicole
  4. RME fireface 800 is amazing and built like a tank. Would def get the job done for you. I used one in a post sound studio and the onboard preamps are very nice and you can get it even modified by Black Lion Audio if need be. Nicole
  5. I have 2 Portabrace bags if you want to use both of mines to test out. I have the Large and Extra large type audio organizer bags(can't remember exact model). Nicole
  6. I rock the Tascam DR40 it's a great recorder for the money. Nicole
  7. Tascam DR40 will allow room in the budget for a mic at least. I own a dr40 and it works amazing.
  8. That's nice what company do you know? Nicole
  9. Lmao!!! This is too funny!! Nicole
  10. Awesome. Can't wait!! I been using this program and it works amazingly along with LectroRM app. Nicole
  11. Dang Jim can't believe you lost that gig. Thought for sure you had it. It gets like that sometimes. Nicole
  12. I rock my 788 on my cart the same way as well. Nicole
  13. Where did you get the part that is holding the pelican case? That didn't already come on there did it? Also is this the Filmtools JR sound cart? Thanks Nicole
  14. Any in GA or SC area I'm def interested in doing please. Thanks Nicole
  15. I use Sennheiser 300 IEMs for Video Village and Lectrosonics IFB for my Boom Op and Sound Utility. I prefer the Sennheisers over Comteks but that's just my opinion. I have not had one client complain about them. They actually like them. Now if its a Reality show/Run and Gun and they want IFB I use my Lectorosonics because those will uphold a lot better out in the field because on those type of shows IFB's can sometime get dropped(I always hope they don't though) and the build quality is better. Hope that helps. Nicole
  16. Have used adobe cs6 for a feature film and it worked fine. You just have to have a work flow and know the system.
  17. If you use Adobe Audition CS6 you can open OMF files with no problem. If they are using Adobe Priemiere have them export it out as an OMF or AAF. I know for sure they can export it as an OMF so that way you can keep using Pro Tools. Any other questions let me know. Nicole
  18. Make sure the battery settings are properly set. See page 38 in the manual. Once those settings are properly set then you should see a difference. I used Comer batteries and they would nearly go all day. Nicole
  19. Good to know will def reference you if anything comes up. Nicole
  20. I was only able to send TC as an audio signal when I used a mark III Nicole.
  21. I own the Tascam DR40 and it works great and can be bought for really low. You can control each level and you can name files unlike on the zoom h4n. You can also create daily folders to keep your audio in. Hope that helps. Nicole
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