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  1. Hmmm times fly away pretty fast. Back in IBC 2014 I was asked about the future of wireless; I said full digital. If you ask me now (looking for IBC 2019 if work allows me to attend) I would say...
  2. Tentacle / Ambient Nano / TCS UltraSync One on them and go.
  3. Maybe, TCS knows what comes next to pro cameras & recorders; so they have introduce their solution before the news hit the masses.
  4. Hmmm... Is there a recorder (or camera) with Bluetooth? Or I am missing something here?
  5. With thin shirts, I am using URSA Chest Straps to avoid cable visibility. Older DPA's has that stiff cable; new ones are very soft and not so much glossy feeling as the older ones.
  6. If you plan to go with wireless lavaliers, have a word with costume dept (ban leather at first).
  7. From tests, with no audio interface (laptop audio interface) and headphones (Sennheiser HD 25); DPA 6060 will be my next lavalier.
  8. I have Mini Mounts with DPA 4071. Way better from rounded concealer from DPA which you can easily lost parts of it. Also, check the video below from Matt Price during IBC about Mini Mount / Sanken COS 11 and dealing with wind. Starts at 3:40
  9. 450€ ex. VAT / This comes with or without a Boom Operator? LOL Pianissimo seems more logical step at this price range.
  10. Can't production help you with delivery?
  11. VASI

    Deity Connect.

    Yeap, not bad for first generation of wireless from Deity.
  12. VASI

    Deity Connect.

    Not the receiver, but the transmitter.
  13. VASI

    Deity Connect.

    It's an interesting product from Deity in 2.4 GHz wireless game. I found it a little big (transmitter dimensions) for my work, when the size of G3 is also big for my needs. Also, I will be interesting to read or hear a test with induction kitchens where G2 / G3 has been failed to me. Since this is the first generation wireless from Deity; isn't bad overall. Truly, I like the yellow colour; because it has the same colour of my favorite football club (lol).
  14. URSA has been announcement a Mini Mount for 6060.
  15. Hello Rafa, - NAGRIT (Rome) - AUDIONOLEGGIO (Milan) Otherwise, you can buy from Audiosense (Belgium) or Pink Noise Systems (UK) as Constantin said about shipping methods. Regards, Vasileios
  16. Q: Can you feed your main recorder via Dante (say Sound Devices 970) and your backup recorder via AES or analogue outputs simultaneously?
  17. Noyz Boyz Price: Around 1.000€ (ex. VAT)
  18. Hello Timo, I would like to congratulate you for your new position and job. Regards, V
  19. VASI

    Dual Tumbleweeds

    Guessing: The SRD (D for pure digital)
  20. Is there a picture from the back?
  21. Don't forget, most of the time producers playing "mind games" with rates. They want cheap, says "LA Mixers" (do a list mister) accept those rates. Maybe it's true, maybe it's false. One thing is sure: They want cheap most of the time, so they are gambling.
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