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  1. I recently bought a 401 receiver on ebay at a great price. I received it today and immediately noticed the LCD backlight does not turn on, but everything else works fine. I've looked around online to try to find people with the same issue but can't find anything. The instruction manual doesn't seem to have any options to adjust the backlight or turn it off/on. There is mention in the troubleshooting section about how low batteries could cause the light not to work, but I tried with fully recharged batteries. I'm going to call Lectrosonics tomorrow and arrange a servicing. But until then I'm curious; How common is it for the UCR backlights to go out? And, if it's happened to you, what does Lectrosonics charge to replace it? Please don't waste your time on this unless you are really bored. I'm going to call them in the morning anyway. I'll probably spend the rest of the night trying to re-word my problem into google. Thanks for reading.
  2. Ambient Lectromote now for FREE We won't continue to develop our Lectromote App. As our software engineering team is beyond their capacities already with our hardware products and New Endian is doing a good job with their LectroRM app we decided to stop development of our Lectromote App. You can now enjoy the basic functionality for free. Best Regards Your Ambient Team http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/lectromote/id429924228?mt=8#
  3. For those of you heading to NAB next week, please use this interactive map to locate us in the Central hall (it will be hard to miss us...) booth C1720. http://www.mapyourshow.com/shows/index.cfm?Show_ID=nab13&exhid=100379&booth=C1720&hall=B If you still haven't registered but are considering it, just go here and use code LV4213 for a free exhibits pass: http://registration3.experientevent.com/ShowNAB131/Default.aspx We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!
  4. hello my fellow sound afficionados, I was hoping one of you people on this great site here could help me in regards to a wireless question: do you know what frequncy blocks they use in Barbados? Or if you could point me into the right direction as to who to contact to find that out? Any help will be much appreciated! have a great day everybody, best always, Dennis
  5. Hey Guys, Thought I would share this crazy story. I was shooting a reality show for Much Music in Banff, Alberta and the director approached me the morning of with a crazy request (as per usual). He wanted to have the contestants start at the top of this hill and go tubing down to the bottom delivering lines. I thought it would be a great chance to try out my Lectro SMVs at 250mw. The talent was about 150 meters away at the top of the hill and I had to pull my 411s out of the bag to get the antennas higher up but as you can see from the picture, pretty much full RF the whole way down. Great work Lectrosonics!
  6. Hi all, this is my first post so please bare with me if this question is repetitive. I did do a search for this question. I've been sound mixing for over a year now and have started this endless cycle of acquiring equipment on a budget. I recently purchased a Lectro UCR211 Receiver to work along side my UCR201. I've noticed there are two options in regards to transmitters, the UM200B and UM200C. Are there any major differences between the two models? Or is the B and C a way to determine what blocks they are on? Again my apologies to the newbie question, still much to learn on my end... thanks!
  7. Hello Boys and Girls! Lectrosonics has exciting news! The new SRB, the second generation of the oh-so-popular SRa will be coming in October. What's so great about this new version? 1. New front end design for increased signal tracking and better range! 2. Dual Channels! (as with previous versions) 3. Old inventory of SRa and SRA5P's will go on sale October 1st! Contact your dealer for availability. 4. You can upgrade your existing SRa to the new SRB RF board for a small fee. I hope this excites you as much as it excites us! Thanks! Christina Z Wittich
  8. Hi all, I have been having issues with my Lectro units when working with my 788. The problem arises when my lectros are connected via XLR inputs on the 788. The difference in available frequencies is dramatic when the 788 is turned on and my units are connected via XLR to the 788. When the 788 is on and I scan with my lectros, and without being connected to the 788, I get minimal RF spray, even when the units are right next to the input section. After doing some investigation I came across this page on SD's website: http://www.sounddevices.com/notes/recorders/788/788t-w-wireless-in-38-40/ I inspected my XLR's from 411a to 788 and discovered that the ground pin had not been connected to the housing of the connector. Also, I inspected my Y cable for my SRB5p and noticed that the ground pins had not been connected to the housing either. After doing the modification to the XLR, my available frequencies improved quite a bit for the 411. However, even after doing the mod for the Y cable for the Srb5p, I got no better results. my theory is that the shield in the thin cables is not sufficient to help block the RF interference no matter what. At this point, I remembered reading that the RF leakage was much less using the TA3 inputs on the 788. After soldering two new cables to go from the TA3s from the SRB to the input of the 788, I discovered that I had much more available frequencies on the Srb5p. Case in point: It appears from my testing that if you are going to use Lectrosonics receivers with the 788 and route through the XLR input, make sure your XLR, on the male end, has the ground pin attached to the housing of the connector. If possible, it appears the TA3s have a lot less RF problems than the XLRs and are a good choice to choose for routing Lectro units into the 788. My setup 788: All channels activated and routed to tracks. Powered by Sony NP-970 L mount battery. Lectrosonics 411a and Srb59: 411: Block 22, Srb5p Block 20. 411 powered by two 9V lithium batteries. Srb5p powered by L mount battery. XLR: 12" Y cable: Made by Pro-Sound as Y cable for ta5f, terminated with two XLR male. 12" Pictures and examples below: Units scanned with 788 off and not connected Units scanned with 788 on, not connected. Units scanned, connected via XLR inputs on 788, 788 on. Units scanned, connected via XLR with ground pin connected to connector housing. (notice difference on 411, but not on Srb5p) Units scanned, modded XLR connected to 788 and 411, modded Y cable connected to 788, but not connected to Srb5p, 788 on. Srb5p scanned, Y cable attached to 788 via XLR, no 411, 788 on.
  9. I've been reading A LOT of stuff on the forums lately about antenna's and RF. I'm looking to buy something for my bag to increase the range of at least one mic - not sure if I want to install a distribution system to feed all 5 of my receivers. I read up on the antenna tests that were in the 695 magazine a couple years back, where they seemed to find that mixing antenna types for lectrosonics gear was not a good idea, because lectro's add the signal from the antennas together, instead of picking one or the other. I want the range that a batwing antenna would give me but I'd prefer to carry one instead of two in my bag (reality style over the shoulder trying to keep the weight down). My question is this, and Larry, you're probably the best person to answer this if you're out there: Which would give the best range performance and reliability (no drop-outs) in a lectrosonics 411 receiver - a whip antenna on one antenna connector with a batwing on the other (say an ALP 620), or just the batwing, leaving the second antenna connector open? I saw something in a Lectro faq about an antenna connector being a terrible thing to waste, but I haven't really seen anything about what effects leaving that second connector open has? Would the receiver still use the non-existant signal from the open connector and add that in, or would it disregard that input? Thanks!
  10. Hi! I'm going to upgrade my Senn EW g3 and I'm a little bit confused about the next purchase... Within my budget I doubt between the new Audio Ltd. EN2 series http://www.audioltd.com/eng/ and some used Lectrosonics like the old UCR210D receiver with the UM200C transmitter. Both systems are more or less in the same price range. Since I work 99,99% of the times in docos and reality I REALLY like the scan function in those EN2 but I'm scared they're not good enough to be a real upgrade from my g3's. I don't know also if they're powereful enoug when it comes to transmission and avoiding drop outs (they will be better than g3 i guess, but I've did'nt try by myself). The Lectros have proven to be very nice, but I'm scared about the mechanical freq. setting. Any opinions? Thanks in advance!
  11. Recently I have been having a peculiar problem with my iphone Lectro RM app, my SMQVs and my SRa reciever. Basically, when I unsleep the TX they turn back on, but the RX doesn't pick one or both up. If I sleep and then unsleep them again the problem persists. The only way I have been able to fix this is by completely powering off and then turning back on either the TX or RX. Both options seem to work. Does anyone have any experience with this issue, or suggestions so I can get my kit working the way I like it again? Thanks!
  12. Would it be possible to add the voltage display to the main screen of your 411 receivers instead of the 'battery meter'? I find that number to be way more useful. Thanks.
  13. left to right: Jeff Wexler, Glen Trew, Karl Winkler, John Coffey, Gordon Moore and Scott Wooley just before the Coffey Klatch on Friday, Oct. 26. We had a great group of mixers show up. Thanks again to Glen and John for hosting this event!
  14. I recently noticed that one of my two block 21 rx's has lost range compared to the other. I tested them simultaneously - both on the same freq with a single um200c tx then with tx off. One rx is picking up more RF than the other (with tx off) as well as more hits at a closer range with the tx on. Any ideas? Other tests? Also the proximity to my Nomad seems to affect the range of my block 21 systems. David
  15. Behind The Scenes Bevelry Hills Nannies Los Angeles, CA - October 2012 On September 4th 2012, ABC Family Television (in conjunction with Evolution Media) aired Beverly Hills Nannies: Nannies Tell All, a reunion of the popular reality show that focuses on a group of young nannies working for the higher-class wealthy in the world's most unreal neighborhood. Keeping up with the action meant having a substantial number of wireless microphone systems that offered the sound quality, flexibility, and dropout free performance necessary to capture it all. That’s precisely why LA-based Production Sound Mixer Scott Jason Farr, CAS, relied on an assortment of transmitters and receivers from Rio Rancho, NM-based Lectrosonics. Farr has provided Production Sound Mixing services since 1996 and he has an impressive list of credits and travel under his belt. Recent projects include commercials for Cadillac (STS and XTS), the Super Bowl 2012 commercial for the Samsung Galaxy Note, and Season Two promos for the TV sitcom Wilfred on FX Network. For Beverly Hills Nannies: Nannies Tell All, Farr’s Lectrosonics arsenal included 2 HH handheld transmitters outfitted with Shure Beta 87A capsules, 10 SMV super miniature beltpack transmitters with Sanken COS-11 lavaliere microphones, and 8 SMQV dual battery super miniature beltpack transmitters with Sanken COS-11’s. In the receiver department, he used 16 Lectrosonics UCR411a compact receivers and 4 VRMWB Venue receiver mainframes with VRT receiver modules. All equipment employs Lectrosonics acclaimed Digital Hybrid Wireless® technology. Farr discussed the challenges of the project, “This show required a minimum of 18 systems—16 body mics, 2 handhelds, and backups. The vendor, Bexel ASG (Audio Specialties Group) and Audio consultant Jess Contreras really came through on this job. It was very important that we have the flexibility to go from the backstage dressing rooms to the on stage area and have the mics work with both the main stage system and the ENG crews following all the ‘behind the scenes’ action with two roving reporters for the show’s website. In addition to production-grade audio quality, this required dropout-free performance and the RF agility necessary to make quick frequency adjustments, should we find ourselves competing for open frequencies. The Lectrosonics gear excelled on all counts.” In addition to the equipment Farr supplements for various projects, he owns 12 Lectrosonics MM400c beltpack transmitters, an HM plug-on transmitter for wireless boom, a T4 and UM400a IFB transmitter with two R1a IFB beltpack receivers for boom operator feeds, eight UCR411a compact receivers for his sound bag, two SRa dual slot ENG receivers with two UM400a transmitters for wireless feeds to ENG cameras, a D4 4-channel wireless system for wireless console feeds, and a Venue system fully stocked with VRT receiver modules along with three SNA600’s and an ALP620 for his cart. With all this gear and the nature of his work, quality customer and technical support services are essential. In this regard, Farr knows he can always count on Lectrosonics. “I recently had all of my Lectrosonics equipment serviced including upgrading the hardware and firmware to match the current shipping versions,” Farr reports. “Some of my UCR411a’s are almost nine years old. Lectrosonics continues to provide support and develop firmware which includes new features. That’s pretty amazing considering other brands typically drop support after a few years—all of which reinforces my brand loyalty. My Lectrosonics gear does all my heavy lifting because I know I can always count on it.” Before turning his attention back to preparation for an upcoming project, Farr offered these parting thoughts, “I’ve been using Lectrosonics equipment since roughly 1997 when I started with four UCR210D diversity receivers in a Quadbox and four UM250 transmitters. The systems performed flawlessly although I started replacing them in March of 2004 with the UCR411a’s. I think the UCR210D was one of the best receivers ever made. I get lots of positive feedback from my clients and crew for providing great sound recordings in difficult conditions. It is such a rarity for anything to go wrong that, if it does, it’s normally something completely out of my control. It’s this type of performance and reliability that keeps me firmly in the Lectrosonics camp.” http://www.lectrosonics.com/Press-Releases/lectrosonics-wireless-behind-the-scenes-with-qbeverly-hills-nanniesq-reunion-show.html
  16. Hi I just purchased a used Lectrosonics wireless setup and the M-140 has a bad termination. The NYC store I purchased it at won't back up the deal - they said this used gear is "AS IS." I need to get the mic fixed - any place recommended and what should that cost. Seems straight forward. THANKS!!!
  17. Title says it all. I'm looking to put together a new camera hop rig and need one more receiver.
  18. Starting July 1st Lectrosonics products (when the ship) will now have an exciting new product design. Back Lit LCD's will be available on SM, HM, and WM (when they ship) transmitters. This is a feature that has been requested for some time. Some new units have been shipping with the feature. I can think of one pleasantly surprised customer who discovered this last week. HOWEVER, "Due to the difference in part costs between the old and new displays, along with the cost of re- designing the circuits and housings for these transmitters; there is a cost increase, effective July 1, 2012, for these products: each will increase $75 unilateral, and $100 for list price" It will NOT BE POSSIBLE to upgrade pre-existing units to this feature. Also, Starting July 1st certain SMV's, SMQV's and HM's (serial # dependent) that DO NOT HAVE BACKLIT LCD's will not be subject to unilateral pricing. If you are in the market for Lectrosonics, CONTACT YOUR DEALER JULY 1st to see what they have in stock. Sincerely, Christina Z. Wittich Sales Manger Gotham Sound
  19. Hey guys, I just received a second hand Lectrosonics mm400c today. I put a brand new battery in and tried to power it up, but had no success. Long story short, here are some steps I found useful for a possible quick fix. If the LEDs do not turn on then chances are the switch is to blame. The housing of these units is fully enclosed and power on is done with a magnetic button through the outer wall (waterproof design). Sometimes magnets might fall too far out of alignment and need to be sent in, but give this a try before the hassle. Picture 1 shows the magnet switch at off. Slide it to the middle where you will see to nubs that hold the button in tact expose (picture 2). Use tweezers, or something similar to pry the button out of the middle (picture 3). Now proceed to clean all the grooves from possible dirt or erosion, and place the button back in. I found in my case, there was just enough crud to prevent the sliding power switch to fully reach the on position. Hope this helps. Cheers!
  20. Hello Ya'll, I have a system (411a/um400a/COS11) issue that I'm running out of ideas on how to fix. The sound is a "verbed popcorn" sound that is intermittent. I have attached a recording of it. I have been able to repro the sound in every gear config I can think of. I've even sent the system to Lectro for tune up/testing and they could not repro the issue. Unfortunately I did not have a sample file to provide them. This system is used with one other system in a standard location bag with BDS/mixer/recorder. I've swapped out power/audio cables. Used wall power. Swapped mics, channels and frequencies. I've even relocated the units to other parts of the bag. All configs have reproed the sound. Has anyone heard this same sound? Know how to achieve reliable service again? Thanks in advance. Scott
  21. Hi, I'm currently working with a venue receiver and 6 TX. After reading the manual I understand that group a and b (and c and d) are free of intermodulation. But I haven't understood the use of the frequencies 2 digits ? For example 703,6 is 7C. Have those two digits any utility in frequency coordination ? regards
  22. Hey guys. I recently purchased a Lectro SRa for use as a camera hop, and took it out for the first time a few days ago. It was fed by 2 SMQV's, which in turn were fed by the line level outs of my 788. I left the gain of the 788 output at -4dB and set both the tx's and rx gain to zero. When I did this, I noticed that the metering on the SRa seemed really hot, while the meters on the tx's were barely hitting above -20. Did I get something mixed up with the gain staging here, or am I just misreading meters on the SRa (I haven't found anything in the manual about the meter scale)? Seems like the metering on the tx's should be more or less identical to the rx, assuming that there's no additional gain applied to the rx. Right?
  23. Lectrosonics Announces Release of Venue V5.1 Firmware Talkback function for HH handheld transmitters among key features Lectrosonics, recognized the world over as a leading manufacturer of wireless microphone systems and audio processing products, is pleased to introduce the release of Version 5.1 firmware for the company’s highly acclaimed Venue Wideband modular receiver system. The V5.1 firmware provides an important enhancement that will be most beneficial to broadcast, location, and sound reinforcement professionals—the capability of a “TalkBack” function compatible with the newly introduced HH handheld transmitter. When the transmitter is set to TalkBack mode and the function is engaged (activated when the user presses the multi-function button on the HH transmitter), the audio will switch to a different, predetermined, XLR on the back panel of the receiver. This functionality enables the transmitter to control audio routing, which can be very useful for situations that require real time communication between talent, director, monitor engineer, or other band members. In order for the TalkBack functionality to operate on the Venue receiver, at least one empty slot (and, thus, an associated unused XLR) is required in the mainframe. If more than one receiver modules are installed upstream to the empty slot and set to TalkBack compatibility mode, they will share the next available empty slot as a TalkBack active output. In the event that multiple upstream receivers enter a TalkBack state at the same time, their audio will be mixed on the shared TalkBack output. Hence, it is possible to have multiple transmitters using a common TalkBack channel XLR. Karl Winkler, director of business development at Lectrosonics, commented on the new V5.1 firmware offering, “We've received numerous requests over the years for this kind of talkback functionality on our handheld transmitter. With the new HH handheld, we felt it was the perfect time to incorporate this feature along with the corresponding setup in the Venue receiver. So far, the response has been really great.” The latest version of the Venue firmware can be downloaded and installed by users via USB, by visiting http://www.lectroson...re-updates.html
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