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New from Zaxcom -- ZMT-4 transmitter

Jeff Wexler

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Is it possible to have DME band? Recently tests with MCR54 from Wisycom at Greece and Romania (which I am here for a project now), DME band is like a clear summer morning sun. Noise floor is -10 dmuV average and lower. 



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What Stuart posted about DME. As far I know, all wireless for F1 has been moved in that band.


Currently we have some problems in 600 band in Romania (plus we are missing record functionality for safety). For Greece 600 band isn't bad, but government start to sell spectrum for 5G. 

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37 minutes ago, Mattias Larsen said:

5V, Finally! 48v and NeverClip, good job on this one!


Having put one through its paces, I'm happy to report that this unit is indeed what it appears to be -- the functionality of both the ZMT3 and ZMT3-PH2, with an improved preamp, full Neverclip, more battery life, and 5v. lav support.


A note about 48v. phantom power. Any quality 48v. mic is designed to operate properly within ten percent of that voltage (or wider). This means that any voltage from 43.2v. to 48v. is sufficient to operate the mic properly.


Many 48v. supplies are very basic and under the load of operating conditions actually supply less than the full 48v. To maximize battery life, Zaxcom has chosen a highly regulated 45v. as the actual output. Good regulation at 45v. means the voltage is always within necessary specs for a 48v. phantom powered microphone. 



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it seems to tick all the boxes that folks have been asking for.  we have been avoiding using our zmt3 transmitters because not making it to lunch is a headache, and during covid times, even more so


if i can get an honest 6 hours out of it, i'm in

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51 minutes ago, Derek H said:

Thanks for the report, John. I’m curious, did you notice any improvement in sound from lavs with a full 5V?


So far I've only tested it with a DPA 4063 Core and didn't push it to the limits. Some other beta testers have reported their positive comparisons on a Zaxcom Facebook group.


While I can state that it performed well with the lav, my testing focused more extensively on boom use and a whole series of run-time tests. While I've enjoyed both the freedom and sound using a ZMT3-PH2 for boom, the ZMT4 sounds even a bit better -- a tribute to the improved preamp.


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I seem to have a hangup with putting my zmt4 to sleep and unable to wake or back to on. When i send the signal from the nova to make the transmitter off, setting it to "wake" and switching to "on" brings the transmitter back but it's almost as if there is no voltage for the mic. I see green as if the transmitter is back on but no audio. My only fix is to go back to the transmitter, power off and back up again and all is back to normal operation. Anyone else have this happen? my zmt-x comes back to full operation with "wake" and my zmt3's comes back to full operation with "on".

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