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  1. Have you compared it to a CMC641_INT Cabled_SD-MM1_A10TX setup? I can't believe the A10TX Pre's compare, but if they do, I would like to hear about it. This might be better for another thread. A10 VS. SD-MM1 Best, D
  2. I might be back end of August. I took a CoV-19 Compliance certification course end of July. I hope the internal battery on my SD664 still holds...
  3. Set something up and see how long it last's. I bet not too long. Going from cold to hot kills most components quickly. Make test recordings and post them here for us to criticize and eviscerate. That criticism will be valuable information. Also be aware that someone hiking/walking that see's this object might steal it. I suggest a laptop cable type lock in addition to a small contact/ info card. Maybe even lie and say "this device has GPS tracking"… Someone else posted asking about same type of project and I suggested an actual outdoor weatherproof microphone. They are used for environmental readings at airports. If you need it, I can scrounge up the link. What I think would be ideal would be a small case that is designed to be ready to use. All the treatment and waterproofing is built into the pelican case so it can all be in one package. Maybe a small apple box sized box, painted to look like the grass and leaves? Play around with gluing leaves and grass to the box. You could have allot of fun with this project. Test the small box in your own backyard using a garden hose! Use a lawn watering device and see how it sounds, make adjustments from there. You might make a perfect enclosure on the first attempt, or you might not... Please show us all pictures of what you come up with! Best, D
  4. The interface look's cool. Perfect size for a spaceship!
  5. I sent back a Rx three times. Got the Rx back, exactly same problem. On the fourth attempt they pulled the " this item is no longer supported" " we don't even have parts in stock anymore". The kicker is that I had to pay out of pocket for the first return. I received a refund after the third return and a long drawn out back and forth with dept head.
  6. Find a Mentor asap. I suggest finding someone in the 695 union and buying them lunch, coffee and showing up 20 minutes early. Or you could be super savvy and email someone to setup a zoom meeting. I bet you would be surprised who would respond and oblige your request. For the Union, 695 is one of them, check your area. Here's the link's. Why Join Link " obtain an application, call Contract Services at (818) 565-0550 or read this page on their web site www.csatf.org/rosters-lists/industry-experience-roster and review their instruction page with a link to the application form here www.csatf.org/rosters-lists/industry-experience-roster. You’ll need to verify days worked with check stubs and a letter from the employer or payroll company."
  7. Q- A- @mano Congrats on getting the Schoeps BTW.
  8. Allot of goods are manufactured there. Whole n'other can of worms. FYI-I source locally when possible/practical. It'd be like saying Detroit/Automobiles in the 60's though. All the best is made there; Foxconn, etc... It is what it is. I don't relate to Deity, but I have respect for @Vincent R.. I've felt inclined to troll and bad mouth the company, but resisted because I like the general idea and the direction they are headed. I would prefer to support rather than tear apart. I've been following them from the git go. Just want to take to opportunity to say how much I appreciate all in this community. I wouldn't think twice about buying a Deity product, if it fits my needs and budget.
  9. Not treacherous, did you ever build models cars/airplanes when younger? I've made a few windscreens and cages, it was intimidating but not difficult by any means. Quite impressive when finished. Most have a few broken bits and bobs of rycote end caps and pieces that they keep around to fabricate a special purpose wind screen or one time use kinda thing. I think you should go for it. Let me know if you have any questions.
  10. Used to think it sucked to have more W-2's than 1099's. Crazy its already almost May. This is a real gut check for all. We cannot stress this enough.
  11. Unless they put the LAV in their mouths, I don't think there will be any issues. Anyone says anything then have a super deluxe Cedar Sinai decontamination station ready to go! ( a spaghetti jar full of %99 alcohol). If I have to wipe down 8-10 LAVS a bunch of times throughout the day I am going to blame @EmRR. 😜 In all seriousness it wouldn't be that tough to hang them up and give them a wipe while they're hanging. If it ever even comes up... FYI on the very last job I worked on FEB 27th in SF we had a table with lysol wipes and hand sanitizer. Nobody even touched it. We're talking heavy hitters from around the globe. CEO's, CCO's, CFO's you name it. I only noticed because I opened one package to wipe down the mix console. If that was today all the Lysol wipes and hand sanitizer would be gone in seconds! I read a joke online that says " I've been washing my hands with sanitizer and cleaning everything so much that when I go to the bathroom my pee cleans the toilet!". There is going to be allot of "sanitizer" in the eco system in the coming years. My sister works for a large soap company. She's been working full steam the whole time. Just imagine the amount of cash the companies that have been open during this have made. The demand plus the scarcity has created profits unimaginable before. I just hope they use that cash to make more productions!!! I like to think of cash flow like water, it always goes somewhere. I have heard more than one company refer to this as "Busier than Thanksgiving or Xmas". It's feast and famine at the same time! "So far, the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on U.S. alcoholic beverage sales has been different from the experiences in past recessions. Alcoholic beverage sales have spiked significantly, but the impact has been uneven. Some producers have seen their sales soar, while others have seen them decimated." Take care buddies!
  12. I wrote this big long post with lots of suggestions, I went way overboard. I'm gonna wait and see how this plays out before I decide to jump in. Nobody else thinks the Pre amp on the Tascam is the biggest issue??? After all it is designed for DSLR's.
  13. Just go to the website, and check it out, they already had most of my employers listed, the rest I filled in the address and contact info, start with registering and opening a claim. You can ask questions directly through email, it says 6-7 days for response, but I got my answer response in an hour. FYI I filled it out ( different forms) what felt like 5 times. I don't know why but I had to do some things twice, maybe because of their heavy traffic during the rush. http://uio.edd.ca.gov
  14. I was supposed to work the entire month of March... Hello unemployment insurance, my name is Dalton. My union sent out emails suggesting UI and if you get sick (with the real thing), your eligible for disability ins. Don't pass because you think you don't need or deserve it. I passed back in 2009 because I thought I was "too good/hard working". I wish I had signed up for UI then.
  15. Marin IJ link passengers exposed to corona virus were out in the community All my local work is cancelled until further notice. I started counting coins again.
  16. @LuckyNat I can't process this right now, but I will get back to it one of these days. Your response is appreciated. You have some proper points.
  17. I am working on a SD888 and going through the steps to connect a Samsung Tablet running the latest version of Android. This is how I got it working, your experience may vary. The USB A-USB Micro cable is a possible fault and should be swapped out if suspected. Not all USB-A_USB Micro cables are the same. -Download SD Remote App. Plug in the USB cable to the 8xx. -On the Android Tablet, -Turn on USB developer mode, -( it's a hidden key tap ,6 taps for me), Settings->about tablet->Software information-> Build Number ( Tap build Number 6 times to turn on developer tools) -Go to Developer Tools->Turn on USB debugging, -Set USB to MIDI (Developer Options->Networking->Default USB Config) -On the SD 8xx, Press menu -go to 1.POWER -go to 5. USB-A Charge Output -Confirm 500mA ( not 1.5A) FYI- _You have to use a USB A-USB Micro cable ( or whatever USB type your tablet uses) to use the SD Remote app. _SD888 does not function with the IOS Wingman APP. ( Wingman is being replaced by SD Remote). _The SD Remote app will be available on IOS soon. ( It will require the BT antenna) _Coming from using a 6xx series mixer, the 8xx series mixer was intuitive, easy to use, and required minimal head scratching. I got it setup in under an hour. _The colored LED's are very pretty. I like the color scheme. _I made the screen on the 888 freeze, I don't know how, SSD,SD1,SD2 were unformatted. The buttons still responded, I didn't put on cans to listen, power cycled the machine and no more issues. What would this thread be without a pic!
  18. Any puplicity is good puplicity.
  19. What TX are you using it with? Are you using a Microdot-TAF adapter? No repair, it's trash. It's a molded connector, I dissected one once, I'll post pics if I get motivated. The issue is not the actual microdot collet, it's the hair thin cable thats lost connection somewhere along the inside of the molded connector. I suggest chopping it off and selling an unterminated 4098. Put that toward a replacement. unterminated DPA mics still fetch a fair amount. Best, D
  20. It’s not you, there’s a recent uptick in first time posts from first time users asking first time questions. It feels like AI Bots learning our weaknesses, and how to sell us more shure microphones. Similarly to how email subject lines are probed to slip through spam mail. Its my problem not you in anyway. Welcome to JW, Cheers, D
  21. Is this a first time post???
  22. Alright, I'll go out on a limb here for you. Seeing as how I called you a bot. I almost rented a house from Ben Burt. That basically makes me Lucas certified. What worked for me in school was to go out and record a dozen or so "sound effects". I used a Zoom H4, and went around the Bay Area. I recorded baseball games, bart trains, china town fireworks, Muni car sounds, anything I heard that sounded unique. You are going for the emotion rather than the explanation. Just get your feet wet and make your rough draft sounds CD. Listen to it in your car, your headphones, on your tv. Everywhere!. figure out what sounds good and what doesn't. Along the way, you should find some gems. There really is no one sound to rule them all. Have you looked into how the sound effects were made for StarWars? It will give you allot of direction. Best, D P.S. Always carry your audio recorder around with you, you never know when or where you will hear that gem! FYI Harry Potter probably had close a million dollar sound design budget.
  23. Go with the 58! It will still work after we are long gone. Try to find a 58beta if you will be using this mic for vocals mainly. Once upon a time I could name every shure mic and it’s specs.
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