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  1. Richard Walters

    Any recommendations for Vancouver, B.C. Mixers?

    POSiTION filled... thanks! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Looking for an experienced sound mixer to refer to a producer friend for a May 1st or 2nd shoot. Documentary, filming interviews & B-roll. Would love a solid recommendation. Thanks!
  3. Richard Walters

    Update on the upcoming Tentacle Sync-E

    Hi Jim: No UCR on the A7S, just the Tentacle. I thought about splitting the connection into the camera with option to add a mix from my bag or a better onboard mic to his camera rig. But the TC signal to so strong I'm sure it would bleed into the audio track and would need to be padded down. I chose not to mess around too much with onboard mics and focus on getting good primary audio. With that said, there is a nice feature on the Tentacle App that allows you to change the TC signal from mic level to line level.
  4. Richard Walters

    Update on the upcoming Tentacle Sync-E

    I just did a two week job in which I used the new Tentacle E's for the first time. As a Betso & Denecke user for years, I wanted something that was smaller and that I could periodically check on without having to get my hands on the camera. We were doing some verite style shooting with an Amira so I'd run a UCR mono-hop mix and TC via the Tentacle E. The shooter I was working with quickly realized the Amira was too large for the scenario and wanted to make a smaller footprint and decided to use a Sony A7S. So I ran my second Tentacle into it and it worked perfectly the entire shoot. The app was perfect for checking each camera's timecode as I assigned a name and color to each one and would check periodically through the day especially before a critical interview. I would do a half day re-jam for good measure and never had one slip. In my scenario I didn't find the onboard mic to be of any help. All you can hear is the camera operator breathing, handling noise, and the delay when synced with my primary audio for the dailies.
  5. Richard Walters

    Lithium batteries on board

    Hi Jim, While the boundaries seem to vary depending on what airline I've flown with, FAA regulation states a battery can be a max of 100-wh & (2) spare batteries of 100-160wh each. Most of the time I travel for work, I carry on my sound kit with batteries onboard, and the only people to check are TSA/security. Only once (in the U.S.) has someone called to my attention that I've exceeded the max amount of lithium, only to let me through with a warning. Just did a job and 3 airports pulled all 3 of my NP's out for inspection in U.S. and in Europe. While I think they were more concerned about what I was packing in my kit and weren't calculating my watt hour totals, I feel like its only a matter of time before they enforce the rules of lithium on flights. Always good to have a copy of airline and FAA rules handy in case a conversation needs to take place though! Safe travels Jim!
  6. Richard Walters

    Californian at Heart

    Thanks for reaching out... that'd be great. I'll get in touch after 4th of July! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Richard Walters

    Californian at Heart

    Thank you Jeff! The forum has certainly been helpful over the years. I appreciate the encouragement and I'm excited to get back to California! See you out west...
  8. Hello, After 6 years in Richmond, VA I'm relocating to Los Angeles with my sights set on working with a solid sound team. Having made the trek to the east coast from San Diego in 2011, I posted on the RAMPS/JW forum and connected with VA/DC based sound mixers which was key in building great friendships and working relationships during my time here, so I'm hoping to do the same as I make my return to CA! Looking to connect with good folks after I arrive July 2nd! Best, Richard
  9. Richard Walters

    Sonic Sea on Discovery Channel

    Glad someone posted about this as I recently watched this program and really enjoyed it! I'm always impressed by the people dedicated to conservation work. Nice sound design too!
  10. Richard Walters

    Constantly logged off - password reset

    Hi Jeff, While I'm not having an issue with logging out, I am having to reset my password every single time I want to log in! Its not an auto fill issue as you recommended me checking in the past. Any other thoughts? Thank You, ~rich
  11. Richard Walters

    flying with gear 2015

    +1 for global entry, which also gives you Tsa pre check domestically. My home airport is small so I always fly express jets to bigger connections. Thus there's always an issue with my 1510 carry on which is practically handcuffed to me. Somehow I've always managed to get it on the plane with me after explaining how sensitive and expensive the equipment is! Good luck with your gig!
  12. Richard Walters

    Cannon C300 losing sync with SD 664

    I'm currently shooting with (3) C300's and noticed that when a battery is changed out on any of the cameras, the frame rate jumps ahead between 2 and 3 seconds. I also had a camera drift ahead when media was changed and formatted. Unfortunately I don't have (3) lockits in my kit so the second AC simply lets me know when a battery is changing out, or media is dumped and we rejam right away. Fortunately all the cameras are locked off in a studio, so this solution works well for us. In the future I'd certainly have lockits on ALL cameras.
  13. Richard Walters

    New bloop slate app

    Nice Rakesh! Slick design, super easy and simple to use...Well done!
  14. I ran across this today: How many slaves work for you? Slick website!
  15. Richard Walters

    What to look for in headphones?

    I've been using 7506's for years now. However, I'm disappointed in the last 3 I've purchased as the ear pads pop off and/or the foam is exposed. Anyone recommend the Garfield ear muffs?