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    CF Card Extension

    I tried this product with my 788T a few years ago but it did not work reliability it now says its discontinued http://www.sycard.com/cfext180.html
  2. ProSound

    Sanken CS-3e Service Center

    Ask Gotham Sound or Pro-sound what the best way to go is for service
  3. ProSound

    Zaxcom's new High Density wireless

    I only wish Zaxcom could make a Stereo Unislot RX. Even if it wasn't as wide band as its other products
  4. ProSound

    Dismantling UMC200D Multicoupler

    Pretty sure way back Phil Palmer did this. But you'd be better buying a PSC RF Multi
  5. ProSound

    My New Sound Cart

    Building of a New Sound Cart Background: Like many folks I started with a basic sound cart build on a used PSC Sound Cart frame and added onto it over the past 5-7 years as needed. Over the past year I realized I had out grown my beginner sound cart and wanted to start over to address my main areas of concerns, ease of use, protection of equipment and simpler set up/tear down. The PSC cart did not offer the protection I wanted for my equipment and its lack of all terrain tires made moving it over any uneven surface a two person job. ( Picture 0) Planning: I knew I wanted a new cart that was easy to load and move with one person, compact without sacrificing the equipment I wanted, weather resistant and easy to set up each day while looking clean and professional. I researched carts from every single vendor and could not find anything that offered what I wanted while being cost effective, compact and lightweight. So at the Atlanta Sound Mixer Event last year I started a dialogue with Gene Martin of Sound Guy Solutions and The Audio Dept about building a basic lightweight frame that you could add any SKB style case that could collapse for shipping and allow for quick removal of cases if needed. I also wanted simple handles and mounting points for antennas, umbrellas and accessories that could also be removed. Gene and I exchanged many emails and phone calls about exactly how to do this and in January my cart the first one of this type was delivered. The Cart Frame: The Frame minus the handles and 3 C Stand corner poles ships in a large box which just requires you to unpack and slide the wheels onto 4 locking plates no tools required at all. They can be removed by just pushing a release tab as well. My wheels are pneumatic 8in air filled casters, but 10in wheels are also available. ( Picture 1) A second box contained (3) 30 in C Stand poles with two of them having the handles permanently secured to them. I never wanted a handle to come loose so if I need to rotate them flush to the case I do so by loosening the locking knob for the C-stand pole and rotating it instead. The handles are very secure and easy to lift from. (Pictures 2 and 3). If you want more height 40 in or 50 in C-Stand Poles can also be used. For attachment of the cases to the frame which in my case are a 12 RU SKB Roto Case which is largest they make in this model and a 4 RU giving me 16 RU of space is very simple each side of the frame has a track and 2 of these locking rings all you do it twist to remove and position how you would like them. Then attached two ratchet straps of any size or type you’d like. (Picture 3.1) Originally I was concerned this might not be secure enough but I am happy to say is very secure yet simple and easy to remove. The cases do not move at all and even if they slid slightly the lip of the frame and C-stand poles protect it. The frame is 11in off the ground and 45 inches in total height with the C-stand poles installed I wanted them to stick up slightly past the case to protect it. The cart can also be pushed through a standard 28in door it is small compact and simple which is what I wanted (Picture 4 and 5 ) The Equipment: While building this new cart I decided I wanted to increase my track count and my control surface while also putting everything I could possible need into this cart so I am ready for any production. The Front mounted equipment consists of: (Picture 6 and 6.1) Betso Sharkfins Comtek Mighty Mite Remote Audio Speakeasy Speaker Venue Wide Band Low Delvcam Dual 7in for video $630.00 http://www.delvcam.com/product.asp?item=DELV-2LCD7-3GHD Sound Devices 688/SL-6 Sound Devices CL-12 Alaia PSC Powerstar Life LED Stick on Lighting I feel this is as much “firepower” as you can pack into a sound cart this size I can do 12 Channels of wireless if needed while not sacrificing any control. The CL-12 is amazing and is a real joy to mix on compared to the CL-9. The Betso Sharkfins have been outstanding as well they are also waterproof and have the ability to quickly change gain settings if we need to remote them out. The Rear mounted equipment: (Picture 7) Furman Surge Protector with volt meter and pop out rack lighting RF Video and Timecode Patch Bay Audio out and in patch bay 2 Comtek BST 75/216 which will soon be 3 Shelf that supports 688 and Cat 5 box I wanted to simplify set up and breakdown every day I did not want any loose cables hanging out of the cart so we did a partial patch bay. The Venue 1-6 is wired directly into the 688 and X1/X2 are wired directly to the Comtek Public Feed and Private Crew Feed. Since these are things we always use but I wanted additional flexibility of outputs so the feeds to Video Asst, my Cart Speaker and the 3rd IFB are patchable. I also have Channel 10,11,12 inputs available if I need to hardwire something or take a feed from playback. I have also left plenty of room for expansion if needed. I already have the cart wired if I need to add a triple monitor set up for a show as well. 95% of what I do is 2 cameras only so I wanted the largest screens possible. I also wanted the ability to have HD Video when I can but still be able to run the Cat 5 system when I am far way from Video Asst or need to take my video from the village cart. The Delvcam offer SDI, SD and HDMI input options so I can take anything I need without having to unplug anything. I left the Cat 5 box out of the patch bay so I can remove it all together if I do not need it. Words of Wisdom: The cart frame turned out to be the easy part of this build Gene Martin delivered it on time and as promised getting the cart set up correctly took a lot of trial and error. I did not plan the wiring out very well and ended up with a real mess inside the cart along with some performance issues so what you see here is the 2nd crack at the wiring job which is perfect. You must also use low profile connectors on the 688 or it does not fit in the rack. I also left enough slack so I can plug the 688 in complete outside of the case then slide it in So when planning out your own cart find someone good who can do it and is experienced at wiring patch bays. As there is a lot of wiring in this cart for its size. Vendors who made this possible: Gene Martin of Audio Dept and Sound Guy Solutions http://www.audiodept.com Exceeded my expectations with what he delivered his craftsmanship and ideas are the best in our business today. Gene is also an actively working sound mixer so every product he delivers has been tested by him in real world situations. Gene gets what is like to be in the trenches and makes sure what he gives you works. He also is available to his customers anytime you need him and is an expert in everything Zaxcom if your considering there products for your cart or bag as well. Dan Joesph General Manger of Gotham Sound Atlanta https://www.gothamsound.com Dan since coming to the Atlanta branch via New York has become my go to equipment vendor. He worked through figuring out every connector, piece of wiring and part of this cart with me for about 4 months. Did tons of research and reached out to vendors to accomplish exactly what I wanted. When we had a few bumps in the road he figured out solutions and met my deadlines. Dan is also available 24/7 anytime I have needed anything and also understands this industry extremely well. Scott Beatty of Twin Audio Atlanta http://www.twinaudiocables.com Scott is a working sound mixer in Atlanta and also makes beautiful cables. When I realized I was in over my head with the patch bay. I hired him to rewire the whole cart from the beginning, which was the best decisions I made. He used a multi channel cable to minimize clutter while routing the power and audio to separate sides of the cart to prevent any interference issues. We also left extra pairs of cables in the unit for future expansion. Every cable is also labeled with heat shrink in case I ever need to disconnect anything it is a thing of beauty. Pricing: Final pricing of the cart frame and any accessories has not yet been set by Gene so contact him directly if you’d like more information on a cart. Final Words: This cart ended up being a much larger project then I expected but I am so glad I did it as it has really made me excited about mixing again because everything works so well and is laid out so well. Set up and tear down are much easier now along with safe transportation of the equipment. Allowing me to concentrate on providing my clients with great audio. So if your considering building a cart and your West Coast Based talk to Gene as he can handle the whole project for you the car , the wiring and the equipment to go in it. If your East Coast Based especially if your near Atlanta or New York talk to Dan over at Gotham Sound he can handle it all for you as well. I can confidently say that my cart is the best it can be due to his hard work. (Pictures 8 and 9) Pictures of a prototype boompole holder and cable storage hooks that mount to the C-stand poles will be posted soon. A 4th C-stand pole will also be added to mount these to.
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    My New Sound Cart

    we strap around the case not around the C-stand risers. The case is attached to the frame with a 2 straps as well so it has alittle give we also chock the wheels. It has been riding around in a truck for about 4 weeks now and it has been fine
  7. ProSound

    Low cost, folding sound cart

    8 years or so on my R12. It is still working
  8. ProSound

    New MRE Timecode Generator Slate & NAB Special

    I like the size and price but it needs to survive being dropped all the time or it is a no go for me IMHO
  9. ProSound

    Lithium 9V Packaging

    If you haven't tried rechargeable batteries recently they have come a long way. We use Lithium AA in our single battery transmitters but everything else has rechargeable we are using EBL 9V in Comteks and some Ipowers and Powerex AA in our slates and sync boxes
  10. ProSound

    Lithium 9V Packaging

    I can't imagine your using UM Lectro packs what are you putting these in? I hope its not Comteks
  11. ProSound

    Sonosax SX-ST available

    I also wish I could justify this these mixers are the best
  12. ProSound

    Blocking video with added horrible advice

    I lost they didn't seem to think it was important so I am sure they just used the talent wireless instead the check cleared and I never heard a word from them about it. I did a movie once that every location was terrible for sound and I wasn't happy with anything I was delivering but the executives and post thought we were doing a good job and gave me a good reference so my motto is if they are happy I am happy these days
  13. ProSound

    breaking up

    Like the song breaking up is hard to do. I worked for many years with a camera person when I asked him for a $25.00 a day raise after 5 years of working with him he never hired me again. This is someone I worked hard for and considered a friend. He then bought his audio package and now hires whoever the lowest bidder is to operate it for him. This was about 8 years ago and was the best thing to ever happen to me as I now realize he wasn't a friend and just cared about himself. I would have never started working on movies if I had stayed in the comfort zone with him
  14. ProSound

    Blocking video with added horrible advice

    I once had someone tell me when I asked them to turn the AC off to just use outdoor wind protection indoors to "stop the AC windy noise"
  15. ProSound

    Blocking video with added horrible advice

    They recorder at 24/96 thank god.....
  16. ProSound

    Which blimp to get?

    +1 Love Cinela everything they make is great
  17. ProSound

    Music Videos: still a part of our biz or?

    I was hired a few years ago to record some dialogue on a music video at the beginning and the end of it. They were using a Iphone and a dock for playback.
  18. ProSound

    Who's moved from a 788 to a 688?

    My main gripes are lack of a slate button and would prefer Record and Stop button at bottom of unit.
  19. ProSound

    Who's moved from a 788 to a 688?

    I used a 788T/CL-9 for many years and moved to a 688/ CL-12 this year. I am very happy with the switch and feel like I am providing a higher quality mix now due to the fader quality in the CL-12
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    My New Sound Cart

    I haven't figured out yet what to name mine yet
  21. ProSound

    My Sound Devices 633 Review

    I took deliver of my 633 this morning and have spent about 3 hour playing with it and setting it up below are my initial thoughts and observations: Bag Choice: I got it to fit into my 302 Petrol bag but it was too small for my needs. If I was doing a simple 2 wire and boom gig straight to camera I may choose this bag but does not offer me enough space for everything I need. I have a large selection of bags and think the Petrol 601 is the best choice. I needed 3 of the bottom pillows in the bag to get it to sit high enough but with a small amount of velcro it is very secure in the bag. I have 2 SRB comtek IFB and all needed parts on the bag with plenty of space to add a 3rd SRB if needed. Menu Layout: For those who have used a 664 this machine is a super easy transition. It feels just like a 664 with same menu structure plus a few new menus like the Power Menu and X3-X-4 Routing Menu everything was very logical and only needed to refer to the manual once during set up. Gain and Fader Knobs: I have large fingers was very concerned about control of 4-6 but based upon my initial set up those concerns are gone. I feel confident I could easily mix 6 channels if needed. Everything was easy to access and even with my large fingers was able to mix Channels 1 and 4 at same time. The small and large knobs have the same tactile feeling as well. Machine Features: Power Menu is great and the power down feature works as advertised I put the machine into record and killed power and it continued recording right until it powered down 10 seconds later with no file issues. The Limiters sound great as well just like 744T IMHO very impressed. How I plan on using machine: I did not purchase this machine to replace my 664 or 788 those machine both fill important needs for the clients I work for. What the 633 does is allow me to be more flexible to clients who don't communicate well ahead of time and also provides me with a easy to travel with back up machine for the 664. This machine for me is for my clients that are usually 2 wires and a boom but may need a 3rd occasionally. Even though I feel I could mix 6 channels on this machine I would prefer my 664 as I feel it is better suited for those jobs but like knowing if needed I can. I also want the safety net of always recording on every job even if client doesn't want it. I'd rather be the hero and sell them the back up files if needed then not have that option. It is all about being prepared for anything that may pop up on a job and the 633 offers me lots of flexibility to do that. Overall Observations: I would give the 633 10 out of 10 all features work as advertised and I have not found any bugs it is a solid machine. As usual when calling Sound Devices support with a question I did not wait at all and had my answer in less than 5 minutes. If you need a small machine that can handle simple and complex jobs this machine is for you. If anyone has any questions post them below happy to answer what I can
  22. ProSound

    Np1 battery transport storage solutions.

    Alittle pricey but after I dropped a battery on a concrete floor and cracked it I bought 3 of these. I usually carry 4 batteries I own 7 and keep the other 3 in a padded pouch http://www.versa-flex.com/audiogear/np1batteryholder.html
  23. You can try Carlos Corral http://elpasosoundmixer.com or Jim http://www.newmexicosoundrecordist.com if not interested I am sure they can point you in the right direction
  24. ProSound

    To guide or not to guide.....

    I did a movie that wanted comtek Scratch it was a RED Shoot. I did not notice about a week into it that they moved the comtek on to the follow focus that added lots of noise to it we would put tone up and make sure it was good but never listened to it. No one ever said a word when same group came back to do another project they wont hire me as they listening to the scratch track for all the dallies and thought it reflected on my mix poorly. I now refuse to do it unless I send a email to everyone involved telling them they must sync my audio before watching dallies and that scratch track must be locked and hidden before it is sent anywhere. I still try to refuse at all costs though no need for it IMHO
  25. ProSound

    mkh 50 and zaxcom trx 742 problem

    Yes if you have silver pins it hasn't been updated you can call with Serial number to to confirm if yours needs an update they are very helpful