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  1. Eric Toline

    Zaxcom ZMT3-Flex.

    Microdot connectors limit your choice of lavs that's for sure. Now who's going to be the first to offer a reverse (TA, Lemo, 3.5mm TRS to microdot) adapter?
  2. Eric Toline

    Zaxcom and DPA6060

    As a 6060 update, according to DPA the 6060 won't be available until the end of January 2019 due to production issues at the factory.
  3. Eric Toline

    Sennheiser MKH60: Any reports of counterfeits?

    416's yes, 60's no.
  4. Eric Toline

    DPA 4018C vs Sennheiser MKH50

    I would suggest that you check out the new Sanken CS-M1, an amazing new super cardioid entry from Sanken that seems to be replacing the MKH 50 with a lot of mixers. At 4" long and a street price of $895 it is something you should seriously listen to.
  5. Eric Toline

    ta5f line hookup (servo and non servo)

    For the TA5F it is. The TA 3 could also represent an XLRF and the wiring is the same. Note that the ground pin 1 is jumped to 3 in the TA3 are tied together making this an unbalanced connection. Follow Lectro's wiring and you'll be fine.
  6. Eric Toline

    ta5f line hookup (servo and non servo)

    Aside from the line level audio going to Pin 5 instead of Pin 3 for mic level there is no difference.
  7. You can hear & understand all the dialog without any problems. That's all that matters to the audience. It's all a creative decision.
  8. Eric Toline

    Getting back in the game... Need pole reviews.

    Take a serious look at the Ambient line of poles. One of the best line of CF poles.
  9. Eric Toline

    Why I'm sick (Literally)

    Distracting & annoying beyond belief.
  10. Eric Toline

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    The Rycote INV 7 is perfect for the CS-M1 and it comes with a cold shoe camera mount adapter. The price is right at $59.
  11. Eric Toline

    What is your spare recorder

    Back up for my HHb Portadat is a Fostex FR2 LE. I retired from doing pack mule audio a long time ago.
  12. Yes you can. The universal wiring even works on the old VHF 185 series transmitters. All TX units work with out the resistor. The connector wiring is very simple. You jump pins 2 & 4, the ground goes to pin 1 and the positive/audio to pin 3. Note that pin 5 is for line level signals only.
  13. Eric Toline

    Sanken Cs-M1 new mike

    The backorder problem should be cleared up in about 2 weeks. There are very few out on the job right now. Reviews from those users are few and far between which is not to be taken as a sign of less than stellar performance.
  14. Eric Toline

    Wiring COS-11D for Interchangeable Connectors

    As far as I know it works with all Lectro tx with a 5 pin input. It's basically universal wiring.
  15. Eric Toline

    What to do with 600-698 MHz wireless systems?

    OTOH Just use your present wireless until those bands are too crowded to be used reliably. I know lots of local mixers who have never used wireless below 600Mhz and have no problem with them not working properly. They will continue to use their systems and change to new freqs only when conditions force them to do that.