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  1. I agree with Engin, This sounds like a AtoD converter or playback framing issue with the conversion. Were the original files B-wave? This can be caused by incorrect sample size marking (16bit vs 24bit or perhaps a 32bit floating conversion problem) Sounds like a software issue and is not static or any kind of analog problem. Try playing the file in other players and see if they sound the same. If it was in the initial conversion to digital it was a problem with the A to D converter. If it sounds fine in other players it is probably a file corruption or driver problem. This can happen if a byte is dropped somehow in recording. This causes the sample framing or byte alignment to be off by 1 byte which can cause this type of distortion. ---Courtney
  2. If it were a Union Show and you were a daily hire the rules for cancellation would be found below. On a non-union show it is whatever you negotiate in writing. If you haven't negotiated any kind of cancelation fee in advance you probably won't get anything better than the pitiful Union Contract agreement which is shown below. 15. Change and Cancellation of Calls (a) Calls for Daily Schedule and Weekly Schedule sound employees and “On Production” projection employees may be changed or cancelled if made: (1) before 8:00 p.m. of the day preceding the call for any day other than the sixth or seventh day worked in the employee's workweek; or (2) with six (6) hours notice on the day of the call, provided that such notice is given after 7:00 a.m. on the day of the call. ( Calls for “Off Production” projection employees may be changed if made (1) before 8:00 p.m. of the day preceding the call for any day other than the sixth or seventh day worked in the employee’s workweek; or (2) with six (6) hours notice on the day of the call, provided that such notice is given after 7:00 a.m. on the day of the call. © With respect to all sound department employees and Weekly in the employee's workweek may be cancelled before 8:00 p.m. on the day preceding the day of the call. (d) If, at the time of a call, the employee called is not on the employer's payroll, such call may not be cancelled. The foregoing shall be applicable whether such employee is an "On Production" or "Off Production" employee. Schedule projection employees, calls for the sixth or seventh day worked
  3. What no one is saying is that if you were making more money working as Non Union than the same job going Union, why didn't you negotiate a higher rate to keep you at the same level? Just because the Union dictates MINIMUN wage scales you are not required to work at that lowest of rates. With any IA union contract you are free to negotiate your own pay rate higher than minimum scale and are still afforded protection from no pay for overtime and have unemployment insurance, FICA Taxes and other benefits paid.by the employer on your behalf. If the producer is happy with your work and thinks you are worth the extra pay as a Non-Union worker he should be willing to pay over scale to keep you. Many Union DPs and some coveted Union Mixers can make Double Union Scale and still have the protection that the Union provides as long as their work is desired over others in the field. Remember if you are driving home after that 19hour day on than Non-union job, unless you are a SAG actor or WGA Writer you can't earn money when you're dead.
  4. You win Crew. Besides micing a person in an enclosed Helmet with an overhead boom. With her bright clothing on a pitch black set she would also be reflected perfectly in that position in the spherical glass visor of the Astronaut. A perfect lesson on what not to do when booming on a real set.
  5. O.K. What's wrong with this picture? The attached is from a currently running Advil commecial about pain relief and features a boom person using the product to alleviate her pain on those long 16 hour days. They probably should have hired a sound mixer as a consultant so they wouldn't setup such a stupid shot.
  6. cmgoodin


    Well for one, this quote from the sales brochure: "Also, as the receiver operates in the 2.4 GHz range, it remains completely free from TV interference at all times." While it may be free from TV interference, it will be interfered with by every WiFi Router, Smart Cell phone , Tablet and Laptop within 200 feet. Not to mention Microwave Ovens and almost every wireless Focus and Zoom control. Doesn't mention the latency. How much is there?
  7. The stupid thing is why did they wire him at all. She had a Boom on both of them and a hand held which she obviously didn't know how to use since it spent the entire time facing the floor at or around her waist. Had she been a trained correspondent she would know that the hand mic goes in front of the person you are interviewing not as a fashion accessory to keep your hand from looking empty as it hangs by your side.
  8. Since these BMD Scanners are really just the same Sensor as the 4K BMC camera with a transport and light source for copying the film to digital in real time, what do you gain by shooting in film over using the same Black Magic sensor in one of their cameras to shoot on originally? Film just ads another layer of noise (Grain) and motion instability (bob and weave) Since the product will probably be distributed digitally and never projected on celluloid what is the point of going through the extra expense and extra time costs of the buying and storing the stock, processing the negative and long term cold storage? Remember color negative stock is not the same as YCM black and white interneg stock used for archiving. It breaks down quickly over time and color fidelity of the camera negative fades quickly over a decade or so. I think shooting on film will go away completely in the next 5 years.. Even the super powerful directors of big studio blockbusters will be forced to move off their artistic choice because of lack of infrastructure to handle it.
  9. Those are C-Fast 1 cards which are 100MB/sec and are far too slow for the URSA which requires C-Fast 2 (450Mb/Sec) cards. Atomos had to start making the older C-Fast 1 cards because their recorders use them and nobody makes them now. Their recorder only records compressed Pro-Res files so it doesn't need the faster data rate that the URSA would require for RAW recording. Sure you could record in Hi Def ProRes 422 at lower bit rate and get more on the expensive cards. But the whole idea of using RAW is so you can utilize the full dynamic range of the 12 stops and do your Grading in post rather than baking it into the files in the camera or recorder. The 6 Min record time per card was given to me by the BM product manager for the URSA at NAB... Although it is a number they don't mention in any of their prelim documentation.
  10. Yeah I know BMD is trying to copy the Amira in size and ergonomics, However they are in completely different price markets. The Amira will be around $40,000+. When you pay that much for the camera body you can afford $7000 in media cards. When you are buying into the BMD Ursa for $6000 you don't expect the media to be priced the same as the $40,000 cameras. The SXS cards that the Alexa and Sony High end cameras use are still quite pricy and they haven't come down much in price in the 5 years that they have been out.
  11. Saw the camera at NAB. In my opinion it has a fatal flaw.. The media they chose to record on is not proper for the market they want to sell in. Here is a $6000 (list price) camera that only records on C-Fast Memory cards. Those cards are very rare and only used on High End Cameras and Scientific recorders. The cost of a 120 GB CFast card (currently the biggest one made) is $1200 and records in raw mode all of about 6 minutes. They tout the fact that it has 2 card slots so you can just keep swapping in new empty cards when one fills up and it moves to the second card on those longer shoots..... Well why would they switch from the commodity priced SSD Sata drives that are going for about $110 for 240GB to a CFast that would cost you $2400 for 240GB?. So on a typical shoot you would want to have at least 6 or more cards to make it through the day and that is if you are constantly dumping them to hard disk. That means that media would cost $7200 which is more than the camera and that is a sale killer in this low priced camera category. I don't believe C-Fast cards will ever come down in price because they are not used in consumer products and therefore don't have the economy of scale to bring down costs. Besides the C-Fast buss is just a SATA 6 interface in a Compact Flash case. There is a limit to how much Flash they can cram into that small footprint. I predict doom for this camera unless they come to their senses and make one with a SSD SATA interface for media.
  12. I remember playing the original version all the time on my late night show when I was a DJ back in 1968. He was quite a musician, engineer and inventor. Thanks for sharing....
  13. Bwf Widget Pro can create an ALE file from your folder full of Mono files. However I wrote the ALE generator many years ago and don't know if it is up to current AVID specs. You can download BWF-Widget Pro Demo and run ti to see if it works for you. It is completely functional for 15 days. It doesn't have to change any files and is non-destructive so it couldn't hurt to try. http://www.bwfwidget.com/html/download.html It is Windows Only and remember to "run as Administrator"
  14. Just a correction it is the Hollywood Section of SMPTE not Burbank as mentioned in the title of this thread. It meets in Hollywood at the Linwood Dunn Theater at the AMPAS on Vine Street.
  15. This is a classic negative feedback loop. You see more iPads on the set because manufacturers fail to release software used in our industry on anything other than iOS. It stagnates the market and perpetuates the more expensive and not the best platform for the best utility of the softwarre.. Thanks to Apple's walled garden it dosen't play well with others and forces you to use only thier hardware and software. Apple used to have the monopoy on Tablet sales but that is changing fast. Look at the numbers from Gartner group on the last 2 years Apple had a small increase (less than 20% while Android went up by almost 300% and Microsoft almost quadrupled. Android tablet sales are now almost double that of iOS.
  16. Funny, I guess most of us dyslexic people missed that typo. CSV stands for Comma Separated Values. The VooDoo comes about because Apple tries their hardest to keep you from putting anything on the IOS devices from the outside world without charging somebody 30%. Android is a lot friendlier with direct file transfers over USB. Does the Movie Slate App run on Android? It would seem to be a better choice since now Android is the most popular portable device OS and doesn't force you to run every thing through iTunes.
  17. Post is wrong for requesting Rec/Run Timecode. You can't have REC/RUN timecode if you have more than a single device recording. Since they all don't start and stop at the same exact frame unless something is set as a master and it controls the start and stop of everything else.(and that is a real crap shoot with recorders/cameras from different manufacturers) Otherwise you end up with overlapping time code or non-running time code which jams the other units which can't be resolved automatically in the editing process. You need to use Time of DAY TC.
  18. Pretty funny. I really liked the part where they are embarrassed driving behind the elderly dog in the clunker with the left blinker on. They missed a joke though. The the windows of the car should have been down and the "Wife: and kids" should be hanging their heads out the window.
  19. You probably won't find a commercially made adaptor since the 75 ohm BNC connector is a Video connector and the 1/4" phone plug is an audio connector which is not the same impedance and there is just no need to feed video into an analog audio input in the consumer or professional market. . Just make your own pigtail.
  20. I am disappointed, the "Behind the Scenes" video didn't show anything about how the sound was done.(probably the most complex thing in a shot involving musical recordings in several locations) It doesn't seem there was even a sound mixer involved from what you see in the behind the scenes. Although in each shot there are microphones on stands no mention is made of how these were mixed into the piece. The average viewer would be led to believe that the short shotgun mic on top of the DSLR camera captured all the sound. My guess, considering the level of the lighting and camera equipment used in the Music video, they had a separate Zoom recorder with a pair (or 4) mics independently running in each room with performers. They then used the mic on the camera as a reference and the host on a wireless and Plural eyes to sync all the non TC Zoom recordings in post. (Just a guess but it would be nice to see how it was really done)
  21. I have found the Manfrotto 3868 Nano Clamp to be quite handy. It has 1/4" 20tpi and 3/8" 16tpi threaded holes in it which you can use to attach a variety of brackets and supports. A simple T-Bracket bolted or velcroed to the bottom of your mixer could be attached with a 1/4" Threaded Bolt& Knob. IT easily attaches firmly to most tripod legs, Camera Handles, Pan Handles and C-Stand shafts without damaging them. You have to be careful with carbon fiber tripod legs and soft aluminum with other C-type clamps. This one is pretty gentle and has a good grip.
  22. Certainly a lot of logistics for that shot. Besides all the sound issues, it had Hi Speed cars, helicopter, several fistfights and gunshots, squibs, Makeup changes (blood appears) a lot of running and jumping even climbing over a 7 ft fence for principal actors. as it covers many large exteriors at night and 3 or 4 different interiors all had to be lit with practical lights or hidden instruments. Keeping all the film equipment, ADs and ACs and Boom ops and Generators out of the shot is a major problem in a shot like this. I watched the episode last night and it was so riveting I didn't even notice that is was all one shot. All the perfect timing made it seamless. Kudos to all who worked on it.
  23. Looks like a great tool for doing ADR of Phone Calls. Not much else
  24. While it was certainly revolutionary when introduced 7 years ago and helped move the cell phone industry in a new direction of the "Smart Phone", It certainly hasn't kept up with the competition. If you look at those pictures of the iPhone of 2007 and the current model, there isn't much difference. Then look at the average Google Motorola or Samsung smart phone from their beginning to the current models and there is a big difference. Newer Android phones have bigger screens are much thinner and last a lot longer on a charge. Of course they both have more apps available now than anyone could ever use so that race is about even.. I think Apple needs to abandon the narrow small screen and join the competition with Wide 5" screens and better battery life. I also think they need to abandon the "Closed Garden" concept and open the OS File system to the outside world to make it more competitive with their rivals. People use their phones for e-reading and shopping and viewing important documents (like call sheets and scripts) and a single connected device on your belt or in your pocket is better than carrying around a phone and a Laptop or Tablet.
  25. Also a user of the Droid Maxx. 2 real days of Battery life. Works great for me and I can drag and drop any files I want onto and off of the phone over a USB cable. My IPad is a different story... Hello buggy iTunes...and Sync Hell. Everywhere I look on the set almost every open AC socket has an Apple Charger and an iPhone plugged into it. Never see an android phone plugged in though....
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