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  1. What a great daddy! I built a Radio Shack Crystal Radio kit in Jr High - a Christmas gift. That was the beginning of my interest and evolution to where I'm at today... MF
  2. Rado - Absolutely top-notch excellent work - this is going to inspire a lot of people. I'm curious about your power scheme, and overall power consumption - of course mileage will vary with respect to the channels of wireless at play. Beautiful job.... MF
  3. Arnold - IMDB is full of inaccuracies and gross exaggerations ... not everyone looks at it, or even cares about it, as a "bible"... FWIW, looking into YOU on this group, your last 5 postings seem to be targeted at the Senator exclusively. Do you have anything constructive to contribute here? Business going good? What's happening? MF
  4. That is pure bullshit. Let them show me the camera house's insurance cert that they "insist the camera house has" before they'll rent a camera package. And likewise for Grip Electric Lighting ANYTHING.... Your equipment is for hire - just like camera and G&E, and they need to insure it for what can happen to it - out of your control - due to their production arrangements. Here's a short list of what THEIR arrangements can be: Hire a bad electrician that shoots you 240v by accident - do we have control of that? Out of control Talent that runs to the restroom without your informed consent - $1500+ gets submerged- do we have control of that? Inexperience Grip forgets to bag a stand - rig with hot light falls on your cart - do we have control of that? Overnight security - client Insists on the "walk-away" (doesn't want to pay for strike and rebuild) but hires NO or weak security - do we have control of that? Overhead fire sprinklers douse the entire set overnight for whatever "goes off" - do we have control of that? (BTW - been there, SEEN that, and I was the only one unscathed thanks to space blankets and clamps that I always carry for "overnights" ) I have experienced all of these conditions created by productions' arrangements - who they hire, what they hire, etc etc... It IS nice to have your insurance - just in case - but I'd hate to see what would happen to my premium - forever - if I report and make claim on a missing DEVA 16 or a Cooper Mixer or EVERYTHING because I left it overnight in a place some client (that I might never see again) said it was "OK". I hope this explains the importance of getting your production insurance certificate... It is also, to me, a great "validator" of the fact that the production company is "real", good at what they do, and respectful of their responsibilities - thus I am far more content with the engagement and extension of the unknown terms-of-credit for equipment and services that we seem to do everyday. MF
  5. I wish this thread was titled simply "A Very Bad Day" - though It did happen here in Georgia, such behavior could have occurred anywhere. The frequent use of "cinematic license" with reckless abandon is indeed a worldwide endangerment problem. As the details unfold, clearly there was no permission granted to be on these railroad tracks, and it appears that the locations department, in emails, informed and advised production management properly to that effect. That it occurred in Georgia is only incidental, as this could have happened anywhere, where there are railroad tracks and filming is to occur, where management thinks that, because "it's a movie", that they have "cinematic license" to do whatever they want to without the mere thought of negative consequences - and despite the wisdom and advisement of experienced locations people already on their payroll. MF
  6. That might be precisely what leadership wants. It is a union member's duty to show up, get informed, and fight if you need to.... take the floor and speak your mind. You'll find many many like-minded AND in your corner. Seek out your comrades and make sure they are there to express. Most importantly, find out when the agenda is being made for the meeting, and get your concerns on the meeting agenda. Seems like 695 needs this now more than ever.... MF
  7. I invoice as a company - a recent dispute about this "box rental crap" resulted in me simply being sent a check for second unit equipment - as a box rental of course - to my name, despite my not signing the form, despite the proper invoice from my company, and despite the insurance certificate issued to my LLC, for which I am the manager of... this from a successful show in town into season 5 or 6. A check to ME means I can't use it to pay for my business vehicle, my insurance, my warehouse space, my marketing, my equipment improvements, etc etc... I consider this an affront. I have overhead, and equipment rentals pay for that. AND - thanks to this marketplace apparently caving in - a full 20 percent less than what it should have been and what other wonderful and fair productions pay. Oh, and almost 100 days after the shoot day. I am so looking forward to that next, desperate call. I am a business and my company has very common and fair terms, and I don't need to be making special adjustments just for them for another line on my resume. I will save my energy and full focus for the many other opportunities large and small that have a modicum of respect for me, my equipment, my business, and MY accounting procedures. By the way - this is the ONLY show that has ever pulled this on me ever. MF
  8. +11 x eleventy - leven It is NOT a "box" rental, and compares quite significantly to any CAMERA PACKAGE in size and $Scope$ Everyone needs to read the print - it's not even "fine" anymore.... it is 100% shedding all liability for what happens valuable gear - and that can include dropped or thrown slates, dunked wireless, ripped Sankens, buzzed Comteks, etc etc This needs attention front and center when you accept work, especially second unit work where they are blasting away filling the spot and are going to automatically assume you know their "drill".... Box Rental is NOT in your favor, Quite to the contrary.... you end up, technically - thus legally - renting from the PAYROLL service, and not so much the production, which is now conveniently distanced from what might go bad... And for god's sake - ALWAYs get an insurance certificate before you start. That is absolutely key to protecting your package. If they stutter or balk here, then they are not doing good business. There is ALWAYS an insurance cert on that second unit camera package AND all that G & E.... it's also about CRAFT and RESPECT for you as a business person here. You take a pass on this very important thing and you hurt us all.... Thanx Aron - this stuff is getting out of hand around here lately....... MF
  9. Even a step further, there was that very brief time that Mac "Clones" were licensed ... I had two of the Motorola models called the Starmax - change that to HAVE - I know I've still got one of them around. That all went away when Jobs regained leadership. Perhaps the Mac OS might have had greater penetration earlier had other manufacturers been permitted to engage ... MF
  10. Just saw this thread - What you never want to do is ever set any sort of flat rate precedent. Flat rate = license to not produce well / abuse the "priveledge". Unfortunately, the OP now has to deal with Client B's fresh knowledge that maybe we can operate this way routinely..... even on their usual normal jobs... And also, Client B has the fresh knowledge / expectation that getting hired equals carte blanche access to the OPs entire inventory of gear at a rate they won't go over... regardless of elevated complexity. (JEESH - maybe they should drop a camera (and operator!) towards the additional sound needs / costs... well, not now.} Client A has successfully used your relationship with Client B to insulate themselves from normal negotiations, proper planning, and the equipment costs of their new, changed MO... Everyone needs to understand that in many cases and markets, professional quality sound is a much more rare commodity these days than the multitude of available operators and self-proclaimed "DPs" with dinky cams and tiny toys. Arm yourself with that, don't take any crap, and have yourself a successful 2014. And, I'd recommend that you be very very clear with Client B that this is a never-again, OTO, situation. MF
  11. Given that endorsement, I'll give it a whirl on my Mac Mini tomorrow - Thanx to you pioneers! MF
  12. Quite a list of musicians have left us last year - And I was completely unaware of Alvin Lee's passing - one of my longtime favorite musicians. I just caught this video, and thought it needed some additional airtime. http://bcove.me/rb39t6km MF
  13. Many years ago, as a staffer, I took a Niacin supplement on advice of a friend once in the morning - by 11am I was completely flushed like I've never been, just as you've described. For the first time ever in my career, I actually checked in with my boss and went home for the day to "come down" ! As the memory is still fresh, I have never gone back. Perhaps my dosage (one pill) was excessive, perhaps I'm actually allergic - I don't know. If the benefit is realized, please update this thread later on - I'd give it a whirl again if the science you've been told is truly correct. I'd certainly try 1/4 or half dosages on the way to those desirable benefits.... MF
  14. All that s**t is all about boosting viewership for, at least, the season premiere in late January - so transparent to me. Not news at all.... Look for more "manufactured controversies" and effective techniques towards internet "hits" and measureable / bankable "views" in 2014 and beyond -- lots of clutter to cut through for networks and shows these days, eh? MF
  15. There might soon be a well-used but trusty Westy available in your area very soon! MF
  16. +11 AND... possible the number of the gov't edict or code printed on the battery as well, so the TSA can reference it if they need to in their little books! MF
  17. This might qualify for this thread... at least to revive it. A real fun watch all the same ! http://www.utrend.tv/v/bball-baby/ MF
  18. The first thing I thought of when I began to read this thread - Did something occur, via the DIT transfer, to the card that was re-inserted ?? Sometimes I find unusual additions (files) to my data cards after they come back to me - It's too late now, but I wonder if using a different CF card might have made the machine wake up... Just a thought - MF
  19. For robustness, I strongly recommend D-Tap, and I would adapt from that. 4p Hirose is way too open for an issue, and I wouldn't want to downplay the distinct possibility of bent pin/s occurring in the heat of battle. D-Tap is secure, useful among many areas of your (IDX's) market, and there is no potential for a polar accident! MF
  20. Whoa Whoa - With regard to the insurance - THE CLIENT is the one that provides us with production insurance certs, NOT vice-versa. I need to be insured by them for their potentially bad arrangements (crew mistakes involving accidents, falling stands, or electricity / generators, for instance), possible lack of security, and damage caused by elements beyond our control - like talent damage to wireless mics. The onus is on the production company, not me...... +11 -- something better always comes around..... MF
  21. If anyone at Sennheiser is pay attention to this thread: How can we help in this effort ? Who do we write / call / petition (or waterboard) to get this fixed and make this right? MF
  22. John - thanks for the reminder - I hope to join the club soon - thus a three-level defense from the vulnerability! Thanks to Glen Trew and Company - Now Coming soon to a Deva near me: MF
  23. I watched this last night via streaming from the PBS.org website - what a "must see" ! http://www.pbs.org/wnet/americanmasters/episodes/jimi-hendrix/film-jimi-hendrix-hear-my-train-a-comin/2756/ What a fabulous doc - one of a steady and constant flow of reasons why PBS MUST be maintained as a benchmark for quality, informative docs and programming far surpassing the label of "content". There have been many attacks over the funding and mission of PBS over the last couple of decades, and every future one must be met with immediate and ferocious defense, IMO. We can all especially appreciate the technical / studio stuff that was offered, in addition to the awesome soundtrack presented. The mix was incredible, and the selection of performances, no doubt, were carefully gleaned / selected from the large volume of material that was available. My vote for coolest cat in the whole show ? Jimi's father. What a wonderful guy. He truly loved and inspired his son - I'll bet most of Jimi's cool was a direct result of his fatherhood. His loss surely must have been the greatest of all. MF
  24. MC - Yeah, I got that device too, but didn't have it with me at the time... only used in the past for archiving. I bought one of the Zaxcom HD2-USB devices early on, and yes, they are great - and FAST. You are absolutely right - well worth the money as insurance AND an archiving time-saver. I will NOT leave home without it ever again, that's for sure. So between DVD-RAMs and / or the HD2-USB, I hope that everyone can get prepared for the distinct possibility that their firewire output will eventually wear out or fail someday. It's one component in the chain that we just take for granted, and it's aging and functionality is not measureable. MF
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