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  1. I was concerned about blister pack AA lithiums - I guess that they would be considered loose spare batteries at inspection. If they are installed in my gear such as rf mics, then that should be OK, right? Thanks for your replies.
  2. Can somebody tell me, in their experience, if Energizer X8 lithium AA batteries (or similar) can be packed in checked-in US airline baggage? Thanks
  3. Most Film and TV actors handle complements on their performance with appreciation and humility and in the right situation, I'll just mention that I thought their scene was really nice, or funny, or awesome - whatever. Since they usually don't get the kind of response that a stage actor will get - and I've see a lot of actors get kind of brushed off right after their scene so that the crew can move on - I'm sure that a nod to them feels OK.
  4. Here's the crossing at Abbey Road in real time at this very moment. The camera is mounted at Abbey Road Studios (where the white VW bug was parked).
  5. Speaking of shotguns, here's mine.
  6. My Cooper 208 mixer has the meters as pictured below. For many years, I used a Sonosax SX8 (and various Nagras) and I was very comfortable with it's meters sending to both analog and digital recorders. With the Cooper, I still get a little disoriented when I'm sending to my SD recorders and to various digital cameras. I'm never quite sure that I'm getting the best out of the Cooper's S/N and limiters -- I tend to be conservative with the trim and output. These meters kind of freak me out. I'm not exactly sure how to cross reference them Any 208 users care to describe their levels and experience with these meters? Thanks, Bob
  7. Nice little demo video, and a good product you've come up with. On my list. Bob
  8. Many good points made here. I've done a fair amount of basketball shoots and sometimes the squeaks from the players shoes can be really loud and the echo hangs for a long time. Having the players shoeless (when you don't see feet) can be a big help. I've used those hospital socks with non-slip rubber soles on players.
  9. It's a fact of life: there's some lav'ing situations where you just don't have a prayer.
  10. I've been using Sealed Lead Acid batteries (33 or 35Ah) for years, packed in Pelican 1300 cases. I used to punch out holes for xlr 4f jacks, but the last ones I made, I permanently attached a short power cable that would exit out a groove in the case and could be stored inside when not in use (that way I would never be w/out a power cable). I always put an in-line fuse in the case. I use a 6amp automatic car battery to charge it up, then put it in line with my cart ac/dc power supply to keep it topped off and be in place when I need it.
  11. Hope you can find a good solution - as far as a technical problem is concerned, I always prefer a straight answer ;-)
  12. For headphone monitoring, XLR3M unbal would be (Gnd) pin 1 and pin 3 = -, pin 2 = +
  13. Typical helicopter plug is a U-174/U A web search will turn up a lot of retailers. From the tip, Ring 1 is +, Ring 3 is - for headphone monitor.
  14. Can someone tell me what the official model number for the Lemo 5 pin connector which we use for time code is? Although I've never seen any, are there any alternative manufacturers for this plug? Thanks
  15. Nice job, Larry. Thanks for the comps. Bob
  16. I'm thinking about putting my Cooper 208 on a sliding shelf in an SKB case. I've never had a chance to really look at this kind of setup from the back end. Anybody care to comment on a good approach for a collapsing cable bundle? - one that will unfold and fold back up without wear and tear. Thanks
  17. I downloaded a simple free "make your own soundboard" app from the Android market and used it to make my Lectro app. Here's a screen shot from my Android Fascinate phone.
  18. In the long run, I don't think the cost is the factor as much as having a really versatile "Swiss Army Knife" mixer that does the job on a lot of projects and is not overkill. I work on a huge variety of jobs and in many cases, a compact 3 channel mixer w/ recording capabilities and versatile outputs would be a welcome addition to my inventory. I must also admit that any mixer w/ T powering is nice for me - I still have a substantial investment in good T power mics and they still work fine.
  19. I agree that an upgraded 302 (w/ dir outs & recorder) would be very useful. I've always loved to use my 302 when I can (especially w/ it's excellent limiters!)
  20. Jeff, Any idea of the total weight of your cart and drawers at this stage?
  21. I've been making new cocktails with St-Germain liqueur. It's also my new favorite after dinner sip.
  22. Once did a steadicam scene around a car on a gravel lot and I didn't have my carpets handy. The set-dec truck was close and happened to have a large variety of nice large oval rugs available. I wish I had taken a picture of the ground with all the nice rugs completely surrounding the car! Looked classy. Carpets do work well outside. I now have a couple of long rolls of runners - good for long straight walks.
  23. I use my netbook for my Venue tuning with the Lectro VRPanel software, for Wave Agent, BWF Pro, and the usual. I use Sound Forge with it as well for some playback situations. Bob
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