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Is a new Sound Devices MixPre-10T coming soon?


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interesting find. most of your speculation on that site sound pretty spot on to me.

I guess the -tn or tn- in the name is just for web organisation. usually I'd expect it to mean something like thumbnail, but since it appears mainly on sites based on tag searches it's probably means something like "tag-name" and the fact why it appears sometimes in beginning or end is likely just inconstant naming schemes.  


the indication that the old battery options of the MP3/6 are compatible seem to point to a similar form factor. so could be a nice unit for people that need 10 tracks in a small unit without all the bells and whistles.

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7 minutes ago, Matthias Richter said:

I have no clue. Best guess: just swap the $ for €


To compare, in the US a Sound Devices 633 sells for about US$3300 and the 10T for $1800. What's the € price for a 633?



27 minutes ago, Mobilemike said:

Ok this is cool but now what I want is a fader control surface for the MixPre line... Are you listening Sound Devices?


Mike, give SD a few weeks to celebrate (and finish!) the 10T. We can hassle them about control surfaces next week. :-)


But considering their history of building control surfaces (CL-9 for the 788T, CL-12 for 6-series) and the two USB ports on the 10T, I'd think they've at least given a lot of thought to a control surface... Maybe they want something new to show at AES or NAMM....

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13 minutes ago, josephboyle said:


Is this shipping right away? Sorry if I missed that info.


End of October is what I'm being told right now. Just had a conversation with my SD rep via email about it. If it's anything like the Mixpre-3 and Mixpre-6, it'll sell out fast, and then there might be a backorder period while new units are being made. Not to sound like a used car salesman here, but if this is something you are seriously considering, you might want to get your order in now. We are loading up on stock to try and accommodate customers already. Again...not trying to be a used car salesman here, but when SD announces something new, there's always a rush to get it. 

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Wow, is real! :-o 


I'm just trying to convince myself this isn't some kind of elaborate early April Fool's Day Prank! Ha.


Impressive. Very surprised to see 8x Kashmir pre-amps on this device. (Although the price was a little on the higher side of my previous wild guess)

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