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In search of the ultimate lav mic'ing accessory case - just the case, not the components.


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Anyone have any cases that they love for taking with them to mic talent when not at the cart - holding/wardrobe/hmu.  In general I try to be flexible with productions, initially asking that the talent be brought to the cart to get their wire set securely when possible as the optimal situation.  However it does happen that there is need to mic talent in other locations.  My question is  - does anyone know of the ultimate case, that would have a ton of smaller compartments for components, maybe some zippered, maybe some velcrow , some large some small  - maybe some zippered cases.  Basically a one stop shop case that would securely hold every accessory that may be possible to use in the process of placing a wire so that there is never moment where you have to run back to the cart because you've forgotten something or there was something you didn't anticipate.  


  I know what to bring in my mic'ing kit so thats not what I want this thread to be about (but if you do have a product you like that isn't well known fee free to share!).  I just want to see if anyone has come across a case/system that you love and are able to share with the community (Pictures a huge plus) that you have found helpful - whether meant for film or not.  Also just curious what systems other people use.  I hate having a bag on my hip (like a setwear pouch) unless the gig really calls for it (some reality), mainly interested in standalone cases for a multitude of components.  I think the perfect case would be rectangular,

zippered, and a little longer than those pleather lectro bags, but with a million pockets and compartments.









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I use the DeWalt tstak system. My entire follow cart consists of it. I can adapt it to every job, because I can add more drawers if needed or remove some if not. 
The top is a tool case and if I have to go away for wiring it takes 2 seconds to remove it from the rest and then take it with me. 
There are no pictures on the website unfortunately, and I don’t have any with me, but there are two compartments on top in the lid where I keep all the small parts and tape and so on. The main compartment holds the transmitters and straps. I can also take the drawer case below that with me - they can stay clipped together so it becomes one large case - where I have anti shoe noise things and the lav snake, etc. Although I don‘t usually do the „shoe work“ myself. 
Have had this system for a few years now and it works really well for me. 

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I use a DeWalt tool caddy for my follow cart. I only have eight wireless xmtrs, two wireless hops and four Comteks so I don't need lots of drawers. I put this cart on set for my boom op/A1.


Top bucket contains small wind screens, bongo ties, replacement connectors, thread adapters, tape, sticky stuff, two Tentacles, multi-card reader, VOM (VTVM stays on the bench), Rycote mic mounts, Rycote under and overcovers.


Next the top drawer contains xmtrs, hops, XLR/3.5mm/5-pin adapter cables, xmtr clips.


The second drawer contains hard wired Sony lavs, Sanken lavs, Countryman lavs, two plug on xmtrs, my premade cosmetic foam lav mounts, Ersa mounts, RM mounts, vampire clips, tie clips, IFBs and parts, XLR turnarounds, ISO transformer, headphone amp, phone to XLR interface.


The bottom bucket, which doubles as a seat for the boom op, contains two temple transducer head sets for Motorola comms, three plant mics, two shotgun mics, two Rycote Foamies, body straps for talent xmtrs, IFB amp, 100 ft. of boom op hard wired 5-pin cable, SD442 mixer


I built the pull-out shelf (hardware was $12 at Lowes) and attached it to the underside of the top bucket. I use it for soldering, make-ready, raspberry danish.


Umbrella and boom tubes attached to the back along with Velcro tough straps for cables.


The only thing I wish to improve is to add larger diameter wheels for rolling over rough terrain. Otherwise it is near perfect for me.





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