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Who I am today.

old school

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Buenos Noches Ernesto. Welcome to jwsound. What a resume you have. In Hollywood we are put in boxes and get to do one thing only. Others here @jw do like you and wear many hats. We are a vast community here.

I congratulate you on getting Walter Murch to visit your school. He is the man. I try to get many to read his books and articles. 

Don't worry about your english skills, most all of us need to improve. Thanks for introducing yourself to the group.


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I found the whole topic thread --- it can be found

I'm not sure why it appears to have gone missing. The topic that Crew started is all there with 17 pages of "replies". These replies are all the people who have posted their own stories under the topic heading. I have thought about making this its own section (but worried that if I move everything over it might really go missing). It's all quite odd.

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I've owed this thread an entry for a long time..so here's who I am today ~ a product of so many seemingly insignificant factors....but how I got here.


I grew up in and around the south Florida waters of Miami, Key West, Cocoa, Marathon, Longboat Key, and Anna Maria. I've boated, swam, surfed, lived through hurricanes, been attacked by man o' war, and sunburned more times than I could count. I also grew up around my father's Roberts reel to reel deck, his Super 8 cameras, scuba diving, and his abilities to make and fix things. He cast things like lead diving and fishing weights, he fashioned scuba tanks before they were called SCUBA, built solar water heaters, wooden hydroplanes, and underwater housings for our Super 8 cameras.


In sixth grade, I remember (Marathon, Fl) joining the afterschool film making club. We shot on Super 8mm silent, a student version of Dracula, sneaking a crew off campus, to a location of this once opulent, but abandoned, graffiti'd up house through some trees, behind our elementary school where this society lady (supposedly) had drowned after this lavish party, by falling drunk into the moat. So we thought it was the perfect location. I never got to see the final edit, but remember looking at our dailies (weeklies?) at the footage of Malcolm (the creepiest looking kid we could find for the part), yes, creeping up the stairs with bloody fangs, where we'd staged extras, supposedly all drugged out and drunk (hey, it was the '70's), laying about for blood sucking fun by our appointed Nosferatu. I often wonder where that footage is.


A few years later, my older brother showed me how to make a vinyl to cassette dub on his Pioneer CT-F900 (the early ones with VU meters, not LED), and it was all over. From then on, I've been into recording stuff. Throughout middle school and high school, I was constantly pestering my record buying friends to lend me their records to make mix cassettes. Going into drama in high school, and the tech side of set/prop building (with my fathers skilled assistance) got me out of sitting in English class. Wooden wheels and all, I once hauled (on foot) an awesome "bring out yer dead" cart ten blocks to my high school for "The Holy Grail" production we did (I recall that was much easier to move without bodies on it). But for the two week run, we piled it up high with extras and I was so glad I only had to haul it across the stage. That was a chore, but quite funny as they flipped my friend onto the pile of bodies, and I hauled them all off SR.


In college, I tried Architecture (I made A's, but didn't like the thought of an office job), then computer programming (didn't like math that much, and another office job), then journalism (I liked that better, but my typing was horrid, and I didn't want an office job). Eventually, worn out by college and it's trials, not having a major, etc, I was to drop out and regroup. That last summer session, before I left, I saw the university TV studio headend through a giant glass window. I watched master control and how they programmed the signal. Most prominently in the window, right in front of me, was this film chain. I was mesmerized by it's coolness.


I went back to community college and worked in the library for fun, when I found the AV department and the TV studio upstairs. Of course, I would gravitate toward an enormous 16mm film cleaner machine. It was like eight feet long. I wish I could remember what model or make it was. I loved to sit there all day and handle, fix and clean films for the AV department in the back. I thought it was the coolest machine on campus, next to our closed circuit broadcast system, and cameras/switcher. Later, I returned to film school and finished with a studio degree in Fine Arts. 


The rest was a series of: editing jobs, master control, satellite uplinking/TD, film to tape transfer, and then on to field production, where I would specialize in audio, and never return. I've never been ambitious about getting a 'career'. I was a drifter and one had to find me, I guess.

By now, I think I've my favorite job of all gathering sound on run and gun jobs, little doc adventures for cable and booming the occasional film. They're usually fun, challenging, very interesting, and I meet great people.

Then I get to invoice them.

Rachel Cameron

(Thanks Crew!)

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So, Crew, the problem that our member is having relates to the fact that I started a specific section and named it "Who I Am Today" and it is part of the Main Board. Within that section is the Topic you started with that name to which there is over 800 replies. The problem exists with the section itself. A new member starts a New Topic in the section and posts some things about who they are today --- this is good. The problem, however, is that for some reason, others are not able to reply to these new posts. I am looking into this, trying to discover why you cannot reply. 

I can reply here because it is a reply to a TOPIC started in the "The Daily Journal" section: The Daily Journal > Who I Am Today. It is posts that are made now (and so they should be) in the section: "Who I Am Today". Home > Main Board > Who I Am Today. I am going to try and solve the problem in the section, then do something tricky like lock this Topic and re-direct to the proper section.

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Sorry, Crew, I only made the change to further elevate this wonderful topic you started --- trying to make it easier and better organized by making it its own section. I am going to straighten this out. It will be a definite improvement when everything happens in its own section. Thank you again for this great topic!

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