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Favorite Music Theme for Feature Film, TV Drama, Documentary etc


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Where to begin...?

Pretty much anything by Ennio Morricone.

Henry Mancini.

The Simpsons theme by Danny Elfman.

The theme from Twin Peaks, and a lot of other things David Lynch used in his movies, for example Roy Orbison! (Yes, may not qualify as "theme", but still great in my book).

Tarantino used a lot if cool stuff in his movies as well.

The theme for "The Bridge" in the original Swedish/Danish version.

The James Bond theme.

Ok I'll stop now.

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Fun topic and great lists from everyone!


Geez there are so many theme songs I like. Here are few:


Because this is the first song my first band figured out how to play. Yes, we had a horn section. Yes, I totally screwed up the guitar part. But we were in 7th grade so sue me.



Because instead of going all uptempo and aggro like so many other cop-show themes, Mike Post goes melancholy. 



Because Man on Wire is a great film. And when filmmaker James Marsh couldn't afford original music, he somehow got composer Michael Nyman to allow some of his preexisting music to be used in the film. And it works, ime.




Because it's the theme to Peter Gunn. Henry Mancini can bring it, huh?



Because Snuffy Walden wrote something pensive, then celebratory, but still pensive.


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Wow. This is an awesome thread. I'm getting chills and flashbacks.

The Pink Panther theme was a big one from my childhood.

The big TV themes for me were Dallas and CHiPs! The UK in the late 70's early 80's. I can't tell you the number of times I rode my dirt bike or bicycle as a kid humming the CHiPs theme.

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Let's not forget Elmer Berstein:






And finally, a wobbly, stolen video from Elmer's last appearance in the UK at The Promenade Concerts. I was there and met the man afterwards and like a besotted teen, got him to sign my vinyl copy of The Man With The Golden Arm. (One of the many benefits of being married to a session musician.)


Traditionally, England football supporters whistle the theme to The Great Escape at foreign matches and especially whenever we play Germany: it doesn't help...




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