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Philip Perkins

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At Madame Tussauds in NYC on a National Geographic shoot. 

I was told this wax figure of Yao Ming is life sized...damn that dude is tall!


I'm pretty sure I was in Tussauds that day; I was wandering around checking levels and I came across the shoot: I did the original sound design for the entire system there some ten years ago and was back in the city to try and restore ten years of neglect (they weren't that great on maintenance there - better now) and to add some stuff to a new area. Going back in a couple of months to see how it's all going. It's usually only possible to work at night in Tussauds and it's really rather weird wandering around those figures. I swear that sometimes they move...



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few photos from the reality I am working on this month.

I have to mix in the house and be ready to jump out on location.

We are filming all the time. The talent leaving the house, driving to the location as well.


Linking 552 and 302 for 8 channel SR receivers. No isos. direct stereo mix to camera and stereo backup..


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The white conduit poles in this photo are holding up the temporary optic fibre phone and data link between Brisbane and Sydney (about 1010km or 630miles) that was destroyed during the massive flooding events we experienced here. To lay this cable, only days after the 'inland tsunami' hit (and while a lot of water was still flowing through the valley), a cable drum was suspended beneath this helicopter, which then joined the two sections of cable - 1 km in length.

So this is my 'office', today :)


smaller image links :)

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That's amazing Justin, I wonder why we don't hear more about this kind of effort being made in the news?

The cynical side of me says it's because this story wouldn't have been as emotional as say, a family who had lost their home. All the major networks were pretty guilty of asking emotionally loaded questions to flood victims, getting tears on camera seemed to be priority. The man who masterminded the whole operation (the one inside the chopper with sunnies on) is very humble, very emotionally stoic and we had to push him to get any emotional content from his interview. So he wouldn't have made for good 'crisis' television.

On the other hand, there was a news helicopter in the area covering the story, as well as an Army BlackHawk, but they both had to leave the immediate airspace for safety - if something went wrong and the pilot had to jettison the cable drum, there may have been a mid-air collision. In the final doco, there will be some of that aerial footage from the area as the repair was being done, but there's not much of it.

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Below is a pic of us doing more voice prerecords for a combo puppet+live action series for kids--with an unusual add for a location soundie: a keyboard instrument (@ left).  Among my duties these days--using the keyboard for pitch refs for the actor/singers before they had to sing a cappella.  The keyboard worked a lot better than a pitchpipe or laptop/iPhone pitch app (could play chords and sounded a lot better too).  I don't think my Hohner "Pianet" had been out of the house in years.....

phil p


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