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Philip Perkins

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Thanks, all.

It was a long day, but rewarding. My A2 and I arrived about 9:30am, had breakfast at the NFL Films tent at 10, then did final checks with the gear and tried to make the rest of the day S.O.P. (not a time to re-invent the wheel).

My biggest concern, traffic, turned out to be a piece of cake. The one street that was open from the North took us right down to where we parked about a block away from the stadium -- pretty much normal traffic that early in the day. (I'll admit to being spoiled by the regular seasion games where we parked in the corner Media Lot right near the door which was next to the elevator we normally took.)

Most of the week was Super Bowl or football related for various clients -- players teaching school kids about exercise and throwing passes to nothing but ear-to-ear smiles, sit-down interviews with Heisman winners, the Player's Association party (1:30am wrap for us), frequency coordination, setup and testing, and even a little sleep.

I spent a good deal of time turning down gigs because I was already booked. There was lots of last minute scrambling for crews. Sound mixers were in especially short supply but I was still glad to already have my days locked in.

Daring to repeat what all the hosts were trained to tell the visiting guests, we had a "Super Time"!

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I'm always most impressed with the logistics of it all, more that the shows themselves!

getting that stuff all on the field and hooked up, then disconnecting and clearing, plus all the cast and crew...

In Hawai'i, the military provides a ton of volunteers vfor the Pro Bowl...It is a huge undertaking, and the show production team has over 100 walkies amongst themselves, plus almost a dozen also on the main PLs...

" Some singer with a one word name. "

Singing along with Trax ? maybe just lip-syncing ??

the TV mix to the homes had he lead-v too low (even for my taste)...

Cuzzin' Al and Bob Costas are terrific pro's!

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I'm assuming you took this with your iPhone? And then set it back down on top of your iPad, which is on top of your Macbook Pro? ;D

Nice touch with the lights. It helps to remind the camera dept than sound is way cooler.

Thanks Brandon!

Yes you are correct about the iphone! Apple is in the sound department!

The camera brothers like the sound cart also known as the "Deathstar"

Maybe next week I will take a better picture of the cart... the Translight was in focus not the cart.

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Beautifully done--really great, thanks. Is that building going to torn down?

phil p

Nobody knows! I doubt they'll knock it down as it's a landmark of London. But the BBC has always rented it so I guess it's down to what the owners want to do. I think they might rent it to the LSE who are situated across the road.

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