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Single channel Mic PreAmp w 48V


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17 hours ago, JonG said:


You’re not kidding. Exceedingly similar!

In the sense it is a box with knobs on it and XLR in/out?

That is a very generic similarity. 

I can see tonnes of differences in the details, for instance with powering: 4x AAA + Hirose is what the Marenius C-148 has (quite different to the MM1!). 

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I realize this is a bit of a late addition to this discussion, however I wanted to add one more pre-amp to the line up. In addition to our Mini Papi, we brought out a 2 channel version called the Papi Pico.  It has 2 channels with a headphone amp and optional Timecode Generator.


It is the same small size as the Mini Papi, (7.29 cubic inches). Channel A is similar to the Mini Papi with all the features,  Channel B is a pre-amp without phantom power.  There is a headphone amp with rotary volume, 4 settings and a return.  The timecode generator supports all standard frame rates, has variable level output, and an internal battery that is good up to 12 hours.


This could be used in a boom kit.  Channel A for the boom mic,  and  channel B for IFB.  It powers from 5 to 18 volts so you can use a USB power pack.


Here is the downlink which will give you more information and the spec’s:


This is shipping now.

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Fostex had a very small 1ch one , but unfortunately they decided to discontinue it, maybe on the second hand market ? 

Sennheiser also has a 1ch preamp Sennheiser MZA14P48U , these are quite easy to find on ebay 


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