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Quick releases for boom poles?

Jim Feeley

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Nope I've never gotten on the quick-release train. Because I'm an idiot. But now there are a few alternatives to the Ambient QuickLok (though none match the QuickLok's groovy purple). So what do you use and recommend? Things I'm considering (and that appear to still be available):


Ambient QuickLok Quick Release

Rycote PCS Boom Connector

Orca Bags OR-45 quick release

Sound Guys Solutions quick release


Just standard boompoles (a couple K-Tek and a couple LTM; LTMs mainly used for sit downs ), all 12 feet (~3.5 meters) or shorter, and standard mics (Schoeps, Sanken, sometimes a 416), in standard screen (heaviest is a Rycote Modular for CS-3e). So not an unusual amount of strain on the connector.


ANYWAY, what are you using and what do you recommend?


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18 hours ago, JonG said:

I used to use the Ambient ones but sometimes they lock up, and it’s always go-time when they do. I switched to SGS and like them a lot. I have them on all seven of my poles. 

After I learned to not let them snap back, and instead keep a finger on it to slow the rotation as it twists back into place, they will no longer lock up. Haven’t happened even once since I figured this out.


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I have switched from Rycote PCS back to Ambient QL. There where two problems. One was getting dirty inside the mechanism making plug - unplug a little stressful (not smooth). Second, IDK how to explain it in English or with words; but between the black and grey parts - after a month (using it with MKH70 & MKH50) the grey part was jingling, like a loose screw inside.

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Dumping this thread for reference:


My 2 ct: 

I am pretty happy with my PCS Boom Cons and may expand my collection with other products of the PCS ecosystem. A feature no other system has, afaik. I prefet the Boom Con pulling operation a lot more to the QuickLock twist.

Dirt/Sand is an obvious nogo for these mechanics. (neither is salt water, as they involve springs). If I'd work regularly on beaches I might prefer solutions from SGS or Panamic or alike.

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