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  1. Hey cool, I worked that interview with the cellist. Thanks for posting!
  2. Depreciated value. I think there's some forum lost-in-translation happening here or something. We're competent in assessing our values. I thought it was pretty clear in my OP that my intention was to ask if anyone had had a gear appraisal done and for feedback on the experience. I guess not. Constantin, certainly agree with your input. Though laborious with 500+ items, this may be our best bet.
  3. Thanks Eric. We've done that for the sake of projections, but, we're looking for a more detailed version. Maybe that's not as achievable as we'd thought?
  4. I think I've been misunderstood. Sure, I'd do fine selling off a piece of gear. A couple mixers and I are going into business together and need to accurately be able to acknowledge the assets we're bringing in. We've got a large spreadsheet with four tabs of long gear lists. We'd like to avoid sifting through the WTB/FS section or eBay to assess each and figured a retailer, especially one with a used section, would have the tools to do this better.
  5. Have you guys ever successfully had someone do a gear appraisal for you? I've got a pretty big spreadsheet of gear, mixers/recorders, booms, wireless, etc. I'd like appraised and haven't had any luck going thru the expected channels here in NY, Gotham and Pro Sound. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!
  6. Ha, found the site where there's quite a few different version shirts. Thanks for sharing. Unfortunately, no sound option.
  7. Looks wild! I haven't seen anything by him but this trailer has me interested. Thanks for posting, and I'm sure it sounds fantastic.
  8. Just got this bag, and the maxx, to act as my small kit. Love it. Still figuring out cable distro and where to put the np-1 (awkwardly in that front compartment in this picture). Had my first real job running around with it today and I feel great - compared to the Nomad and Orca combo I was running out, even for a boom and a lav kind of job, it's a back-saver.
  9. Suddenly and randomly I can post! After nearly a month it feels like.
  10. Martin, I think the sentiments we're seeing here reflect the purpose of this forum though - for and by professionals. The OP could easily take this question to his or her social network first, and likely receive more appropriate feedback. There's not really a place for it here - sort of like when an earnest PA comes up to me on a busy set and says something to the effect of "oh I dabble in sound too, can you show me what everything does?" Sorry, not now.
  11. Kevin, I seem to be having the same difficulties you originally had - but I cannot overcome them (though not at 3 1/2 hours yet). I'm on a mac alternating between safari/firefox. Anyone else with this setup have suggestions? The application page, like the picture posted above, doesn't entirely load and is primarily a grey screen with lots of useless buttons that don't activate anything.
  12. I think a lot of people are in that boat, best of luck finding them. I'm still awaiting the announcement of the next admissions process, just barely missed September w/ the certifications, but they're very "TBD" right now.
  13. I'm sure I'm not alone on this site in saying how much I love the quiet of a snowstorm. Last night walking around Brooklyn, as long as a big gust of wind wasn't at us, was pretty special. Still haven't dug out the car yet tho, not looking forward to that.
  14. Worked (almost) with it for the first time today, package came with an A-box for XLR inputs. After a couple hours it finally had to be swapped back at the rental house for an Alexa ST. Portuguese company needed an aspect ratio of 4:3, which current firmware doesn't support? For the brief moments I thought I'd be working with it it seemed perfectly agreeable. We were outside on a windy day and didn't wind up getting into any real situations, so I didn't get a chance to notice any kind of fan noise.
  15. Looks like this could be it, with more info to come? Pics looks nice! http://www.audiowireless.co.uk/products/digitally-tuned-antenna-distribution#
  16. Ha! That's brilliant, Jim. Thanks for passing it on. Happy holidays, everyone.
  17. Donated for the first time. Coupled it w/ a post in Who I am, thought I'd share here as well. Thanks JW!
  18. Read the great animal orchestra years back and was fascinated (devastated, at times). Will have to give this more attention once I'm somewhere calmer than a pre-thanksgiving airport.
  19. I remember hearing that, a year after I'd graduated, Emerson College decided to dump about 10-15 of their perfectly good ones. A few friends were lucky enough to grab a couple for free. Very sad. Good luck on the search!
  20. I was just going to get in touch as I've been admiring the VK cart for so long, so this post is nice to find. I hope that timeframe stays true and wish you guys the best in the meantime. Truly beautiful work on them.
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