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  1. A gaffer friend just sent me this pic after my day of mixing and booming in 40 mph winds.
  2. What is your goto shock mount or suspension for your boom. Researching some new options since they don't make the mount I have used for years anymore and in need of a new one. I typically use Schoeps CMC641 and or the 5 for most shoots.
  3. Hey! Who is using this product? https://ktekpro.com/product/ksqd1-k-tek-squid-universal-mount/ Has everyone tested it with their favourite transmitters? I see a Zaxcom in the photos, but what about Lectro HMA, Sennheiser SKP, etc? Insert photos if you have them. I haven't gone wireless on the boom yet but this seems like a great solution to keep the weight (and the controls) at the operator's end of the pole rather than the microphone end. Is it better and/or more versatile more than the sidekick transmitter module by K-tek? cheers Ada
  4. Hello! I just had a shoot that was on a beach and some fine sand got into my Ktek boom pole. Now the collars are gritty and its scratching the poles. Any suggestions on how to clean it? I don't think the collars come off so easily because there is two strips of plastic at the bottom of each section preventing the collar to come out. Any suggestions on how to clean it? Any advice on how to prevent this from happening again? Thanks!
  5. Hi to you all, first post here. I'm a sound mixer based in barcelona, spain. I'm looking for an interior boom mic, i have read a lot of discussions here about hyper and super cardioids mics, i know that a lot of people loves their CMC641 and MKH50 (mkh 8040 and 8050 also), but unfortunately they are out of my budget. People allways recommend on a low budget this two mics the audix and the akg. Here in barcelona it's impossible to rent them and make a side by side comparison, so i would like to know if any of you have used boths and know your reviews as well. I like that the akg have a +6, 0,
  6. Hi all, after the success of the Burbank based Master Class, K-Tek is now bringing the master class to New York: Please join veteran boom operator Ken Strain on April 29th, 2018 to learn how to "Boom Right" and many other tips & tricks for boom operators. More Info & Register for FREE at: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/boom-right-with-ken-strain-boom-operator-master-class-tickets-44205963226 DATE: Sunday, 4/29/18 - 3pm LOCATION: Academy for Careers in Television & Film @ THE AUDITORIUM 1-50 51st Avenue Queens, NY 11101 Vie
  7. Hey y'all! Idaho sound mixer here. I wanted to see if anyone on here has ever been, or knows anything about being the sideline boom ops during NFL games. What are your assignments, how do you deliver/send files/audio, any insight you can give would be fantastic. Being from Idaho, I would never even see a posting about the job, let alone take one. Thanks!
  8. Today I saw this 1955 TV production of Tennessee Earnie Ford because one of the kids is a friend of mine. One thing that stands out to me is that it serves as a good reminder about how simpler is often better, especially when the goal is to capture the essence of a music performance and entertainment, and the impromptu life the happens during it. Live on-camera vocals picked up with an overhead boom mic, no earwigs, no wireless mics, no body mics, no hand mics in anyone's face, no prerecord, live orchestra off-stage, live background vocals off-stage around a single mic. Yes, there is noticeabl
  9. Hey all! Apologies is this feels beaten to death, but I have a question about indoor mic technique. I'm pretty well-versed in the arguments for using a shotgun vs. a non-shotgun indoors. But I've been thinking lately about the effect of distance on the signal-to-ambient-noise ratio. With a shotgun mic, the capsule is inherently farther away from the talent, since there is an interference tube between them. So is the off-axis rejection of a shotgun mic really that helpful when a hypercardioid capsule could be 6-8 inches closer? Thanks, Ben
  10. Hi everyone! As boom operator, I use to work with few boom boxes on set. I aprecciate skills like light weight, some compartiment to keep my script and callsheets safe, and some gadgets to keep wires and stuff like that... and of course enough strong to up me for booming in shadows problems... I have a beta version of an IKEA modified stair, and it's working well... What do you use for boom box? Maybe it would be fine share pics of our boom boxes to put some ideas in common. This night I will take some photos of mine on set
  11. As well as watching the American equivalent we decided to re-visit the 1990 English version. Well 4.3 picture and 16mm film is not the best but the sound is interesting!!! All done on a boom (probably a 416) with brief wide shots overlaid from close-ups. Great boom operating though with much close dialogue on the move! Gee I was using lavs a plenty since 1980 on features but I guess the style for tv was simple Oh well styles move on now lavs in ties and frocks are the current trend Interesting mike
  12. Hi everyone, I've found many topics (even in this forum) about boompole and cable (cabled vs uncabled booms, coiled vs straight cables, etc.) I've read many different opinions and as a newbie I'm a bit confused now. So, please, let me describe my situation before asking you some advices: I have a stereo mic (BP4025) with a XLR-5-pin plug. I'll use a Rycote blimp kit with XLR-5-pin plug too. Now I need a boompole. But the most important thing is that I'll have to follow my talent: let say that I'll have to move following her during a walk trying to capture the sounds of her footstep
  13. Hello all, I'm an Irish Boom Operator moving to Vancouver next week and it would be great if anyone could give me advice on getting some work. I've recently graduated with a degree in Film & Documentary and have worked as a Boom Op on 2 seasons of Ros Na Rún. (Irish Soap Opera https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ros_na_Rún ) I've left my reference and some photos attached below. Email: cian.strain94@gmail.com Ref Cian Strain.docx
  14. Hello all, I have a noise I can't figure out. I first noticed it when I bumped my boom. It is with a condenser mic. It makes a "crunch,hiss noise". The sound noise only happens if you bump the boom, or if you take it off the boom, and bump it in your hand, same thing. I am really not familiar with the whole humidity noise problem, something I've never had to deal with. I have switched mixers, cables and mics, and it is still there. The noise probably lasts for 600 milliseconds. Any ideas? Sincerely, Martin
  15. I'm not sure if this is the proper place to post this question so let me know if this question should go elsewhere. I came across some K-Tek equipment that I've been having trouble identifying. Only one piece was marked K-Tek and nothing had model numbers. I thought it was for some sort of video or camera type boom but the piece with the sharp blade has me totally stumped. I've gone through everything product I can find on their website & have found nothing similar. Any guidance on what this set is called or used for would be greatly appreciated!
  16. As a newish boom op, i'm wondering who and how to get a frameline. Most of the time, I can get a glimpse from video village or the small monitor off of camera, but there are times when there's a pan move that wasn't discussed that catches me off guard. Some 1st ac's are helpful, and say when they are getting focus marks is a good time, but when there isn't rehersal when is the appropriate time to ask? Is there a protocol for getting this info? It often feels like camera dept could care less about communicating with sound regarding frameline and pans.
  17. Hi All, I would like to know what equipment are essential for a boom operator to have on set. Thank you.
  18. Hi you all. I have a VDB boompole (carbon fibre) and it is around 10 years old, it is not new but it was working perfectly until... one of the inner thread (the one glued to the fibre tube, not the one that you hold with the hand to tight or loose for adjust the boompole extension) got unstick, so I can´t tight one of the boompole sections. How can I fix it? I think that glueing carbon fibre with metal should need some kind of special glue, I´m afraid to use any glue that will damage the boompole. I would appreciate any advice or experience thanks and regar
  19. Greetings, if any of you need a mixer/boom op in Hungary, feel free to contact me! My own equipment is fit for doc or short films, if You have your own, I can probably handle it. For example: I've been working on Marco Polo (Netflix) and Dracula (NBC) series as boom op/assistant. Cheers Samuel_Lehoczki_CV_2016.pdf
  20. Hey all, My main shotgun mic for about 4 years has been a trusty Sanken CS3 with the mod to make it a CS3e. Recently I needed another shotgun, so I picked up a second, new Sanken CS3e. I put them up together just for kicks and there is a small but definitely noticeable sound difference between the two. It's subtle but definitely there. The newer one is a little warmer sounding, with a bit more bottom end; the older one is a bit brighter. Interestingly, if I swap the foam windscreens between the two mics I can get them to match quite a bit better. If I put a thicker (cheaper
  21. New to the area & to the Local 479 union looking to get started. Available for work as a boom op/utility on union or non-union productions. You can reach me at (301) 442-6565 or corey.chiles@gmail.com. Thanks!
  22. Hello! My name is William, and my question is a simple one, albeit over-asked. How does one get into the industry? I mean this in the most general sense. Should I start low and work my way up? Should I just buy a bunch of sound gear and pray? There seems to be so many paths to take, but I am unsure and honestly scared. I don't know what I'm doing and would love to hear what other people have done, and what's worked and what hasn't. My Current "Plan" My current plan is to move to Georga in the coming year, specifically Atlanta. I thought it would be best to try contacting people that are alrea
  23. Hi all, I just got a Digi 002 to work with BR and wanted to confirm that it works at 24/48 in stand alone mode? I assume that using BR will not allow me to configure the Digi 002 for 24/96? The Digi 002 is sending prefader in stand alone mode (question being if the limiter can be applied before the signal reaches the BR)? Thanks Richard
  24. What's new at Mozegear? Introducing the Pip and the Papi Phantom Power in a whole new way! The Pip Tiny Phantom Power Module The Pip will available towards the end of June. It will retail for $199 The Papi Pre-Amp with Phantom Power The Papi will be available around the end of August-beginning of September It will retail for $469 For more information, go to www.mozegear.com
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