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RF Explorer

Jeff Wexler

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Scott Farr has located what looks to be a really useful handheld RF frequency scanner. It is called the RF Explorer and is available in several different models. The one most useful for us would most probably be the one that handles a range from 240 to 960. It is also one of the more expensive units at $129.00 (US).

Available online at: seeed


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I have one on order, a little concerned about the web sites write up on protecting the unit from various RF.

Is all new to me. I guess I cheat, I have 2 rack mounted R400s and I let them scan and pick my freqs and set up everything from the R400s scans. I guess a poor mans scanner. It works great for me. The rack mounted units not only scan but then tune to the open freq. I then set my venue and portable units from there.



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Gotham has them available alone or as a kit. There is also a 2 min video where Cory "explores" the explorer. It sounds like the company plans to release an updated version that goes down to 15Mhz early this summer.


scroll down to the second post on the main page.

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Mine is on the way from Hong Kong, so they tell me this week.

Once I've learned how to use it, and had results, will talk about it.

My only scanning experience so far is the 411 scans.

Jim Rillie

The company is really good about notifying when it ships. Patience is the order of the day, though, as both of my orders took more than two weeks to arrive.

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There's a combo version available covers 240 - 960 MHz and 2.35 – 2.55 GHz.


This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 29 February, 2012.

I've just ordered one from Seeed who are in Shenzhen China and they were very helpful when I wanted to change my shipping arrangements from free (3 weeks) to EMS (3-5 working days) for $30

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I just got mine yesterday from Gotham. Ordered it last week. Seems really well made and solid. I will use it tomorrow in NYC... The antenna is larger that the one in Jeff's photo. I also got it with the 2.4GHz module so it has 2 antennas (or should I say antennae?) It took me until today to realize the built in battery only charges via USB if the unit is switched on (even though it turns on when plugged into USB-even with the switch in the off position.)

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